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In Design Last updated: June 20, 2023
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Invicti Web Application Security Scanner – the only solution that delivers automatic verification of vulnerabilities with Proof-Based Scanning™. is one of the easiest and most affordable online video editing and production tool for YouTube and social media content creation purposes.

As a video content creator, you must edit the video by following certain standards so that you or your client can use it for social media marketing or as a YouTube vlog (short videos as blogs). There are many such tools out there in the form of desktop or online software. Most of these make your task complicated and force you to use multiple tools just to edit and publish one video. 

Today, I introduce to you as an all-in-one video production software starting from recording raw video, editing, branding, and finally publishing on the internet. Let us get started with what the tool is all about, its features, templates, and some use cases. 

What Is

YouTube video is an online video recording and editing software. It allows you to edit your raw videos on an intuitive user interface(UI). You do not need complex video creation software for editing if you switch to Just sign up for the tool for free, access the web app on a browser, and start creating stunning social media or YouTube videos using drag-and-drop actions.

It provides features like video trimming, cropping, adding text, adding captions, applying filters, adjusting audio, etc. The tool suits anyone who can create, edit, and publish videos in a few minutes.

Professionals like video editors, social media influencers, YouTube vloggers, website advertisement creators, etc., are actively using the tool already. If you are wondering how some of your competitors can produce cool and attractive videos so fast, know they are using

Key Features and Functionalities of

Find below the notable features that make different from all other online and offline video editing software:

Multiple Recording Options

Multiple Recording Options

The Recording feature can connect to different recording sources like a web camera for video and a microphone for audio. You can also record the screen of your device using its Screen Recording feature to create learning videos or to capture the slideshow you are presenting. Furthermore, you can create fusion videos from your screen and web camera using the following video recording combinations:

  • Screen and Camera
  • Slide and Camera 

Project Settings

Project Settings is the home to all video characteristics-related activities. For example, if you need to use a specific color code or an image in the background, you can use the Background feature with Color and Image as sub-features. Other notable settings that you can also apply here are:

  • Size: Original, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.
  • Audio: Clear existing audio and add professional or creative music
  • Duration: Set a preset playback time for the video
  • Version History: Restores a video to any of its previous versions


Add media on

If you create a video on from a template, you can use the Media functionality to add custom or stock video, image, text, brand assets, etc., to the video.

Here, you can also record your voice using the microphone and add it directly to the video frame by frame using the Voiceover feature. Some notable stock content that you can use from the Media section is:

  • Stock Music from Jazz, Hip Hop, Blues, Pop, etc.
  • Sound Effects from genres like Bells, Foley, Buzzers, Ambient, etc.
Text to Speech on

Another important sub-feature of Media is the Text To Speech module. You can write your script in the text format, and the tool will convert it to a speech automatically. 

Text Annotation

Text annotation on

If you create promotional or call-to-action videos for Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook Ads, etc., you need to use text annotations. lets you use its text annotation system for free so that you do not need to buy another software or outsource the task to a freelancer for hire.

The Text module comes with various stock styles for text annotation. When you apply one, you get the editing window to customize the font, text color, font size, link, and many other features of the text overlay.   

Vector Arts for Videos

Vector Arts for Videos

The Elements feature of lets you spice up your video with vector art. You can choose these elements from a long list of genres as outlined below:

  • Shapes: geometric shapes as CTAs
  • Emojis
  • Sound Waves: create a digital visualization when background music plays
  • Animated Stickers
  • Progress Bars: to show the progress of the video
  • Draw: create your own overlay art
  • Mockups: add device wireframes
  • Brand Logos  

Video Transitions

Video Transitions

If you are creating a video collection from different short clips, you can add Video Transitions on These are special effect animations that introduce the next video on your screen using creative overlays. There are many video transitions on this app, like Dissolve, Fade to White, Fade to Black, Gradient Fadesm, Cross Blur, Ripple, and so on. 

Video Filters

VEED Filters Effects

The Filters functionality on is to customize the appearance of the video by changing its color tone and texture. To change the color tone, you can need to use the Color Grading sub-feature. There are many color grading customizations like Calm, Clean, Cottage, Bellavista, etc. 

If you wish to change the texture of the video, use the Effects sub-feature. Effects modify the video’s visibility by adding creative textures like Halftone, Filmic, VHS Overlay, Glitch Party, etc. 

Workspace Settings

Workspace settings

Workspace Settings lets you add collaborators to video editing projects. You can assign different access rights to these collaborators. Also, you can create an SSO sign-on system for your team members to easily access the subscription using a work email address. Also, the tool lets you create editing and viewing rules for a video project and share that with collaborators as hyperlinks. 

