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Live interactive browser, Responsive, Visual layout, Bug logging, and more…

If you expect your web applications to be used on multiple devices by global users and haven’t done proper testing yet, then the time is now.

Most of the product owner often test a web application on a few favorite browsers over fast internet speed and once looks ok, they launch.

That’s not okay if you are targetting users worldwide and developing modern applications.

But you may ask, how do I test on hundreds of browsers, devices worldwide?

It’s possible without installing all the browsers and buying all the devices. Testing from a cloud is possible!

Let’s explore the following tools, which make testing possible to find the real-time issue before the customer complains about it.


LambdaTest, a new cloud-based testing software that lets you test the following.

Live interactive browser testing – launch a VM (virtual machine) in the cloud with the desired browser and devices to perform a test.

There are more than 1400 browsers combination possibilities where you can do a test.

  • Desktop – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera
  • Mobile – Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Google, iPhone, iPad, Amazon Kindle

And not just the browser, but you can choose to launch it on the respective OS.

Let’s take a real-time issue scenario

One of the users complaining about some function doesn’t work when clicking on it. A user is trying from Yandex on Mac 10.13 version.

How would you troubleshoot?

Well, choose the Yandex and select the OS version. That’s all, as you can see, I tried launching Geekflare.

The good thing about it is that you can entirely reproduce the issue as you have a fully functional browser where you can interact with an application on your local PC.

Don’t stop there; more you can do.

  • You can integrate the LambdaTest account with slack, asana, Jira, and Trello to send the test details for bug logging.
  • Record a video so you can send that to your customer or developer
  • Change the resolution as you do on your local computer
  • Take a screenshot

How cool is that?

One-click screenshot – take a screenshot of multiple browsers/devices of a given web page in a single click.

Useful when you just want to see how does your product pre-launch landing page look like across devices.

Responsive test – check how your page appears on Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone Plus, One Plus, and much more with different resolutions.

Once a page is loaded, you click on different mobile devices to toggle the result. You can also switch the look between landscape and portrait mode and take a screenshot directly from it.

Smart comparing – compare two images to quickly identify the issue related to padding size, icon, color, layout, text, element position.

LambdaTest looks promising to test the site for an issue. It’s cloud-based, so you can scale as you go and get it started for FREE.


HeadSpin is one of the best cloud-based platforms that help you test your website, mobile apps.

With HeadSpin you can do the following:

Manual Testing – Manually test your website/mobile app on a cloud with 100% accuracy thanks to the huge infrastructure of real devices offered by HeadSpin.

Select the device, browsers, and & combination, launch the device on the cloud, and start testing. You can choose from thousands of device & OS combinations.

Users can even perform localized testing by selecting the country of their choice and checking payments, currency, and language localization giving a major boost to the e-commerce platforms to make their website mobile apps seamless.

  • Desktop – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera
  • Mobile – iPhone, Samsung, Google, Motorola, HTC, iPad, and more

Real-world bugs and reproducing them is really simple.

  • Users can test their website or mobile app on the device of their choice.
  • Mark a bug when you find something odd.
  • Share the bug with the help of 60+ integrations offered by HeadSpin.
  • Reproduce the bug and start debugging.

Automation Testing – HeadSpin supports both website and mobile app test automation. Users will be able to run the selenium or appium based scripts on thousands of real devices for 100% accuracy.

Sauce Labs

Test your websites and apps across many mobile and desktop browser or operating system combinations in the cloud with Sauce Labs.

It provides cross-browser testing to give you digital confidence by making testing reliable, easy, and fast throughout the development process of your software. It helps you in eliminating maintenance hassle and allows you to stay focused on your testing apps.

You can perform tests parallelly in different OS and browser combinations to gain a speed up to 10x. Record a video or take screenshots of your tests to identify bugs and fix them faster. Metadata and selenium log files for every test make it easier to share results with the dev teams.

Sauce Labs delivers the latest versions within 48 hours of the release to ensure the apps work on the newest platforms. Extended debugging offers network calls and browser console logs to gain complete insights into the browser performance and network requests. It will also help to get root cause analysis speedily.

