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Your list of the best veterinary practice management software…

Running a veterinary clinic is a demanding task, particularly in light of the growing need for pet care services. Utilizing veterinary practice management software has grown crucial as the workload grows and includes more and more responsibilities such as scheduling workers, keeping patient records, billing, and managing numerous administrative functions.

The preferred method for simplifying the record-keeping procedure and improving overall operational efficiency is now veterinary software. We will discuss the best veterinary practice management software options in detail in this post, focusing on their features and functionalities, but before we start, here’s a handy table listing the software we’ll be covering!

Product Name Description
Veterian Cloud-based management, automatic updates, intelligent alerts. Explore
VETPORT A cloud-based, collaborative editing, efficient invoicing, marketing dashboard. Explore
ezyVet Cloud-based system, integrated customer portal, advanced pricing capabilities. Explore
Covetrus Complete practice management, diagnostic tool, communication features, billing simplification. Explore
HIPPO Manager Cost-effective, simple appointment scheduling, secure patient data retrieval, inventory management. Explore
ProVet  Comprehensive solution, online appointment scheduling, client communication, medical record management. Explore
Shepherd  Simplified administration, thorough pet data management, automated vaccination reminders. Explore
NaVetor Modern cloud software, thorough electronic medical records, customizable appointment calendar. Explore
Vetspire Organized searchable medical history, automated monitoring and evaluation. Explore
NectarVet Advanced practice management, data-driven insights, intuitive automated workflows, Clinic Flow Dashboard. Explore

What is Veterinary Practice Management Software?

Veterinarians can manage patient information, treatment planning, and appointment scheduling by employing veterinary practice management software. It also simplifies administrative duties like bookkeeping.

This software is vital for monitoring patient diagnoses and treatment plans, since it makes it easier for nurses and technicians to administer therapies on time. 

Practice management software can be utilized by administrative staff to monitor patient payments and interactions. While smaller clinics and private practices may choose more basic, condensed versions of practice management software to meet their needs, larger veterinary hospitals can benefit from more feature-rich versions.

Vets need software that addresses several topics for the practical management of their veterinary practice, including:

  • Employee Scheduling: Veterinary scheduling software makes it easier for vet staff to assign shifts quickly and efficiently.
  • Task management: Allows vets to set employee tasks and track their progress and completion.
  • Billing, Invoicing, and Payroll: It produces precise reports for payroll and invoicing. The most useful ones will eliminate the requirement for separate tools by combining them efficiently with payroll software.
  • Management of Electronic Medical Records (EMR): This software securely keeps, arranges, and makes patient records, such as lab results, treatment plans, and medical histories, accessible. 

With a software, this process becomes easier and helps in facilitating better management with less time and effort involved. From appointment scheduling to payroll, one software can tackle it all.

Benefits of Veterinary Practice Management Software

Implementing veterinary practice management software offers a wide range of benefits to the users: 

Veterinary management software supports real-time accessibility of your patient’s data and allows you to carry out administrative tasks over the internet via laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

Apart from the initial setup costs, the veterinary practice management software reduces the deployment, maintenance and upgrade costs. 

A cloud-based veterinary practice management software allows seamless scalability of your veterinary practice in the future. 

A robust veterinary practice management software automatically generates backup of your data to prevent loss of data due to unforeseen circumstances like system failure, malware infection, or a natural disaster.

Cloud-based veterinary management software supports a wide range of powerful third-party integrations, which can easily be customized according to your requirements. 

Essential Features of a Veterinary Practice Management System

Some of the essential features to look for in a veterinary practice management are as follows: 

  • Dashboard for treatment plans – A dashboard to formulate well documented treatment plans and strategies for better understanding of pet owners. 
  • Lab integrations – Veterinary practice management software should support integration of instant lab test result delivery systems for instant retrieval of personal contacts. 
  • Electronic medical records (EMRs) –  An essential requirement for the veterinary doctors, it facilitates complete analysis of a pet’s health and history, allowing well-informed decisions.
  • Reminders and notifications – A robust system to deliver personalized reminders and notifications about different aspects such as lab tests. 
  • Custom form templates – With the help of templates, doctors can deal with routine work faster and improve productivity. For example, a pet clinic management system may contain a prescription or invoice template.
  • Appointment scheduling – A veterinary practice management system should allow management of appointments, vaccinations, and health checkup of pets.

