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Know everything about Venn Diagram, how to create them, and some templates that can come in handy.

Data is one of the most common factors that companies use to their benefit. Especially converting raw data into something useful and curating it to obtain insights. When data is displayed in presentations or graphical format, it is easy to understand.

Data visualization can occur in several ways, such as graphs, charts, and Venn diagrams to make sense of it. But why Venn Diagrams?

A Venn diagram is a visual representation that focuses on the concepts and their relationship. A circle or other shape represents a set of elements and marks the common concepts with the overlapping region. For some, Venn diagrams are simple, while for others, it’s complex depending on the requirements.

It is an excellent method to represent data and visualize concepts in an easy-to-grasp and clear way that is popular in the professional and academic world. The users can easily read the visual data and analyze it based on its differences and similarities, covering concepts and numbers.

Venn diagram is usually of three types namely:

  • 2-set Venn diagram is two circles or ovals overlapping with each other.
  • 3-set Venn diagram is packed with three circles to give an understanding of elements.
  • 4-set Venn diagram is four circles that can be complex and tricky, but ovals can work for the representation.

There are Triangles, Diamonds, Stars, Olympics, Multi-Layers, Nested, Arcing, Alternate size circles, Picture-based, Mixed, and Euler Venn diagrams. Users can choose the ideal fit based on their requirements.

The real-world applications of Venn diagrams include Science, Literature, Linguistics, Business, and Psychology. Many users work on Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and online Venn diagram maker to develop an ideal representation.

With this said, let us walk you through some famous online Venn diagram makers.


Lucidchart Venn diagram maker is a visual workspace that has made it easier to collaborate with the team. It allows data visualization and combines diagramming to drive innovation and accelerate understanding.

Lucidchart Venn diagram generator is elementary to use. Just follow the steps listed below:

1. Start with a template that can make it easy to visualize contrasts and comparisons. Users can choose different templates or custom-made them based on their requirements or ideas. It is possible to drag circle shapes or sets and resize and duplicate shapes.

2. Customize the template, its style, edit, and format the text and shapes to work on borders, sizing, fonts, gradient levels, colors, etc. Users can create overlapping labels or circles, underline the label or add text to the shapes.

3. Enter the data to list unique elements in each set and intersections. One can use formats such as lists and bullets to point out the information.

Once done, users can publish the outcome with popular integration from anywhere, such as Slack, Jira, Microsoft Suite, Google Suite, and Confluence.


Canva Venn diagram is an online and free way to visualize data while representing its differences and similarities. It is the easiest way to develop the ideal diagram using different types of graphs to choose from, easy drag-and-drop tools, embedding it in presentation, and whatnot.

Canva comes with several Venn diagram templates that users can choose from and customize to get the results. The users can follow the steps to start with Venn diagrams:

1. Log in to your Canva account and go to Venn diagrams to check the templates. Choose the template that works for you, such as circles, different themes, data science, professional development, marketing, etc.

2. Try different features such as photos, color combinations, font, backgrounds, illustrations, elements, and graphs. Include the text where necessary, add a description or title.

3. Customize the design with quirky stickers and animate the design to hook the audience.

On completion, users can share the Venn diagram on Google Drive, Facebook, LinkedIn, website, etc. It is also possible to download the design and print it for business cards, flyers, letterheads, and brochures.


SmartDraw Venn diagram software has made it easier and quicker for users to develop a perfect solution. It allows users to create a design that can fit their requirements using built-in templates.

SmartDraw comes with a powerful tool that has made it easier to design graphics for presentations and reports without any professional experience. It is packed with intelligent formatting such as adding or removing shares, arranging elements, realigning, and clicking simple commands.


App.Diagrams is an online flowchart maker that is packed with several features. It allows users to collaborate in real-time, edit the connection points, and use GitHub repositories. The online diagram maker is easy to use and has an online whiteboard for any complex diagramming.

App.Diagrams is composed of several shapes that one can choose from when it comes to making a Venn diagram. One can easily drag and drop the shapes to start designing. The tool covers major features from UML to Entity Relation, Flowchart to Arrow.


If you want to go with a free and easy-to-use tool, the Visme Venn diagram maker can be what you need. It helps design beautiful Venn diagrams that can meet the users’ requirements. The software is compiled with several templates and examples to form beautiful data visualization.

Visme comes with customizable templates that one can add to their projects and share with others. The templates include Social Networking, How to find a profitable niche, Euler diagram, and Multi-set. Users can customize shapes, colors, and fonts to match the design and share the file on social media.

It is easy drag-and-drop, several shapes, and hundreds of photos or icons. One can leverage charts and data Viz tools such as data widgets, flowchart elements, charts, and other customizable assets and illustrations, icons, photos, animated graphics to make it unique.


Creately is packed with an extensive shape library and industry-standard templates to obtain insight from data. The simple drag-and-drop tools make it easy to form a connection and visualize data sets. The free form also enables an infinite canvas to create and think about comprehensive designs.

Creately allows users to work in real-time with whiteboarding and video conferencing. One can import the data from CSV, Google Spreadsheets, and Microsoft Excel to centralize data and streamline review, share, and edit with multiple access levels. The in-line commenting makes it easy to provide liberty and simplify the discussions to add suggestions and input.

It is also easy to embed the diagram into sheets, slides, or documents in any format such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, and SVG. The multi-perspectives are another prominent feature of the software that makes it an ideal choice.

Online Visual Paradigm

Online Visual Paradigm Venn diagram tool allows users to create beautiful and accurate designs. It is compiled with several features, such as quick insertion of points using the drag-and-drop method to create a text label and name it.

Online Visual Paradigm is packed with freely movable and rotatable shapes that control the appearance of the points or circles fitting the requirement. It comes with several examples such as URM, SysML, number set, and formation. The features include easy diagramming, MS office integration, and drawing with customized shapes.


If you are looking for a free chart maker, start with Vizzlo, which enriches reports and presentations that works in PowerPoint, works online, and Google Slides. The users can easily create a Venn diagram (also known as a Logic or Set diagram).

Vizzlo is packed with several features such as unlimited circles or sets, customizing the size, adding strokes, changing brightness, rotating sets, using templates, optional detailed descriptions, and highlighting intersections. The aim is to increase the productivity of add-ins and add-ons.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie Venn diagram generator is easy to use and is packed with readymade customizable templates. It is ideal for users who aren’t tech-savvy and need something easy.

Appy Pie comes with hundreds of customizable templates that require minimal effort. It is packed with several elements, such as stickers, shapes, etc., that one can drag and drop. One can add logos, brand colors, and other elements to give it a new look. Team collaboration is also easier with this team to raise the bar that comes in different formats.


These are some popular choices for the Venn diagram generator that can help obtain ideal results. The aim is to organize information logically, arrange ideas, keep it consistent, use colors to differentiate elements, avoid clunky jargon, and minimize clutter to make attractive and intuitive Venn diagrams.

Creating Venn diagrams can be an informative and fun way to represent data. It is practical, and an online Venn diagram maker can give a clear picture of data.

You may now look at some of the best Flowchart Makers.

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