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You may find linking Facebook and Instagram easy. Ofcourse, the developers made sure to poke you enough to link them. Alas! They never told you how to unlink Facebook and Instagram. 

No worries! In this how-to guide, I’ll help you unlink Facebook and Instagram in less than 5 mins!

But – why would you or anyone else unlink both accounts?

Well! I found many reasons (personal and crowd-sourced) why unlinking these accounts could be a better option.

Let’s dive in. 

#1. Reduce the Amount of Data Sharing

Ever heard this: “Facebook will have access to your contacts, activities, and more.”

If you often have second thoughts before accepting this disclaimer from Facebook, you’re in the 1% club of people who value their data. 

But – linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts can play a compounding effect.

That is: the platform will have double control over your browsing habits and activities across both platforms, which will further be used by the parent company(Meta) for running targeted advertisements.

If you wish to restrict data sharing between these apps, unlinking them is the first step. 

#2. Want To Treat Both Socials As Separate

Facebook has lost its touch among Gen Z and millennials. I’m not bluffing!

Heather Dretsch, assistant professor of marketing, observed that 90% of Gen Z use Instagram daily. While only 41% use Facebook, though less frequently than Instagram.

My point: not everyone prefers to link these two platforms. For instance, I would be comfortable posting myself with a cigar on Instagram, but not on Facebook!

Both social apps have created a vibe around them.

However, linking the two might enable post-sharing on both apps. To prevent misposts and keep both platforms separate, you should unlink Facebook and Instagram.

#3. Fear of Accounts Being Hacked

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke in March 2018, Facebook has experienced some major upheavals. The bigee has lost the trust of millions. Linking two of your privately held social accounts can bring disaster.

For example:

If someone hacks my Facebook account, the person has access to manage my Instagram business page too. 

However, by unlinking my accounts, I can reduce the risk of this happening.

In case your previous Instagram account is no longer active and you want to unlink it with Facebook – you’re at the right place.

#5. Linked Facebook and Instagram Out of Curiosity

If you were curious about linking Facebook and Instagram, and now that you did, you don’t know how to unlink them. Read on to my step-by-step guide on how to unlink Facebook and Instagram. 

Unlink Facebook and Instagram

You can unlink your accounts from either Facebook or Instagram. I’ll show you how to do both.

Unlink Facebook and Instagram from the Facebook App

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the Facebook app on your mobile and press Menu at the bottom right corner.

Next, click the Settings icon on the right-hand side to open the Settings and Privacy menu.

Step 2: Open Meta Accounts Centre

Once in, click on ‘See more in Accounts Centre.’ It will open up the Meta Accounts Centre.

Then, scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Accounts.’

Step 3: Remove Account

In this section, you will see all the accounts connected to your Facebook. Select the Instagram account you wish to unlink and click ‘Remove.’

Re-confirm your action in the following prompt, and that’s it! You’ve successfully unlinked Facebook and Instagram. 🎉

But – if you have a business page on Facebook, things are a little different (and easier).

Unlink Facebook Business Page from Instagram

If you have a Facebook page linked to your Instagram, do Step 1 and then follow the below steps.

Step 2: Open the Linked Accounts Section

To get started, open ‘Linked Accounts‘ section.

Then click on Instagram.

Note: You can also unlink or link Whatsapp to Facebook via the same steps.

Step 3: Unlink Facebook Business Page and Instagram Account

Press ‘Disconnect Account’ to unlink your business page from Instagram.

Unlink Facebook and Instagram from the Instagram App

Step 1: Open Instagram Settings

To get started, open your Instagram profile and click on the Hamburger Menu (three parallel lines).

From the next screen, select ‘Settings and Privacy.’

Step 2: Visit the Meta Accounts Center

Once into settings, you’ll see a plethora of customizable account settings, including but not limited to:

  • How do you use Instagram?
  • What do you see?
  • Who can see your content?
  • How can others interact with your content?

How and why to customize this would be another chapter and require writing another article. But that will be soon, until then 👇

Click on ‘Accounts Center’ (first option).  

Then scroll down the list and click ‘Accounts’ (last item on the list).

Step 3: Unlink Account

Next, Meta will present you with all the accounts associated with or linked to Instagram. Select the one with the Facebook icon beside it, and click ‘Remove.’

Benefits of Unlinking Facebook and Instagram

More control

Although the platforms allow cross-platform sharing, you have little control over how your posts are published and seen on both platforms. 

Often, the posts you share on Instagram are directly shared to Facebook with the exact same dimensions – making the overall user experience a bit bald. 

Key Takeaway: Unlinking Facebook and Instagram allows you to personalize your postings and get better control over your social media presence.

Better Content Performance

Facebook and Instagram work on their proprietary algorithms. Thus, you cannot expect a post designed for Facebook to perform likewise on Instagram. 

This gets worse when you need to incorporate platform-specific hashtags and captions. You cannot do it because of a lack of editing options. 

My point is: If you want to get the most out of your published content, it’s wise to publish them separately, with the right hashtags, captions, and CTA dedicated solely to one platform. 

Personalized User Experience

Think about it: If you follow your favorite brand online, would you want to see the same content on different platforms? 

Publishing the same content on both platforms can have drawbacks:

  • Users won’t follow your other account (because the content is the same)
  • They would consider your brand as obsolete

So, keeping separate profiles fosters a better user experience and nurtures growth across all digital platforms. 

This even allows marketers to keenly analyze content performance on both platforms and create laser-focused strategies.

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Things to Consider After You Unlink Facebook With Instagram

You Need To Log In to Each Account Separately

Once you have unlinked Facebook and Instagram, you won’t get a one-click sign-in option from either of the platforms.

Put simply, if you were logged out of one platform and forgot your password, the other platform won’t be able to get you back into your account. 

Nevertheless, a password recovery is the only option in hand.

You Will Lose Access To Cross-Platform Posting

Some might consider this a benefit, while others find this as an omen.

Both ways, you will no longer have access to cross-platform posting. You would need to post separately on both platforms. However, this will be beneficial in the long term since you can post platform-specific content that pleases the algorithms.

Consider Resetting Your Passwords

When you unlink your accounts, Facebook and Instagram may recommend that you reset your passwords for security reasons.

Adjust Your Privacy Settings on Each Platform

When you unlink your accounts, the privacy settings on Facebook and Instagram might get disturbed. You may need to review and adjust your privacy settings on each platform to ensure you are comfortable with how your data is being used.

Wrapping Up

Data privacy is becoming a myth in today’s digital space. No matter how hard you try, social media apps are trying to steal your identity and activities across the web in the name of ‘Shared experience.’

If you feel like unlinking your social accounts, Facebook is a good starting point.

However, unlinking Facebook and Instagram is no rocket science. The steps mentioned above can help you do so from – Facebook, Instagram, and even Facebook business pages.

Next, You may also read about how to clear Instagram cache.

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