Do you know some older jQuery version is vulnerable and if using your site is at risk!

Are you running the latest version of jQuery in your WordPress website?

I ran a security scan against my website through Netsparker and found one of the vulnerabilities as “Out-of-date Version (jQuery Migrate).”


There is a known issue with installed version (1.2.1), and it’s best practice to keep your technical stacks up-to-date.

How do you know you are using the latest version of jQuery?

You may use Netsparker to run a security scan against your website. Alternatively, you can use Geekflare Website Audit against your WP site and scroll down to the best practices audit section on the result page.

Once you identified that your WordPress website needs upgrading jQuery, then here is how you can do it quickly.

#1 jQuery Updater

  • Login into your WordPress admin console
  • Go to Plugins >> Add New
  • Search for “jQuery Updater” and install


#2 Load jQuery from Google

You can also leverage Google Hosted jQuery to keep the latest version. This will not just keep the most recent version but also help in loading necessary files faster directly from Google.

Use Google Libraries” plugin will help you to achieve this.


Once you do the necessary, scan your website again to ensure you have the latest version of jQuery. I hope this helps you to keep your website stacks up-to-date and free from security vulnerabilities.