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In Customer Service Last updated: July 13, 2023
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In today’s digital age, providing excellent customer service is more important than ever. And one of the best ways to provide excellent customer service is through visual customer support.

Visual customer support is revolutionizing how companies provide customer support and bringing a more engaging and interactive experience for customers.

Businesses can use visual customer support to create a personal connection with their customers, leading to better customer engagement and satisfaction.

You’ve landed at the right place if you’re also looking to integrate visual customer support into your business. This article will shed light on what visual support means, its benefits, use cases, and a list of the best tools.

What is Visual Customer Support?

Visual customer support is a type of customer support that uses visual aids to help customers with their inquiries or problems. It can include using diagrams, charts, pictures, or even videos to help explain a concept or troubleshoot a problem.


Visual customer support can be more effective than traditional customer support methods, such as text-based customer support forums or telephone support, as it’s a more intimate way of interacting with customers one-on-one.

It is a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve customer engagement. You can create a personal and interactive customer experience using this all-new support technique. When businesses take time to provide customers with clear and helpful information, it builds customer trust and confidence.

Overall, visual customer support is a valuable customer support tool that can be used in various situations. When used correctly, it can help to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the time needed to resolve customer inquiries.

How is Visual Customer Support Useful?


Visual customer support can be extremely useful in several ways, including:

Develop a positive relationship with customers

Visual customer support allows businesses to deliver a personalized and customized customer experience, which results in developing a good relationship with them.

When you interact one-on-one, you can form a personal connection with the customer through real-time interaction that will help you build a rapport for future perusal.

Next-level communication

Implementation of visual support can help businesses fill the communication gap. Collaborating with customers over video calls enables representatives to understand and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Visual customer support helps clear and consistent interaction across all customer touchpoints, and businesses can create a strong and cohesive brand that customers will recognize and appreciate.

Helps maintain brand image

It’s no secret that customer retention is better and easier than acquisition. Despite putting in adequate efforts, businesses are having difficulty retaining their customers and maintaining their brand image due to the increasing competition.

Visual customer support can be the fix to your wounds; through incorporating this solution, businesses can ensure they’re connecting with the customers at the right time and are addressing the issues personally through one-on-one. This way, you can ensure that customers have a positive experience with your brand.

Record calls for future perusal.

Visual customer support tools come with an in-built recording feature that allows you to review customer interactions and address issues later that may have arisen during the call. The recorded calls can also train customer service staff by providing a reference for best practices.

Helps explain your business and products

Customer support through phone calls can sometimes be challenging, especially when dealing with complex products or services.

Visual customer support can help businesses explain their business and products better. You can use images, videos, and other visuals which aid in helping customers get a better understanding of your product/services.

It can be especially helpful when businesses are dealing with customers who may not be familiar with the products or services.

Interact with global customers personally

Visual customer support is one way that businesses can interact with their global customers on a personal level. Your reps can connect with customers in different parts of the world through video conferencing, chat, and other visual means.

This type of support allows businesses to stand apart from their competitors and build positive relationships with their customers. It can also help companies to keep their customers happy by providing a more convenient and personal way to interact.

What are the use cases of Visual Customer Support?



Visual customer support is an important tool for technology and software companies as it can help them explain their product effectively by providing visuals, presentations, and interacting on video with clients. It can be extremely helpful for customers who are new to the product or not tech-friendly.

Businesses can connect with the users in real time through visual support and provide customers personalized help to better understand the software.

Personalized support can help users feel confident about using a particular software application, and it can also help to build trust between a company and its users.


Healthcare providers can offer one-on-one consultations and instant onscreen guidance to their patients with the help of visual customer support. It can make it extremely easy for patients to understand the treatment process and ensure no misunderstandings.

Another advantage of integrating visual support in healthcare is that patients can get the assistance they need immediately rather than waiting for a callback or appointment.

Customer support

Visual Customer Support can be used in the customer support industry to provide real-time customer assistance by sharing the rep’s screen and video interaction.

This method utilizes images and videos to help customers resolve issues and can be used to provide tailored experiences for customers.

Additionally, visual customer support can add a personal touch, creating a connection between the customer and the customer support representative.

Banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI)

Banking, financial services, and insurance companies always look for ways to improve customer service and reduce costs by implementing visual customer support solutions.

Visual customer support solutions allow bank tellers, financial advisors, and insurance agents to get into the customers’ shoes to explain the product.

In addition, visual customer support helps companies provide better services and real-time support and reduce wait times; customers will be more likely to do business with these companies. Here, we explore the best visual customer support platforms for better engagement.