Furthermore, Sauce Connect proxy helps test apps and data from behind the firewall on Sauce Labs’ cloud without facing problems setting up the hardware VPN. Make sure the web apps work on mobile simulators and emulators along with the desktop.

Furthermore, integrate it with different solutions like MSFT VSTS, Bamboo, Jenkins, Circle CI, TeamCity, and Travis CI to set up, manage, and view results. Sauce Labs has its own data centers to enhance security and reduce test flakes. Get many additional features such as Sauce performance testing, powerful test analytics, Sauce headless testing, IPSEC VPN, unlimited users, single sign-on, training, and team management.

Get started with the complete testing solution at a starting price of $39/month, or take help from their team to choose the best plan for you.


Get a browser with Browserling and start online cross-browser testing in five seconds. With screenshots, you can interact with the browsers to feel that the browser is installed on your PC.

Browserling runs real desktop browsers on the servers in VMs to avoid using emulators and fake browsers. Once the latest browser comes into the list, Browserling installs it soon so that you can have access to the newest browsers instantly.

Get the option of capturing, saving, and sharing screenshots of the web pages in every browser. Additionally, you can elaborate on them and send bug reports. As per the testing needs, you can change the screen resolution and resize the browsers.

Use the SSH tunnels to reverse proxy your local server or host into Browserling. All the connections between Browserling and you are SSL encrypted to maintain security. You can also test the browser anonymously for more privacy.

Moreover, you can browse safely without worrying about being infected with trojans or viruses as all the browsers are running in Browserling infrastructure. It is powered by JavaScript and HTML5 that works well.

Browserling’s extensions allow you to perform cross-browser tests with one click of your websites. You can bookmark your favorite browsers to use them in a single click anytime you need. Automate the embedded browsers through a neat API in your application on demand.

Try Browserling before you buy with some limitations or pay for the plan you want to choose at just $19/month for more flexibility.

BrowserStack Live

Millions of developers and QA testers use BrowserStack Live to access 2000+ devices and browsers and deliver a better user experience. Run cross-browser tests on iOS and Android devices for accurate results.

You can also use the test tool to identify old and new versions of Edge, IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on your macOS and Windows systems. In addition, test websites that are hosted on staging environments and internal dev or behind firewalls with no configuration and zero setups.

Live helps you test in true browsers on true machines with a keyboard shortcut, developer tools, media streaming, and much more. Use the pre-installed developer tools to debug the cross-browser tests on desktop and mobile browsers.

All the tests run on secure tamper-proof desktop VMs and physical devices and clean the data after every session. Get instant access to test, use the available devices without setting up, and check the site across viewports, device sizes, and resolutions.

You only need an internet connection to test from anywhere. Use various screen resolutions from 800 x 600 to 2048 x 1536. You will always find a quick list during the testing session. You can switch between resolutions or resize the browser and allow the session to update without any interruptions.

Test the behavior of your websites in different locations by using IP geolocation and GPS. Moreover, you can simulate the location using private and secure IPs or set any real device to the GPS location.

Sign up for the free trial or choose any plan from $25/user/month.

Applitools Eyes

Applitools Eyes is an intelligent automated testing platform that Visual AI powers. It replicates the human brain and eyes to spot visual and functional regressions with the help of AI-powered computer vision.

The tests that are infused with it run 3.8 more stable, 5.8x faster, and catch 45% more bugs as compared to traditional functional testing. In short, you will get the advantage of stability and ultrafast speed of the next-gen cross-browser testing with the Ultrafast Test Cloud.

Applitools Eyes easily integrates with the tests, so you don’t need to create a new one or learn new frameworks. It captures and analyzes the entire screen of the application with a single snippet of the code.

It also supports almost all major automated testing languages and frameworks such as Cypress, Protractor, Selenium IDE, Testcafe, Selenium, and WebdriverIO. Furthermore, the tool will instantly resolve similar differences by leveraging sophisticated algorithms.

It will also show only distinct differences after generating concise reports. You have the option of rejecting or approving the changes so that it applies across the similar changes within the entire test suite. Root Cause Analysis provides un-cluttered and fast viewing of all the defects in DOM.