When I was checking for the best veterinary practice software that can assist in increasing efficiency and profitability by automating the time-consuming administrative tasks, I found the following to hit the sweet spot:


Veterian is a cloud-based practice management software designed specifically for veterinarians that is quick and easy to use. To guarantee you have access to the newest innovations, it updates itself automatically.


  • It provides intelligent alerts to inform consumers when their pet’s immunizations and appointments are coming up.
  • Its help section provides thorough answers to your questions.
  • It is sensitive to your input and easily adapts to meet your requirements.
  • Your clients can easily read immunization schedules, maintain their pets’ medical records, and check their vaccination history.
  • Clients also get timely updates about immunization appointments that are coming up.

Veterian listens intently to your feedback and adjusts to your needs. To access all the data in your clinic, all you have to do is go online. Furthermore, it handles data security and backups, so you don’t have to worry about anything!


Being the first veterinary practice management software to be hosted in the cloud globally, VETPORT is a trailblazer in its field.


  • It supports collaborative editing and allows sending files, including memos, educational forms, and lab reports, directly within the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.
  • It keeps meticulous track of all scheduled appointments and offers convenient customer communication options.
  • The integration of this software equips veterinary practices to manage their invoicing and set up automatic reminders more effectively.
  • Its marketing dashboard provides invaluable data and insights about the clinic’s performance and growth.

With careful design, this innovative veterinary software helps doctors optimize their everyday operations, improving the caliber of care they can offer patients. 


ezyVet is a cloud-based management software system for veterinary hospitals intended to improve client engagement, optimize operations, and track financial results. This all-inclusive system has an integrated customer portal that lets users view their financial information, clinical data, and online appointment scheduling.


  • With features like batch tracking, reorder notifications, and barcode support to guarantee exact control, the platform is excellent at inventory management.
  • It makes it possible to send messages, create invoices, and upload medical information.
  • It simplifies workflow by enabling smooth connectivity with various laboratory systems and diagnostic equipment.
  • It offers solid financial management capabilities, such as invoicing and payment processing.

Along with a host of practical features like purchase order management, inventory transfers, packaging, and careful lot number tracking, ezyVet also provides sophisticated pricing capabilities.


Covetrus is a complete practice management system for veterinarians to simplify workflows and improve customer service. This platform includes a diagnostic tool and a patient electronic medical record registry, together with numerous communication and engagement features, such as wellness programs and appointment scheduling.


  • Ensures consumers are informed and involved while providing comprehensive and holistic dog care.
  • Keeps a database of standard templates for client communications.
  • Guarantees a consistent and effective method of informing pet owners.
  • Assists in tracking activities or requests about clients to guarantee timely follow-ups and timely resolution of client needs.
  • Simplify the billing procedure, offering clients easy and legal payment choices and improving the client experience.

Covetrus is essential to maintaining the efficiency of practice operations and the high caliber of patient care.

HIPPO Manager

Veterinarians looking for a cost-effective and efficient veterinary practice management solution may consider HIPPO Manager.


  • Appointment scheduling is made more accessible by its simple-to-use calendar interface, enabling customized appointment reminders.
  • This software guarantees the safekeeping and convenient retrieval of patient data, including test results, medical histories, and other critical information necessary for medical personnel.
  • Users can monitor payments and set up automatic alerts for payments with its help.
  • It makes it possible for experts to find and purchase products swiftly. There are substantial time and resource savings associated with this functionality.

Hippo Manager has a straightforward user interface and many useful features, such as the ability to schedule appointments, maintain medical records, bill and invoice, control inventory, and provide comprehensive reporting and analytics.


