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In Career Last updated: October 29, 2022
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Know how speedily your fingers can run over a keyboard maintaining the typing accuracy.

When we start thinking about the necessary skills required for professional success, typing never comes to mind. We often discuss high-end competencies such as English skills, technical abilities, etc.

But the fact is that modern devices have replaced the pen and paperwork. Now computers and PCs have taken over the tasks of recording and transmitting information. This clearly shows that typing is one of the essential skills that you should surely master.


There is a great difference between pressing the keys with a few fingers and touch typing. Touch typing is the skill in which you type without looking at the keyword.

You can work more efficiently and quickly if you are a master of touch typing. Ultimately, it has a significant impact on your performance.

Plenty of typing test tools are available online that let you identify and thus improve your typing speed.

Why Is a Typing Test Essential?

A Typing test is a powerful way to assess your ability to type. It is a test that checks your speed of typing. A typing test can offer you the following advantages.

  • Analyze your current typing efficiency.
  • Test your finger movement on the keyboard.
  • Identify your weak points that act as hindrances in your speed and work on them.
  • Improve typing speed with regular practice.

In a typing test, the typing speed and the accuracy of typed letters are considered. The combination of accuracy and typed words is calculated, and your typing speed is identified. To measure your typing progress, you must ensure the number of words you can type in a minute.

Most of the typing tests usually take around 10 minutes. Some typing test tools allow you to choose the duration of your choice. The score comes out in the form of the number of words per minute. It is calculated by dividing the total number of accurate words you type by the time taken for the test.

What Kind of Job Profiles does Good Typing Help in?

Although typing is a skill that enhances your performance in all the areas of work and professions, there are certain job profiles listed below that are meant for typing masters. You are perfectly suitable for these job profiles if you have a great typing speed.

#1. Writers/Bloggers: Writing work requires good typing speed as it ultimately involves the task of typing on various text editors.

#2. Personal Assistant: Personal assistant is the job profile of holding an office or agency together. A good typing speed can reward you for this position.

#3. Virtual Assistant: It involves office work with a wide range of duties, such as email communications, writing, editing, follow-ups, and more.

#4. Web Developer: Web Development involves dealing with writing programs which ultimately demands efficient typing skills.

#5. Customer Service: Customer service or support agents are responsible for sorting out customer queries via various communication channels. These include verbal or written communications.

Now, let’s look at tools to enhance typing speed. is an online typing test platform that lets you test your word per minute typing speed for free. The result will be in the form of your typing speed and accuracy. There are mainly six typing tests available that you can take.

Words per minute test

Three of them are timed tests with 1, 3, or 5 minutes timings, and the rest three are page tests. This platform also offers typing lessons and games that you can utilize to enhance your typing skills. It also provides premium services that allow you to access its premium content.


LiveChat lets you test your typing skills online by taking a typing test of 60 seconds. Your performance in terms of accuracy and speed in the test showcases your typing speed. It offers typing speed in three formats: words per minute, characters per minute, and accuracy percentage.

Words per minute test

WPM Test

WPM Test lets you achieve your typing goals with consistent practice. This platform offers multiple modes of testing, among which you can choose. You can select 1-minute or 5-minute typing modes. These tests are accessible an unlimited number of times.

Words per minute test

You can also select the complexity of the typing test as per your typing proficiency. The three complexity modes are easy, medium, and hard. You can share your typing results on multiple social media channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, or Twitter.

Key Hero

Key Hero is a typing test platform that lets you take typing tests in around 25 languages, including English. It calculates your typing speed in words per minute along with accuracy percentage.

Words per minute test

This typing tool lets you fix errors using the backspace key. And if you do not fix errors, it penalizes your overall words per minute score. You can register to Key Hero and track your typing progress regularly.

Human Benchmark

Human Benchmark is a simple online typing tool to test your typing speed. It takes into consideration the standard typing speed calculation formula, which is:

(number of characters / 5)/time taken

The score that it comes out with is WPM * Accuracy. You can practice using this tool regularly and improve your typing speed and accuracy.



Ratatype lets you test your typing speed in words per minute in English, French, and Spanish. You can quickly take the typing test just for free here. It offers certificates to the participants. There are three types of certificates Platinum, Gold, and Silver. These are issued based on your performance in the test.

Words per minute test

It takes just 2-3 minutes to take a typing test on Ratatype. It lets you practice as much as you want.


10FastFingers is a popular online typing test tool on which you can test your typing speed in multiple languages. It offers various customization options to create a custom typing test and identify your speed.

You can add custom test text and use that for taking your test. You can also choose test timings of your choice from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.


The result is calculated as soon as the test’s time limit is over. You can register to 10FastFingers and enjoy various member benefits.

Test your typing speed with and work accordingly on your typing efficiency. You can choose a test duration from 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes.

There is an extensive range of types of typing tests you want to take. These range from easy, medium, hard, benchmark, certificate, tricky spellings, story typing, etc.

Words per minute test

You can also try its typing trainer lessons and improve your typing skills. This online typing platform also has a few typing games that you can play.


Arealme lets you check your typing speed instantly in just 60 seconds. It delivers quicker results as soon as you complete your typing test. You can choose from different test duration options according to your need.


The typing test is designed by using over 500 quotes and 1000 words to test your true typing capabilities. It also records your test results and creates a table of speeds you have accomplished.


TypingCat is a competitive typing speed test tool that lets you identify your typing speed instantly. It also showcases top performers in different kinds of typing tests that it offers.


Also, you can save your progress and find out your rankings by registering on this online platform. You can take typing tests of 1, 3, or 5-minute durations. You can also take advantage of its online typing courses and enhance your speed.


These are the best typing test tools that generate results in words per minute. You can utilize these tools, explore your typing efficiency, and experience significant improvements.

You may also want to explore the best gaming keyboards for professional gamers.

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