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In Development Last updated: April 10, 2023
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While developing a software product, it becomes necessary for the development team to receive feedback from the end users to know if the product is working according to their expectations.

It could be simple issues like the placement of a button or the design of a form and complex issues like a bug that the user cannot pinpoint.

Often, the end user is not a technical person and may not be able to articulate the issue via email or chat session. This is where video feedback helps.

What is video feedback?

In video feedback, the end user interacts with the system, which could be a website or app, and records their interactions via a screen recording tool, simultaneously talking about what they are doing and why they are happy or not happy with a certain feature.

They could also clearly explain bugs and differences between expected and actual output, which makes it easy for the development team to recreate the problem on their end.

The following are the key points why many developers are moving to video way of giving feedback or reporting any bug:

  • Easy to understand: Since the end user is interacting with the system while providing feedback, the developer can understand where the problem is occurring.
  • Time efficient: A 5-minute video can explain when and where a bug exists or where the UI is not friendly enough, which may take a 1-hour meeting.
  • Provides more clarity on the issue: Video feedback can help the developer understand what value was input to cause the error, which button was clicked, and how difficult it was for a user to locate a certain feature on the app. This will help them add more validations or redesign the UI to make it more user-friendly.
  • Give an idea of the customer’s wants/feelings: A developer can understand where a customer faces difficulty while interacting with an app. For example, consider a situation where items are added to the cart, but the customer is not completing the purchase. It is possible that the cart icon was too small or hidden behind some other menu option. This can be understood by watching how customers interact with the shopping app and listening to what they say while doing so. The developer can make the cart icon larger and more conspicuous.
  • Stay in touch in further communications: After making changes, the same user can be asked to send fresh video feedback to see if the issue is resolved.

Here are some of the advanced-level video feedback and reporting tools that create accessible, interactive, and animated ways to leave feedback on your website


BugHerd is a cloud base feedback collection and bug reporting management software that allows a user to easily manage all the changes to a user-owned website from one central location, which is a convenient way of handling feedback and bugs.


  • Simple to set up
  • Simple guest feedback
  • Video feedback
  • Real-time commenting
YouTube video

BugHerd is the world’s most detailed visual feedback & bug tracker. Its interface is similar to sticky notes, which pin customer feedback and track bugs directly on the page. by Adobe comes with an all-in-one solution that lets the user share media, track feedback, and provide a streamlined experience to the user’s workflow. This software will not compromise the user’s data and security, as all the sessions within this tool are encrypted. Moreover, users can access this at no additional cost, which is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

YouTube video


  • Speed up reviews/feedback and approvals
  • Share files in no time
  • Freely share videos with anyone
  • Work from anywhere, on any device

These features provide a powerful way to create projects, share and collaborate between developers and users.


GoVisually is the simplest proofing solution for direct visual feedback on designs, PDFs & video content; here, the consumer can upload files in any format.

YouTube video


  • Upload and annotate various file types
  • Share with unlimited reviewers
  • Keep all your revisions organized in one space

It offers users seven days of the free trial, and its pricing starts from $99/per month. This is quite expensive compared to other software but highly efficient. It is a simple, easy solution to get video feedback as it takes minimal steps to integrate into a website or app. is an easy solution for developers, agencies, and website owners to collect valuable user feedback or any bug report from web projects and manage or share in a cloud-based web interface.


  • Enrich feedback with the contextual in-app video and screen capture.
  • Prioritize the features and fixes that your users need
  • Integrate into existing workflows and project platforms
YouTube video

Userback is a SaaS company that integrates with many other platforms, such as JIRA, HipChat, Slack, etc. For this software, pricing starts from $79/month.


Vidmonials is a powerful video collection tool that allows its clients to collect, manage, and share impactful videos from their prospects, customers, employees, and audiences.

This is relatively easy to implement on any website, allowing customers to record, edit, and upload video testimonials. This is regularly maintained and updated to ensure its smooth operations.

YouTube video is a collaboration and review platform that allows the user to upload, review and approve files such as videos, images, audio, and text files with the add-on features of version control, real-time commenting, and detailed analysis, which simplifies the feedback and the bugs report received.

YouTube video


  • Comment on files
  • Track your progress
  • Get work approved

Filestage offers a free trial plan, and paid plans start at $19 per month. makes it easy to share and review while you are on the go. It has a mobile user interface to make things more accessible and straightforward.

YouTube video


  • Media management
  • Share for review
  • Track progress
  • Comments become tasks
  • Side-by-side comparison
  • Version control

It is free for any individuals and occasional use, and for business purposes, the pricing starts from $19.95 Per user/month.


Animoto tool allows the user on the website to create a professional-looking video where the user gets a wide range of video styles, adds their photos/videos, and customizes this with text, music, and effects. This also provides other features such as video analytics, collaboration tools, and direct sharing of videos.


  • Easy to use
  • Vast music library
  • Anytime customizable
YouTube video

Animoto offers a free plan to create unlimited videos with Animoto branding. If you wish to create unbranded videos, paid plans start at $9/month.


The above gives you an idea about some of the best video feedback tools. In my choice, the user can go with as there is no need to make a separate purchase if the user has a creative cloud account with Adobe. This makes it easy to implement and includes Adobe support, making it more reliable.

You may also consider looking at these customer feedback tools.

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