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In Gaming Last updated: February 8, 2023
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The craze for online gaming has been high since technology took over. Many games are released in the market to attract thousands of people.

Among Us was one such game that could draw the attention of a large audience and create space in the hearts of all game lovers. This article focuses on all the critical features of the game that keep players glued to it for hours.

Among Us

About Among Us 

Among Us is online multi-player science fiction or social deduction murder secret game created by Innersloth. It runs on the Unity Game Engine motor. It was initially released for Google Android and iOS on June 15, 2018, and was later released on Steam on August 18, 2018.

A Nintendo Switch release was released between 12-15 December 2020. It exists in the Nintendo eShop of the console.

The game is set in four locations: a spaceship above earth base, a planet foundation, and a Henry Stickmin-themed airship. The crew members include up to three impostors who have to sabotage the ship/base and kill the team.

Crewmates must do their chosen jobs, report the bodies of other crew members who are wiped out, and initiate emergency meetings if they witness another player doing something incriminating or suspicious. 

Among Us initially revolved around a space-themed setting where players looked like tiny cartoons. Each player can select either of the two roles, i.e., a crew member or the impostor.

The cremates work to identify and eliminate the impostors while completing the assigned tasks. The impostors, on the other hand, sabotage the mission of the crewmates by killing them or triggering some disaster. 

By 2020, Among Us was considered a complete game by Innersloth. On June 11, 2020, SEGNO HQ and Polus Maps were released at no cost for Windows and Android/ iOS/ iPadOS users to host their games.

The game’s popularity rose as twitch streamers and YouTubers began playing the game. This resulted in an increased acceptance of the game in 2020. 

The Explosive Popularity of Among Us

More than 100 million users downloaded this game worldwide. In the middle of September 2021, the number of concurrent users rose by more than 1 million, which is insane. This indicates the increasing popularity and craze for the game. The countries such as South Korea, Brazil, Indonesia, India, and Mexico, are the top five countries accountable for this considerable progress.

Among Us is ranked 3rd worldwide, beating popular games like League of Legends and Fortnite.

According to Twitchtracker, the live streaming Among Us raises 29% on weekends compared to weekdays. The audience also increases by 6%. 

Besides, many memes about Among Us have been viral on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The influx of modern-day users can be linked to increased sharing and creation of all such memes. 

Based on a survey with the SuperData market trends firm Nielsen, ‘Among Us’ has amassed over 1 billion players in 2020 exclusively. The game had around half a billion monthly active end users in November. Even more extraordinary is the game’s success, which was developed through a team of only several developers.

What are Among Us Vent?

You must have frequently heard your friends or family converse about the Among Us vents. They have been popular and created an easy path for impostors to hide. Let’s get a deeper insight into these Among Us vents. 

In Among Us, venting is an ability that is generally only utilized by living impostors or impostors as a solution to travel and hide through the map.

Among Us Vents

The vent button appears over the screen if the impostor is close to a vent. If clicked, the impostor can be seen jumping inside the vent.

On The Skeld and MIRA HQ, the frequent lowering and raising of the duct are visible to players who are out of sight. However, they are not able to spot the player who vents. Arrows directed in the directions of the vents are displayed once you enter the vent. Hiding within the vents pauses, and the impostor’s kill cools down until it is finally exited.

Impostors also can traverse ports. Depending on the lobby alternatives, they can only stay in the Among Us vent for a limited period and then wait for some time to regain the capacity and time to enter inside a vent. When you are inside a vent, you can’t get killed. You won’t be able to traverse vents if the ‘Comms Sabotaged’ is active.

A crewmate inside a vent prevents the entry of any impostor through the vent. Players cannot enter an Among Us vent until they complete the task that has been assigned to them. If an Impostor enters a port linked to some other duct already occupied by a crewmate, the arrow pointing to that direction turns to an X, indicating that you cannot enter the vent. 


  • The word “venting” is used to spell out the usage of vents by the players. This term was officially used in the information of Impostors.
  • All Among Us vents are already interconnected at MIRA HQ. It is the only map where impostors can travel around to a vent that is not interconnected to another vent.
  • All the vents aren’t the same size. A few of these are larger or smaller than others. For example, the vent within the balcony of MIRA HQ is the smallest of any other vent.
  • The vents on the Polus appear as dug-out holes and are divided into four separate systems.

Why do impostors leave a room?

The goal of the impostors is to leave the room after killing enough crewmates so that the total number of alive crew members becomes equal to the number of impostors before completing all the tasks.  

Impostors are given a fake task list of tasks to mix up well with the crewmates and escape identification. Additionally, impostors can sabotage to force the crewmates to eliminate their team members.

They can create issues among the members so that they kill each other. Not just this, impostors can also lure the crew members away from dead bodies. After leaving the room, impostors can win the game in two ways: 

  • Continuous removal of crewmates as they leave, get killed or are ejected. This should continue until the crewmates cannot vote as a majority.
  • If the enactment of Critical Sabotage is not resolved with time, impostors claim the victory. 

The impostors eliminate the crewmates by killing them during the gameplay and manipulating or confusing the other crew members to eject innocent players. Crew members who leave, get disconnected or are kicked from the game contribute to this goal of impostors. 

