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Virtual meetings have become the need of the hour for remote teams. To make them more effective, here are some worthy video conferencing software.

Email is a good way for a shared society to talk to each other. But nothing beats talking to someone in person. Since the pandemic, online chatting and meeting tools have become essential to everyday life.

This conference software is essential for education, business, and personal needs. It can be used for online classes, virtual get-togethers, events, and shared meetings. So, in this blog post, we will talk about some of the best video chatting programs you should try. 

What’s the importance of conferencing in modern work culture? 

There are many reasons why video chat software is vital in the modern workplace. Video chatting lets two or more people talk to each other even though they are in different places. Because of this, it has caused a significant change in companies and people’s lives.

The world outbreak is an easy-to-understand example of why video chat is vital at work. You can talk and share thoughts through video chatting without meeting in person. This not only saves time but also makes it easy to talk to people without giving anything up.

Video chatting lets you talk about anything and everything without moving an inch. You can use it for freelance or working from home. Video chatting has significantly changed modern life because it allows people to talk face-to-face while saving time and money.

How many video conferencing apps have surfaced in the last three years?

Since they were first introduced, cloud-based video chat systems have been getting better and better. But because of the global outbreak, the number of people using famous video conferencing software has increased in the last three years.

So, how could makers not make video conference apps have more options? A lot of new video chat software has come out in the online world. We may not be able to say precisely how many video conferencing apps have emerged in the past few years, but there are dozens of them now. 

As we mentioned, you can find dozens of video conferencing software online, which may make it challenging to choose the best one for you. Thus, we have brought you some of the most reliable video conferencing software.

However, we haven’t mentioned Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Skype, etc., as they are already famous, and our key goal is to bring new software.  


Webex is a popular and engaging video conferencing software. It is the perfect modern software for our modern workspaces. This software has several intelligent features that enhance the meeting and make communication easy.

Webex is a software you will never regret using due to its simplicity and straightforward features. The primary reason behind its popularity is its intelligent features. For instance, noise cancellation, sharing reactions with emojis, easy polls, Q&A features, etc.

Besides this, Webex is adapted around the globe as it breaks the language barrier. This software gives you real-time language translation into more than 100 languages. From automatic transcription to small group discussions, Webex lets you easily balance your professional and personal life. 

GoTo Meeting 

As the name suggests, GoTo Meeting is a professional chat and video conferencing software. GoTo is the best medium or portable office that lets the employees connect in a few seconds. As a result, the team members can save time and work more efficiently.

In terms of features, GoTo has a lot to offer. All video conferencing software has basic features like audio and video conferencing, but GoTo also offers live group chat for a better experience. Additionally, this software has presenter and application tools that enhance the outcome of the meeting.

GoTo software lets users block notifications, switch presenters, record meetings, protect their data, and more. However, GoTo is a  power-packed mobile software with several features at merely $12 per month.


BlueJeans is another modern workplace tool for audio and video conferencing. This platform has several collaboration tools, making it efficient for teamwork and essential daily discussions.

Blue Jeans is a simple and basic cloud-based conferencing platform. What made it take place on our list is its user interface. Unlike other complicated platforms, Blue Jeans lets the team members join the meet in a single click.

Blue Jeans may not be as advanced as others in terms of collaboration and coordination, but it offers basic features. Blue Jeans lets the user share screen, schedule, and record meetings in merely a few clicks. Besides this, Blue Jeans also supports mobile, browser, and desktop, which can help you enjoy uninterrupted meetings anywhere and anytime.


You would already be familiar with Lifesize if you were part of a cooperative society. If not, then let us help you. Lifesize has been providing conferencing software for more than a decade. This cloud-based platform delivers high-quality space to bring people together on the same screen.

Lifesize supports both mobile and desktop applications. This software lets you host monthly meetings with more than 100 participants at $12.50. When talking about features, Lifesize isn’t behind any modern software. 

The primary features include screen sharing, multi-display, share presentations, hand raising, and more. The Lifesize platform has a one-click join and recording feature, which can save time, and the recording can help you for future use. 

Adobe Connect 

Adobe Connect offers a lot more than other similar platforms. It has all essential features like hand rising, screen sharing, recording, etc. But it offers many other advanced features which help to organize your meeting even more.

The unique features of Adobe Connect include attendees’ live chat, polls and surveys, participation permissions, registration, notes, and more. Besides this, you can also use Adobe Connect for free with limited features. However, the premium version is quite expensive compared to other software on the list. is a video conferencing software from the Goto family. This simple primary platform is most suitable for small businesses as it is neither expensive nor offers many advanced features. As a result, it is easy to use and cost-efficient.

The primary features of this software include group lives chat, audio & video conferencing, notification blocker, recording, etc. Besides this, is a mobile application; hence you can use it anytime without any trouble.