Brand Kit

If you produce videos for a business client, media house, or own brand, you must follow a constant formula to create videos. For example, adding a brand logo, following a specific color combination for texts, font choices, etc. 

You can do the above easily with the Brand Kit feature of Just add brand Images, Videos, Audio, Colors, and Fonts in the Brand Kit section. When creating a video, choose a brand kit from here, and the tool automatically applies the brand assets. 

Tools of for Video Production

Other than the video editing tool, also provides some additional tools for personal and professional use. Find below the most popular ones:

#1. Subtitles & Transcription

VEED Subtitles

The tools under this group help you with transcribing a video or adding subtitles. There are three ways to add a subtitle, and these are as below:

  • Type subtitles manually.
  • Using the Speech Recognition software, you can add subtitles automatically.
  • Upload a subtitle file in formats like ASS, SRT, SSA, etc.

Other tools that also come under this group are:

  • Audio to Text
  • Video to Text
  • Translate Video
  • Transcribe Video

#2. Video Converter and Compressor

This set of tools lets you repurpose videos for different websites, devices, and email clients. For example, you wish to upload the video to mobile apps or social media apps targeted for smartphones. You need to convert your existing video to MP4 for smooth playback on mobile devices. Use the Video Converter feature of 

Suppose you need to share a video via email, but the file size is more than 25 MB, the attachment limit for most email clients. Here, you can use the Video Compressor for lossless conversion into a smaller size.  

#3. AI Video, Image, and Script Generator

The generative AI model lets you create various creative assets using AI and ML models. You can use the AI Image Generator tool to produce images for your video. Then use AI templates and text-to-speech tools to create AI videos from generative assets. Once done, use the AI Script Generator to produce a script for the video and publish it on social media or YouTube.

Templates of for Video Creation Templates

The feature that makes video production faster on is the Templates. You can simply access the Templates section of the tool and type the kind of video you want to create—for example, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok videos, etc. The Templates library will show a list of templates to produce your video.

At the time of writing, hosts more than 100 video templates. The video editing platform organizes all the templates under the following genres:

  • Podcast
  • Mock-ups
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Internal Comms
  • Hiring & Onboarding
  • E-Learning
  • Training
  • Music
  • Social
  • News & Media
  • Seasonal Events
  • Backgrounds & Frames
  • Personal Messages

Use Cases of to Grow Your Audience

Find below real-world use cases where you can use and increase the audience for your videos and ads:

Produce Educational Videos

educational videos

Do you love to teach new techniques and skills online? Are you a professional and looking for a passive income source? Then you start your online teaching journey on these platforms by creating online courses

Courses can be video lectures you can produce on Educational Video Maker using slides, screens, and webcam recording features. You just produce learning videos once and keep earning loyalties or fees for years to come. 

Making Video Ads

Video ads are the prominent content for online advertising campaigns. You can post an eye-catching and stunning video via Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Also, include the URL for shopping carts or subscriptions in those videos in CTAs.

You can express a lot by using a few seconds of videos than still images or blog articles. The CTAs and URls help you to redirect users to your own website or online marketplace. 

Make Video Pitches

video pitches

Do you often send emails to pitch products and services to clients and consumers? Move to video pitches and use to produce video pitches in minutes. You can use various creative tools of the video editor to craft a custom video pitch.

Alternatively, go to the Templates library and search for a readymade video pitch that you can customize according to your brand guidelines and send it out as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Email links. 

Alternatives to

#1. InVideo

YouTube video

InVideo is an online platform for creating pro-quality videos without going through any learning curve. The tool hosts more than 5,000 video production templates. So, all you need to do is upload your raw video and apply any of the video templates from InVideo that you like. Some popular templates are Intro Videos, Outro Videos, Marketing, Memes, Social Media, YouTube, Gaming, and Advertisement.

#2. Descript

YouTube video

#3. Kapwing

YouTube video

Kapwing helps you record webcam videos while a video editor of your team edits the content in real-time on a collaborative platform. You can also add subtitles to the finished video via an auto subtitle-generating feature of Kapwing.

The video editing tool also has artificial intelligence (AI) models for generative images, memes, and videos. Moreover, its AI feature also helps you remove the video background and replace it with a stock background to make the video look more professional and creative.   

Wrapping Up

It should be easy for you to try out the app to record videos, edit, and publish the video on social media or YouTube. 

If you need to edit one video quickly without downloading any app or hiring a video editor online, you can start with the Free plan. If you like what you see, subscribe to the Pro (for individual professionals), Business (for mid-sized teams), or Enterprise (for many teams) plan of from its scalable pricing plans.

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