List of maps and vents on each map

Four maps include Skeld, Mira HQ, Poulos, and Airship. Each map has its unique features, different missions, and separate vents. The essential elements of each of these are discussed as follows: 


Skeld involved four different sets of vents that are located as: 

  • In the upper and lower engine connecting the reactor.
  • Security, MedBay, and Electric in a circular area.
  • Three Vents within the Cafeteria, O2 Admins, and also a hallway.
  • Shields and Weapons each have a vent that connects to the Navigation System.

Rooms inside the Skeld Map

  • Electrical
  • Cafeteria
  • Storage
  • Admin
  • Shields
  • Communications
  • Weapons
  • Reactor
  • Upper Engine
  • Lower Engine
  • Security
  • Navigation

Mira HQ

The Mira HQ map is a highly connected map with regards to vents. In every room, a vent pops up as well as every vent can lead you to wherever you desire.

Mira HQ

On Mira HQ, there’s only one visual task, Submit Scan during MedBay. There are empty garbage, clear asteroids, and prime shields tasks that you complete in Mira HQ that do not have optical elements. Oxygen, Reactor, Communications, Lights, and Doors are sabotaged at the Mira HQ.

Unlike other map packs, Mira HQ requires players to enter PINs at two independent areas on the map to get it working again. Note that the windows in the laboratory are one-supported glass. If you are on the inner side, you can not see outside.

Mira HQ Rooms

  • Launchpad
  • Greenhouse
  • Office
  • Admin
  • Reactor
  • Laboratory
  • Cafeteria
  • Locker Room
  • Communications
  • Storage
  • Balcony
  • Decontamination


The Polus map also involves four different vent structures. The location of these vents are: 

  • Reliability, Electricity, and O2 are all related in a circle.
  • Some vents relate to the northwest and northeast corridor.
  • The Administration and Research laboratory is connected by a port and leads to be ready to the South Corridor.

Polus also offers a virtual indication machine on the best palm side of work, which will show the status of every single player amongst people – green if they’re alive, blue colored when they have died during previous rounds, and red when the gamer continues to be murdered since the last meeting.

There’s a sneaky way to locate the impostor over the essential regular tasks; each crewmate will have different key slots.

Polus Rooms

  • Laboratory
  • Specimen Room
  • Admin
  • Office
  • Storage
  • Weapons
  • Communications
  • Electrical
  • Security

The Airship

The most recent map follows the same pattern that the vents of the Skeld and Polus follow. The locations of these vents are:

  • Two vents connect the Vault and Viewing Deck to the Cockpit.
  • A circle of ports connecting the Engine Room and Kitchen.
  • A circle connecting the primary hall and two admittance points in the gap room.
  • Your final circle of ports connecting records and showers.
The Airship

Currently, you will find no visual jobs around the Airship. The Airship sabotages: Communications, Lights, Doorways, and Avert Crash Course, which usually requires two individuals to enter the same code in two separate interfaces.

The Airship Rooms

  • Communications
  • Armory
  • Viewing Deck
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Cargo Bay
  • Medical
  • Cockpit
  • Vault
  • Brig
  • Meeting Room
  • Gap Room
  • Engine Room
  • Electrical
  • Records
  • Showers
  • Main Hall
  • Security

It would help if you could now navigate masterfully through the Among Us maps. You should learn to play the game well, switch between vents, kill crewmates, hide your identity, and find a way through the game.  

Tips to help you excel at your venting game

  • Collect knowledge about the surveillance cameras from the guide. A red light blazes the cameras, indicating that someone is watching the security feed from the cameras. This could imply that somebody could, without much of a stretch, spot you were going in or leaping out of a vent.
  • Ensure that you don’t emerge from a room where nobody saw you entering. This would quickly put ‘sus’ on you as a fraud.
  • You can continuously conceal inside vents. However, inside vents, both the Sabotage and the Kill button cooldown clocks are stopped. This implies that you can’t continue to hide inside ducts for the whole game since you want to reset your cooldown for your next kill.
  • Continuously close the entryway while venting so crewmates can’t decide your character. 
  • Try not to utilize vents to move around. This will improve the probability of you being called out as a fraud.
  • Try not to vent out of rooms you were seen entering. Assuming that, you should kill the observer or gaslight the crewmate and trust that the other incinerators purchase your justification.

If you are ever caught venting, you must play smart. Trick the opponents into thinking that you weren’t venting. You should lure them so they are satisfied that you aren’t an impostor.

The second option is to kill the crewmate who spotted you before he spreads the information. If a crewmate has accidentally spotted you while entering a vent, you should prevent him from sharing this information with other crewmates, thereby concealing your identity.


Among Us is one such game that keeps you addicted and attached to your device’s screens. It is a survival game where you play either as crewmates or impostors.

As a crewmate, you need to vote off every one of the impostors and complete most of the duties, or when you pay as an impostor, you must kill all crewmates or stop them from concluding the designated tasks. The game has specific elements that add to the thrill of the game.

You can travel across rooms, kill the crewmates, hide their bodies, and lure other players. The game is fun and keeps you engaged on the screen for hours. You must install the game and enjoy playing it with your family and friends.

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