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In Latest Tech Last updated: June 20, 2023
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Hello folks! 🙋We have the following updates for you today! 📣

Vectara Secures $28.5M to Enhance Enterprise Search

Vectara is a GenAI Conversational Search Platform specifically designed for developers, prioritizing their needs and requirements. It facilitates the creation of conversational search experiences with exceptional capabilities in Retrieval, Summarization, and “Grounded Generation,” effectively minimizing the occurrence of illusions.


As per a report from Crunchbase, the company has raised $28.5M in a seed funding round led by Race Capital with participation from Emad Mostaque, the founder of Stability AI.

It is built by three former Google Employees incorporating LLM-driven search technology, which effectively enhances search capabilities on websites and applications while ensuring user-friendliness.

Vectara platform employs vector encoding for precise information retrieval without training or tuning. Machine learning addresses misspellings and comprehends natural language, removing the need for stopwords, synonyms, or weight adjustments.

ElevenLabs in Voice Technology Raised $19M

ElevenLabs is a widely recognized company that specializes in the field of voice technology for text-to-speech and voice cloning. The platform uses synthetic voices to convert written text into spoken words.

The company announced that it has successfully secured funding of $19 million in a Series A round led by entrepreneurs Nat Friedman and Daniel Gross alongside Andreessen Horowitz.


The platform utilizes a Text-to-Speech engine to produce high-quality audio replicating human speech in various voices, styles, and languages. It adapts to the given context, enabling the generation of natural and precise audio output.

ElevenLabs offers creators and publishers highly realistic and engaging voices useful for storytelling, news articles, audiobooks, etc. The platform utilizes a unique verification mechanism, allowing users to upload any audio sample to identify ElevenLabs AI-generated audio.

Blackbird Raises $20M to Expand Its Risk Management Platform

Blackbird, an AI-driven Narrative and Risk Intelligence platform, raises $20M in series B funding led by cybersecurity investor Ten Eleven Ventures. Due to growth in IT and digital infrastructures, new risks and threats are evolving daily.

The Blackbird suite provides practical risk intelligence solutions for corporations and executives to tackle modern days threats.


Blackbird is a leading AI-driven risk intelligence platform that helps organizations combat online threats and protect their reputation. It offers scalable technologies to address regional disinformation and shift from reactive crisis management to proactive resilience.

The company helps protect against reputational and financial risks for public and private sector entities.

Misinformation and disinformation are major challenges for organizations today. About 87% of business leaders agree that spreading disinformation harms a company’s reputation and has significant financial implications for the global economy, with billions of dollars lost yearly.

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