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In Digital Marketing Last updated: January 18, 2022
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Videos are the top multimedia content people consume, and YouTube is the number 1 destination for videos.

It’s easier to channelize your thoughts through strong visuals and video content that hooks your audience. Hence, it is utilized widely by both individual vloggers and companies. The potential for enormous organic reach and the popularity of YouTube has enabled the platform’s creators as their go-to destination for earning huge income.

However, standing out in the huge crowd of content creators that YouTube welcomes is the real challenge people face. This game is all about receiving more views and getting your content viral.

Hence, ensuring your content reaches your targeted audience is the key. This is why you must apply SEO techniques to increase content visibility and leverage some software for that matter.

vidIQ is one such software that gives content creators the boost they need for their videos and draws valuable insights regarding the performance of the videos.

So, let’s explore and understand if it can really help you and determine whether it is worth spending your hard money on.

What is vidIQ?

vidIQ is a video marketing platform that helps content creators acquire the tools and educates them to maximize productivity and increase views and subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Its features, marketing tools, and video analytics help videos garner much exposure they need for better reach. Its broad plethora of useful capabilities and SEO solutions can help you make better decisions and interact with your audience.

vidIQ executes these by collecting as well as showing data and metrics in a more interpretable way. This tool is great for incorporating and processing big data into your publishing strategy. It can also help you maintain timely engagement with your audience for better sustainability of your channel.

Let’s explore some of the features.

Actionable data 📊

  • What’s trending: vidIQ allows you to research trending videos and set up trend alerts to avoid missing viral growth opportunities. It lets you draw insights into YouTube’s trending topics that help you shape your next content.
  • What’s working and what doesn’t: It’s like an expert consultant that you can turn up to at your fingertips to understand what is working and what not with your published content. It also helps you figure out what needs to be done to grow your channel.

YouTube video

  • SEO scorecard: It is a useful pre-publication checklist to make sure all publications are SEO-optimized. It gives you more information on your channel and helps you gather data quickly to check your videos’ performance. Important data points are represented in different colors; thus, you can comprehend and fix things easily.

Improves visibility 👁️

  • YouTube Keyword Research solution: YouTube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine. With vidIQ by your side, you can understand the top keywords your audience is searching to create content accordingly.

It provides search suggestions relevant to your niche and shows similar videos to get an overall idea. The keyword research tool also displays data like average subscribers and views against a specific term.

YouTube video

You also get tools for keyword inspection, inline keywords to see the tags the competitors use, and keyword templates. Web Suite comes with powerful SEO tools, and the keyword translator can target the global audience by translating video titles, tags, and descriptions.

  • The analytics dashboard allows viewing a channel’s status at a glance. Its Real-Time Stats Bar Tool makes statistics more accessible when you need them. It also shows monetization status, real-time views, and watch-time to measure your videos’ performance through a graph.

Focus on Growth 📈

  • Audit tool: Find out how your videos perform and audit the existing videos using the audit tool to understand what types of content can benefit the channel the most.

It includes five different tools: last 30-day performance, trend alerts, channel audit, most viewed, and achievements.

YouTube video

  • Competitive research tool: It allows you to gather deeper insights into your competing creators’ videos to understand what’s working and why for them. For that, sort their videos by views, time frames, view/hour, and the uploading date.

This way, you can use this data to create your content strategy and locate growth opportunities. vidIQ removes the guesswork by providing concrete recommendations on what actions can help the channel the most.

  • Productivity tools: vidIQ offers lots of productivity tools like bulk Copy or edit cards and end-screens, which save lots of your time. You also get a Comment Productivity tool, a comment template you can use to answer your videos’ comments faster.

  • Thumbnail generator helps you create the thumbnail of your wish by editing and customizing its borders, shapes, text, and more.

Furthermore, you can bulk download the metadata to back up your entire meta information. Exporting this data into spreadsheets and sorting them by different rows and columns is also possible.

Training 💡

  • vidIQ Academy offers both free and paid user-exclusive courses on YouTube growth and channel development. It is packed with a handful of examples and actionable tips based on real-world experience from the experts of vidIQ.

Besides, they will deliver 30 videos to cover different aspects of creating, researching, optimizing, and publishing video content.

Easy to Use

vidIQ is a simple and easy-to-use tool for streamlining and growing your YouTube channel. You don’t have to struggle to utilize its features because of its straightforwardness and ease of implementation.

Both beginners and experienced content creators usually find vidIQ as relatively easy. Its dashboard is also comprehensive, with no confusion. You can also understand it better with different color-coding and direct insights available to improve your channel.

Both its web application and extension are user-friendly with a quick navigation interface. Additionally, vidIQ’s keyword tool can also identify phrases and words that might lead you to trouble with the policies of YouTube, and thus, saves you from getting demonetized.


There are a total of 4 different types of plans currently on vidIQ – Basic, Pro, Boost, and Boost+.

Let’s find out what each one of them has to offer you.

  • Basic: It’s free to use by 1 user for 1 channel. It includes features like competitor tracking, 1 trend alert, basic email support, vidIQ Academy, scorecard, basic analytics, and live statistics bar.
  • Pro: It’s available at $7.50/month for 1 user and 1 channel. It includes 6 competitors tracking, 1 trend alert, email & chat support, and other advanced features like historical analysis, the Best Time of the Day to post, trending videos, and more.

This plan is great for small and mid-sized businesses wanting to fetch better returns on video marketing.

  • Boost: Priced $39/month, this plan is applicable for 1 user and 1, 3, or 5 channels. It includes 20 competitor tracking, 5, 10, or 15 trend alerts, a keyword search of 40, 100, or 200 videos per month; email and chat support, and other advanced features like video archival, tags, bulk SEO, Facebook syndication, and more.

It’s great for larger businesses wanting better leverage from videos.

  • Boost+: It starts at a whopping $415/month and usable by 1 user for up to 5 channels. It has all the premium features and support needed to boost your video marketing efforts.

However, with the premium features it provides, the plan might not be a good fit if you start your channel out there due to high pricing.

So, if you ask me, the Boost plan is the best with all the useful features, but only if you are dedicated to YouTube and have a good budget at hand.

On high-level

  • Helps boost organic reach
  • Better management of your YouTube channel
  • Powerful analytics to utilize
  • Competitive advantage
  • Free Firefox and Chrome extension

Is it worth your money 🤑?

vidIQ is the power-house of impressive features and tools that can take your YouTube journey to an exciting ride. You would not only enjoy marketing it, but it will also take less time and effort to create and publish your videos than you used to do before.

If you want to make YouTube your full-time hustle or are interested in growing your channel exponentially high, vidIQ is a great option. Thus, decide a plan based on your long-time goals, budget, and preferences to skyrocket your money and popularity.

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