Viewabo is a visual customer support platform that helps businesses improve customer engagement, reduce the turnaround time, and provide customers with an ultimate experience.


It is best known for its capabilities to integrate this solution with your business applications without any hassle of downloading the application.

With a recording feature, real-time video calls, and one single web-based dashboard, Viewabo is a one-stop solution for businesses to keep their customers at the forefront.

The best part about Viewabo

  • Video-assisted customer support makes it easy and convenient for both the customers and reps to communicate.
  • This tool comes with features such as recording, pausing, or revisiting customer conversations.
  • It allows agents to get on a call immediately with just one link without any complicated plugins or downloads.

It offers two paid plans, including basic, which starts from $20 per month per license, and standard, which costs $40 per month per license.


Immerss is the first of its kind of live shopping experience platform that focuses on providing customers with the best virtual shopping experience. 


It has a solution focused on retail commerce to humanize the shopping experience, marketing technology to improve the buying experience, and virtual sales assistants.

The best part about Immerss

  • It provides one-to-many interactions for shopping on Livestream, which means you can interact with multiple potential buyers at once
  • It provides a product carousel to help consumers view your catalog. 
  • The platform gives detailed statistics such as live sales numbers, real-time analytics, and commission tracking.

It is a full-fledged eCommerce experience visual support platform providing two solutions live stream shopping and digital clienteling; if you see their breadth in the eCommerce visual support domain, you might also think the same.



Assistbox enables businesses to connect, communicate and analyze customer interactions across all touchpoints by providing comprehensive and tailored customer support solutions.

The best part about Assistbox

  • It provides real-time interactions through cutting-edge video call features with screen-sharing options.
  • Assistbox can be set up seamlessly and integrated, ensuring hassle-free scheduling and deployment of the tool.
  • It gives access to insightful dashboards and KPIs to look into customer interactions.

The platform enables businesses from various domains to provide one-on-one remote customer support services globally. Businesses of all sizes can use this amazing tool to boost their productivity through enhanced visibility into customer conversations.



Viibe bestows a combination of visual support and engagement monitoring solutions that can be used to optimize customer touchpoints.

This visual customer support tool offers features such as a visual interface, live chat, and case and knowledge management. Viibe enables businesses to accelerate their business strategies with the help of customer data obtained through conversations.

The best part about Viibe

  • It has on-demand and scheduling capabilities.
  • It facilitates communications through annotations making customer conversations interacting
  • Viibe can help you turn data into fruitful insights that give you an all-inclusive view of customers

It provides you with three visual customer support packages that come with free trials. You can also get a customized package with them tailored to your needs.



Teamsupport provides the convenience of empowering companies to resolve high-stake issues through video chats and calls.

Teamsupport’s visual customer support tool is great for humanizing conversations and delivering exceptional customer service. It provides high-resolution images to adjustable screen views to flexible video options for customer-centric businesses.,

The best part about Teamsupport

  • Its video view feature is perfect for product-based businesses to showcase and explain products
  • Helps employ a strategic business approach through call recordings and access to customer history

Teamsupport has a bunch of different paid offers. Their offers typically start from as low as $29.


Remotecall offers a number of different plans designed to help different sizes of businesses. Their range includes four packages depending upon the features and number of devices.


This visual support tool provides functionalities such as video sharing, interactive drawing tools, photo sharing options, session sharing, GPS location transmission, barcode recognition, and document sharing option.

The best part about Remotecall

  • Remotecall’s smart management tool equips you with all necessary features such as session transfer, personalized connection page, seamless network transitioning, and manual focus option.
  • No headache of plugins or downloads. You can connect with a clickable link instantly in a web browser.


Talkative is a good choice for businesses that need a robust customer support solution and want to boost their sales numbers by leveraging real-time insights and data.


With the help of Talkative, you can ensure that your reps engage with the customers at the right time with the right information.

The best part about Talkative

Notable features of these tools are PCI-compliant video recording, agent performance management system, enhanced chat, dynamic canned messages, and smart display capabilities with an in-queue video option

  • Talkative can be integrated across various devices and platforms, including mobile phones, desktops, tablets, etc.
  • It empowers businesses with a smarter way to connect and interact with customers through their next-gen visual support.
  • It allows you to customizable controls to provide the best customer experience at your convenience.

Talkative offers three packages of video customer support depending on a business’s needs. They have a team package, a business package, and a customizable package starting from as low as $199 per month.


Customer service is an important part of any business, and it’s equally critical that customer issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

With a visual customer support platform, businesses can provide customer support in the most convenient way for their customers. And with features like screen sharing and screen recording, the support you provide will be more effective.

You may also explore some customer service platforms to increase retention rates.

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