As Documentum Administrator, at most of the time we deal with DQL to get jobs done quickly. Here are some more frequent used DQL for administrative tasks – you can execute below in DA Console>>DQL

Get all file under specific cabinet

select r_object_id, object_name from dm_document(all) where folder(’/Cabinet name’, descend);

Get Current Date On Content Server

select DATE(now) as systime from dm_server_config;

To List Available Doc Broker 

execute list_targets

Create User

CREATE “dm_user” OBJECT SET client_capability=2, SET default_folder='', SET home_docbase='',SET mailto:user_address=' [email protected]', SET user_os_domain='', SET user_name='', SETuser_os_name='', SET user_privileges=0;

See Session

execute show_sessions

Get Current Logged-in Users

select user_namefrom dm_userwhere user_name= USER

Documents Created Today

SELECT r_creator_name,count(*) as new_documents FROM dm_document WHERE (datediff(day, r_modify_date,date(today)) <=1)group by r_creator_name

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