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Your step-by-step guide to Live Streaming Games on Twitter/X.

I am not surprised! After taking over the app, Elon Musk has made massive changes to Twitter (X). From verified badge to now live streaming, it has always been part of tech talks.

Twitter (X) has more than 568 million monthly active users. These numbers are enough to justify its popularity. 

The recent live-streaming feature has brought a boom among Twitter users—especially gamers. Thus, I thought, why not elaborate about Elon’s new stunt to you? This blog will explore why live streaming is important and give you a simple guide to live-streaming games on X.

The Rise of Live Streaming

Live streaming has become a significant part of social media. It has seen rapid growth on various platforms in recent years. This advanced feature was initially released on Twitch, while currently, you can notice its popularity on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and now also on Twitter/X. 

Live streaming isn’t only for gamers. Instead, it’s a medium for every user to connect with their audience or the creators. Live streaming is now also used for digital marketing. Creators use this feature for promotion, ads, and to educate people about their product or service. 

The key reason behind the rising use of live streaming is connectivity. It allows people to interact with the audience in real time through likes and comments. Thus, this characteristic makes it the first choice of most people, including gamers, content creators, businesses, and more.  

Why Live Stream on Twitter/X

Elon has been talking about live-streaming games on X for a long time. Finally, he tried live streaming the game Diablo IV on 2 Oct through his burner account named @cyb3rgam3r420. No doubt, his new feature was not only successful but also loved by people.

But now the question is: why did he add this feature? Is live streaming games on Twitter/X worth it? Elon’s every step has a strong motive. How could he miss this time? So here are key reasons that make Twitter/X live streaming necessary:

  • Build community: Similar to any other platform, live-streaming games on X can help you build a dedicated community and connect with fellow players.
  • Entertainment: Live streaming games bring joy and entertainment through games and viewers’ comments and reactions. You can interact better with the audience.
  • Showcasing skill: Live streaming is a great option to showcase your skills and get feedback from the audience instantly. You can highlight your techniques and strategies to attract viewers and fellow gamers.
  • Live chat: Although X hasn’t offered a live chat option for all users, it’s still a helpful feature. You can live chat with different people, share experiences, learn new tricks, and more during live streaming.
  • Monetization opportunities: X has already opened monetizing doors. Live streaming games can help you improve the numbers in your bank account and attract sponsorships, ads, etc.
  • Discoverability: Live streaming helps you to find new fellow gamers and also explore different games. It expands your overall gaming network.
  • Preserve: X allows you to record and publish your live stream for future use. Thus, this feature can help you preserve your memories and achievements. 

Thus, live-streaming is a chance to display your skill while at the same time making money on Twitter/X so keep that streaming gear handy!

What to Know Before You Live Stream

Every feature comes with its benefits and limitations. The same goes for Twitter live streaming. We have already discussed its importance before. So, now let’s see a few of its limitations.

  • Twitter/ X live streaming is available only for verified users.
  • You need to use third-party software like OBS or streamlab to go live.
  • You can view chats only on mobile.
  • Any X user can view your live stream until your account is protected. 

However, Twitter/X live streaming is new to the platform. Hence, you can expect a lot of improvements in the upcoming days.

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How to Live Stream on Twitter/X

As this feature is immature, you can’t livestream directly from the app. As a result, you need to set up third-party software for live-streaming. There are several live-streaming software available in the market.

However, I would suggest OBS here. This software is easy to use and also free. In addition to this, I assure you that it’s not as complicated as you think. So, here are quick instructions to live stream on Twitter.

Step 1 – Visit Media Studio.

Step 2 – Login into your account.

Step 3 – Click “Producer” in the top tab.

Step 4 – Select “Sources” and click “Create Sources.”

Step 5 – Fill in the required information in the pop-up.

Step 6 – Enter the source name (e.g., Geekflare stream – OBS), choose the source type (most preferably RTMP), and select the region.

Step 7 – Click “Create” to generate source details.

Once you are done, you will see the source details.

Step 8 – Pay attention to the RTMPS URL and copy the Stream key.

Step 9 – Now go to OBS and open the Settings.

Step 10 –  Select “Stream” on the left-hand side.

Step 11 – Click on ‘Custom’ and select Twitter from the drop-down box.

Step 12 –  Select your region from the Server’s drop-down box.

Step 13 – Fill in the Stream key you copied before.

Step 14 – Now go back to Media Studio

Step 15 – Select ‘Broadcasts’ and tap on the ‘Create Broadcast’ button.

Step 16 – Enter the Broadcast name (e.g., My live stream).

Step 17 – Select the category of your broadcast.

Step 18 – Now, select the source you created in OBS. Here it is, Geekflare stream – OBS.

Step 19 – In ‘Advanced Settings,’ enable “Show chat in full screen” to view chats.

Step 20 – Scroll down and click ‘Create Broadcast.’

Step 21 – Go to OBS software and select ‘Start streaming.’

Step 22 – Return to Media Studio, where your live stream will appear at the top of the screen. 

Step 23 – Click “Tweet,” and you’ll be live on Twitter within seconds.

These steps may appear lengthy, but you can be live on Twitter within just 2 minutes.


No doubt Elon Musk has brought changes in X for the better, and live-streaming is one of them. This new concept has built curiosity among users.

So, in this blog, I provided an easy and quick guide to live streams on Twitter/X.

All you need to do is set up your OBS and webcam first. Later, you can easily live-stream on Twitter by following the instructions given in the blog.

Next, check out the guide to building a basic streaming setup!

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