It shows the differences that matter and that help in debugging. Get the option of multi-variant and A/B testing. You can view test management and analytics in the streamlined dashboards with the AI-powered Smart Assist. Applitools Eyes integrates with Slack, Jira, email, and more. Additionally. you can also integrate it with the source control systems like GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket.

Ghost Inspector

Ghost Inspector makes it easy to start browser testing and maintain every test with the codeless editor. You can adjust the test steps as your application and website change. Add new steps by removing the old ones and reorder the steps quickly with the drag and drop option.

Perform the same actions such as click, drag & drop, assign, and more as a user. It uses JavaScript steps that let you handle complex situations by custom code logic. Have the self-healing option in your pocket through XPath and CSS backup selectors.

Assert text, URLs, and more to ensure the test progressions as expected. Store the step sequences that you repeat in a place as an importable module. Next, run the tests with different versions of Firefox and Chrome. You can test responsive designs by testing in different screen sizes, including tablet and mobile. Ghost Inspector has over 16 data centers across the globe so that your test will use local IP addresses from the nearest region.

Schedule specific days and times or intervals for continuous alerting and monitoring. A screenshot is taken after every test run to compare with the previous baseline to know the changes. Ghost Inspector allows you to run your tests parallelly. It has many official plugins and an API for more flexibility.

The price of having many features in your account is $89/month.

Cross Browser Testing

As you can guess by the name, you can perform cross-browser testing across browsers automatically or manually.

Not just Internet-facing sites, but with the help of a secure tunnel, you can test your staging or local site. There are more than 1500 browsers available.

Automated testing – leverage Selenium and Appium in the cloud to automate your testing. Cross-browser testing handles the infrastructure, so you just focus on a testing scenario.

If you are new to Selenium, I would recommend this building a framework course.

Visual testing – automate screenshot with the API, perform visual regression testing. Taking a screenshot is also possible for the application, which is behind a firewall or login screen.

Integration – a large number of integration possibilities to build, deploy, collaborate, and bug tracking.

CBT is enterprise-ready, and you can get it started with the FREE trial.

An alternative to LambadaTest and CrossBrowserTesting, you may try the following for cross-browser testing.


TestingBot has been around for more than nine years and does over 6 million automated and live tests every month.

It packs a ton of features that’ll help improve your product, for example:

  • Record and playback your actions on different browsers
  • Test performance of app and website
  • Automated testing on physical IOS and Android devices
  • Various integrations

It supports automated and live testing, enabling you to test and debug your website or mobile app interactively. Moreover, it tests on more than 3,200 browsers and many different devices to make sure the results are accurate.


A tool that lets you write automated tests using just plain English, Testsigma is a combination of convenience and mighty when it comes to features.

It utilizes more than 2,000 real Android, iOS, and Desktop browsers to carry out cross-browser tests, and interestingly, it uses one platform for both – functional and visual testing. It works pretty great for them, which has helped them garner some top companies as customers worldwide.

An extraordinary feature of Testsigma is the ability to run parallel tests across different environments to cut down on the amount of time you spend. This also means you’d be getting the results for the tests much earlier.

To make things even better, it provides comprehensive reports and debugging tools to help analyze results quickly.


Kobiton Visual Testing is a tool that makes sure your app looks and works as intended across all devices.

Their visual testing is optimized for mobile. All it takes is one click to begin the scriptless test, which goes on to capture the visual differences between your app and website’s output for mobile viewers across different devices.

It also compares your mobile app’s UX with 50 of the best apps out there to help make things better and eliminate anything that’s not helping it grow. To put it simply, it suggests the best possible practices for a great user experience.

You can get started with Kobiton’s Visual Testing for absolutely free.


With over 4 million users worldwide, IE TAB is a powerful and secure tool that can be used with Chrome to test apps and web pages.

It lets you use Java, Silverlight, ActiveX, Sharepoint, and other frameworks while testing different Internet Explorer versions. You can use this extension in such a way that’ll allow you to run Internet Explorer inside Chrome.

Download it right away and start testing seamlessly.


Finding bugs is always challenging, as you may have users connecting from various types of devices. Thanks to the above tools, which makes remote testing easy.

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