Additionally, is free to use. You can do unlimited screen sharing and simple video conferencing for free. This supports several languages like German, French, English, etc., which makes it preferable around the globe.


Privacy is the biggest concern when we use a cloud-based platform, but Whereby breaks all those norms. Whereby is a privacy-friendly video conferencing software, and using Whereby is as simple as ABC.

What made Whereby come on this list is its versatility at a minimal charge. Whereby is free to use software with limited features. In this free version, you can conduct a group meeting for up to 45 minutes. Besides this, one of your team members must install any software to use this platform.

You can easily customize your joining link and send it to attendees. This software includes all essential features like video streaming, screen sharing, presentations, etc. However, the premium version isn’t that expensive; you can also afford it for more features.


Finding a conferencing software integrated with message, video, and audio features is complex. But your search can end with RingCentral software. This cloud-based platform delivers high-quality space to generate your meeting.

Video conferencing software has dozens of unique features, and RingCentral can still stand out. Besides the basic features like screen sharing, recording, scheduling, etc., RingCentral brings AI-backed transcription. 

But we must recognize that RingCentral is quite expensive compared to many conferencing software on the list. However, it is worth investing in to experience top-notch features and other integrated software.  


Are you looking for straightforward and user-friendly conferencing software? Look no further than DialPad. Dialpad Meetings is a powerful video conferencing software with a robust feature set. Using Dialpad lets you easily connect with anyone, anywhere, any time, in a few clicks. 

From sharing presentations to conducting webinars, Daipad Meetings can become a quick and easy communication medium for you. Dialpad Meeting comes with several powerful features. The major features include screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, recording, and more.

Besides this, Dialpad Meetings is integrated with many other productivity tools, namely Google Calendar, Slack, Salesforce, etc., which enhances this software even more. If you want to experience a streamlined meeting efficiently, then Dialpad Meetings is worth considering.

TrueConf Room 

If you are tired of low-quality video conferencing software, you have not tried TrueConf Room. TrueConf Room is a popular cloud-based video conferencing software that provides the best experience in all aspects of a meeting.

This cutting-edge video conferencing software offers you a range of powerful features to add glitter to your meetings. TrueConf Room is a short communication medium, making it an ideal choice for businesses with remote teams and clients.

Some unique features of TrueConf Room are that it supports multiple screens, gives you 4k video quality, has an advanced audio system, and more. TrueConf is integrated with other collaborative features like virtual whiteboards, document sharing, etc., which can help you make your meetings effortless. 

With, you can enjoy attending and hosting great webinars and meetings without breaking the bank. This software has all the essential powerful features like screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, video recording, and more.

However, also offers a premium version of advanced features at an affordable price. This user-friendly software can easily fit your business, whether you’re in cooperative business or education. makes your meeting organized and productive in a few clicks.


This software on the list can not be mistaken as only conferencing software because it offers much more. Jami is an open-source and privacy-focused video conferencing tool you must consider for your meetings.

The software delivers not only a secure and reliable platform for conferencing but also has additional features. The software’s primary features are audio & video calls, file sharing, and screen sharing.

Another reason why you can adopt this software is its versatility. This software is available for various operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and mobile devices. Consequently, you seamlessly enjoy or make the most of your meeting, regardless of your need. is another free video conferencing platform on our list. It is an excellent tool for you if you are looking for a virtual meeting platform. From virtual classes to family conversations, can be your all-time medium efficiently.

People widely adopt due to its simple and easy navigation. Additionally, even to start a meeting, you need to create a room and share the URL among attendees. They don’t need to sign up or download any other software to get access to your meet. 

Overall, is a highly recommended conferencing software as it is an entirely free platform with no call or time limit. is suitable for both professional and personal video conferencing.

Jitsi Meet

If you want free video conferencing software, look at Jitsi Meet. Jitsi-meet is a perfect and straightforward solution if you are searching for video conferencing software. Whether concerned about privacy or budget, Jitsi Meet can solve most of your challenges.

Being a free software, no doubt Jitsi-meet only offers a few advanced features. But it is still a good one due to all its necessary features. The primary features of this software include screen sharing on various devices, generating a custom URL, editing or writing notes using EtherPad in meetings, sending reactions, emojis, and more.

By reading the software overview, you know how helpful Jitsi Meet is. You can rely on this software without worries if you want essential and simple conferencing software.

Wrapping up

Video conferencing software is essential in daily life, especially for communication and collaboration between remote clients and team members. Hence, choosing the right video conferencing tool that fits your business can be hectic.

Today in this blog, we provided some of the best video conferencing tools with unique features and capabilities to suit your business on a budget. These conferencing tools can help you stay productive, engaged, and connected.

You may also explore some best virtual workshop platforms to enhance your business performance.

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