For veterinary clinics looking to simplify their operations in a comprehensive but economical way, ProVet offers an excellent veterinary practice management solution. This flexible platform includes all the necessary functions, such as online appointment scheduling, client communication, medical record management, and treatment reminders, in addition to a user-friendly design.


  • It provides clients with a secure, one-stop shop where they can efficiently manage and save their pet’s medical records.
  • Users may schedule meetings, get in touch with clients right away, and send reminders when needed.
  • Customers can easily book appointments online thanks to technology, which improves accessibility and convenience.
  • It is crucial for maintaining the timeliness of treatment and informing clients about upcoming appointments.

Additionally, ProVet makes it easier to access pet medical information, which makes tracking previous prescriptions and treatments easier.


Traditional veterinary practice administration software frequently adds intricacy, friction, and work-related complexities. Conversely, Shepherd veterinary software provides a simplified approach to running your veterinary clinic, leading to more productive workflows, contented staff, and more chances to offer the finest treatment possible for your patients.


  • Easily capture thorough pet data and effectively handle medical documents and immunization records.
  • See for yourself how handy automatically created vaccination regimens may be.
  • Shepherd proactively notifies your clients regularly about immunization dates that are approaching.
  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory log, automatically update each product administration, and place fresh supply orders as soon as needed.

Shepherd is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is made to fit in perfectly with both your workflow and the patient visit procedure.


NaVetor veterinary cloud software is a modern way to run your veterinary practice management effectively daily. You may maintain thorough electronic medical records and obtain a quick overview of your practice’s activity with this painstakingly crafted software. 


  • Access essential data easily combined into dashboards that are easy to use.
  • Get updates on patients who have checked in, future appointments, and announcements and notifications for the entire staff.
  • When a patient arrives at your practice, check them in right from the dashboard.
  • Easily see one or more appointments by customizing the appointment calendar. 
  • Use Treatment Sheets to effectively manage patient care, taking advantage of the task assignments and automatic checklists.

With the boarding module included in your subscription, managing boarded patients is also easy. For patients who are boarded, the program simplifies the procedures of scheduling, check-in, check-out, and billing.


Vetspire is designed to empower you with the pertinent medical history you need to provide the highest level of care. It presents a cleanly organized, searchable medical history, offering quick access to problem lists and active medications. 


  • Automatically monitors and evaluates various aspects of your practice, including client information, procedures, inventory management, and billing.
  • Keeps a record of patient cases, analyzes appointment patterns, and provides visual representations of your financial trends.
  • Facilitates the assignment of tasks to both yourself and clients.
  • Allows for the automated scheduling of follow-up appointments, callbacks, and other essential activities.

This veterinary practice management software provides comprehensive support at each stage of your medical note-writing process, alleviating your concerns about documentation and enabling you to focus on your role as a veterinarian.


NectarVet is an advanced practice management software that can improve your financial performance and the quality of care you provide without adding complexity. Its main objective is to support veterinary practices such as yours in their endeavor to offer pets the best possible care.


  • Boost your revenue with data-driven insights.
  • Its proprietary algorithms produce insightful data that helps identify missed revenue possibilities and encourages client compliance.
  • Optimise processes and reduce pointless clicks with intuitive, automated workflows.
  • Take advantage of the Clinic Flow Dashboard, which comes with inventory tracking and SOAP templates.

By reinvigorating the veterinarian framework with efficient, simplified, and productive processes, Nectar enables your team and cultivates the full potential of your company.


Veterinary practice management software can appear intimidating, especially when handling numerous aspects of your clinic’s operations, like scheduling appointments, managing client interactions, and running your business. 

Nevertheless, the growth and success of your veterinary practice can be significantly impacted by your choice of software.

The software makes it simple to handle tasks like scheduling appointments, keeping track of inventory, keeping patient records, and processing billing quickly, so it is a definite win-win!

Next up, here are the top little-known useful products for business.

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