Here’s a guide to uninstall BetterDiscord to help you get on the legal side.

BetterDiscord is open-source software that tries to spice up your standard Discord experience.

You get themes for improved aesthetics, plugins for extra functionality, and a lot more firepower than some users find irresistible not to try BetterDiscord.

For instance, the Custom CSS in BetterDiscord lets you tweak fine little things making Discord better suited to your taste.

In addition, you can create your themes and plugins and submit them to the community as well.

But it’s the plugins that make installing it worthwhile. They can allow you to discover hidden channels that are otherwise invisible to you.

In the same way, some plugins can assist you in translating the Discord messages without using any external 3rd-party service or application.

Similarly, many plugins make Discord more user-friendly than it is natively.

Ergo, there are many good reasons these modifications exist and are used by worldwide users.

Then Why Uninstall Better Discord?

Though it’s open source, technically, BetterDiscord plays with the original Discord code.

And Discord sees this as a violation of its terms and service. Additionally, you may get banned from Discord for using such modifications.


Another problem is that it can cause security issues. So, it can’t protect you from any threat from BetterDiscord.

So while it’s exciting and the enhancements are helpful–it’s not entirely legal and safe.

These factors result in some users trying to return to the standard version.

Uninstalling BetterDiscord on Windows

Removing BetterDiscord is pretty straightforward. However, you can’t remove it conventionally as we do with all other standard installations.

For instance, you won’t see a BetterDiscord in the Uninstall program inside the control panel. Nor any uninstaller application like Revo will catch it.

The only way to revert to the standard Discord is to use the BetterDiscord installer.

You can either use any previous installer you might have used earlier while installing it or download a fresh copy from the official BetterDiscord website.

Uninstalling BetterDiscord

Afterward, run the installer, accept the license agreement and click Next.

betterdiscord installer

Next, choose the third option, Uninstall BetterDiscord.

uninstall betterdiscord

Subsequently, choose the Discord version you may have: standard, Public Test Build (PTB), or Canary. Finally, click Uninstall.

select version to uninstall betterdiscord

This will take only a few moments to complete and restart the Discord, restoring the official build.

betterdiscord uninstall complete


We hope you’re back to how it was supposed to be. Though the Discord community is eagerly asking its developers for some customizations, waiting is the only official and safe option.

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