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In Gaming Last updated: March 13, 2023
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Are you a gym freak? If yes, then you shouldn’t miss out on these VR fitness games for better cardio than your gym.

The emergence of virtual reality technology has changed training, delivering a pleasant and engaging alternative to conventional gym sessions. Using realistic surroundings, VR fitness games provide an interactive exercise that stimulates the mind and body.

In contrast to traditional gym workouts, which may become dull and repetitive, virtual reality fitness games offer a variety of activities that keep players engaged and challenged.

One of the most significant benefits of virtual reality fitness games is their capacity to give more effective cardio workouts than conventional gym routines. Several games encourage players to participate in high-intensity sports like sprinting, leaping, and boxing, which may enhance cardiovascular health and endurance. 


In addition to their physical health advantages, virtual reality fitness games provide several mental health benefits. The immersive settings and engrossing gameplay may decrease tension and anxiety.

Also, the social side of multiplayer games can foster a feeling of community and connection. The advent of VR fitness games is a potential new technique to enhance physical and mental health via exercise.

Importance of Staying Fit

Fitness is essential for preserving health and well-being. Frequent exercise may improve cardiovascular health, enhance muscular strength and endurance, and strengthen the immune system. It may also lessen the risk of chronic illnesses, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.


Regular exercise directly affects cardiovascular health, assisting in the prevention of heart disease and stroke. Exercise boosts blood flow to the heart, strengthening the heart muscle and improving circulation.

Maintaining fitness may also increase general strength and stamina, simplifying everyday tasks and lowering the chance of injury. Frequent exercise contributes to developing and maintaining muscle mass, which may enhance balance and stability.

Are VR fitness games better than going to the gym or worse?

Being physically active in this fast-moving lifestyle can be quite difficult. However, as technology has made us lazy, it has also brought alternatives. Here I am talking about being fit with entertainment through VR fitness games.

Wait! What are VR fitness games? VR fitness games are common VR games. The key characteristic that makes it different from other similar games is the involvement of physical movements. 

The VR fitness games are designed so that the players need to be more physically active in these games compared to regular VR games. VR fitness games include most of the fast and basic physical movements like jumping, moving hands, jogging, etc., that can help you improve your health in tandem. 

We can’t specifically compare gyms with VR fitness games. VR fitness games suit people who don’t like boring exercises but want to stay fit and physically active. VR fitness games are the best option to keep yourself or your kid engaged in physical activity without getting bored or distracted.

Now, let us look through some of the best VR fitness games for you to try.

Dance Central

Dance Central is a well-known dancing game that combines virtual reality to provide players of all ages with an entertaining and immersive experience. The game has a range of music and dance styles, from hip-hop and pop to Latin and EDM.

YouTube video

It also provides the players with a strenuous workout. By moving their bodies in sync with the music and using motion-tracking technology, gamers may master various dancing styles and routines.

Dance Central is a VR game that lets you enjoy virtual parties where no one steps on your toes while dancing. Dance Central offers you 32 soundtracks from the 1970s biggest hit. When I say soundtracks, it doesn’t mean the game has a party environment and music. Instead, each song in this game is choreographed based on different difficulty levels.

Store: Meta Quest


Supernatural is an immersive VR fitness game suitable for all age groups. Finding a game that offers a whole-body workout isn’t an easy task. However, your search can come to an end here with Supernatural. The program utilizes VR technology to provide a range of challenging and fun workouts, including cardio, strength training, yoga, and meditation.


The gameplay is simple. The player needs to use their controller to smash the coming beats of a song. Wait! It doesn’t end here. The player should fit themselves by moving and squatting to fit their body in sets of triangles.

The game involves a coach who joins you in between the game for better performance and rhythm work. Supernatural is a perfect workout game, as the user needs to do hand movements like jabs and footwork like squatting, dodging, and more. 

Store: Meta Quest

Beat Saber

Discussing VR games and not finding Beat Saber on the list feels injustice to this game. Beat Saber is a popular rhythm game by Czech game developers. This game was released in May 2019, but still, it is ruling the hearts of many people.

YouTube video

Playing Beat Saber is simple, but this doesn’t mean it is easy. The player of the game needs to use a VR motion controller. Consequently, the player wields a pair of red and blue glowing sabers. 

Coming to the gameplay, the game depicts the player with blocks approaching them, and the players must hit those blocks in any direction. When the block is destroyed, the player gets awarded a score. Sounds simple, but it isn’t. Beat Saber is a fun game containing different tricks and twists.

Store: Meta Quest


FitXR is a virtual reality fitness app that lets you do things like boxing, dancing, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Virtual reality technology is used in the app to give users a fun and immersive training experience. FitXR offers a new and fun way to train, with programs that people of all skill levels can use.

YouTube video

FitXR is a reliable VR game in terms of fitness, as it comes with seven new workouts every week, lets you personalize your workouts, listen to music, collaborate with friends, and more. If you still feel confused about FitXR, you can also try their seven days-free trials.

Store: Meta Quest


VZfit is a virtual reality fitness platform that lets its customers use stationary exercise bikes for fun and engaging workouts. The platform offers various VR cycling activities, such as trips through beautiful, faraway places, games you can play with others, and challenging exercises to improve your fitness and coordination.

YouTube video

VZfit combines workout, play, cycle, and many other types of games. In addition to this, you can also enjoy this game with your friends through its multiplayer mode.

The games have a lot to offer you, arcade styles games, virtual levels, leaderboards, interactive environments, etc. The game lets you connect with fitness devices to learn and add new routines with their AI trainer. If you want a never-ending fun and workout game, you should opt for this.

Store: Meta Quest


Holofit is a game by Holodia that was released among the audience in January 2021. This fitness game comes with more than 100 workout options for you.

YouTube video

In addition to this, the options get updated frequently. The key characteristic of the game is that it makes your cardio workout even more interactive, fun, and constant. 

The game lets you work out in 15 virtual places in the world. You can easily burn up to 400 calories in one session using HIIT, fat burn, time attack programs, etc. You can also compete with other community members to keep you interactive and motivated in the workout sessions.

Store: Meta Quest


OhShape VR is a virtual reality fitness game that helps you stay in shape in a fun and exciting way. The game is based on the popular TV show “Hole in the Wall.” Players must dodge and weave around walls and other obstacles while upbeat music plays.

YouTube video

Ohshape is another rhythm game with unique visuals, content, and environment for the users. There are numerous VR rhythm games, but the developers of Ohshape have paid attention to making them stand out of the box.

The extra features of this game include a modern interface, an improved music playlist, a tutorial for beginners, and more.

The gameplay of OhShape is fun and unique; the player should move his whole body to dodge obstacles, punch walls, and make different poses to keep going in the game. If you want a fun and entertaining fitness game, you can rely on this one.

Store: Meta Quest

Synth Riders

Want to groove on Gorillaz hits but have a fear of getting embarrassed? Synth Riders can end all these insecurities. Synth Riders is an immersive Gorillaz-themed VR game where you can groove on Gorillaz’s iconic hits.

YouTube video

How will it help in a workout? Wait, the game isn’t limited to only grooving. Instead, you must catch notes, ride the rails, and dodge all obstacles. This unique concept of dance and fun can help you stay fit and energetic.

Store: Meta Quest

REAKT Performance Trainer

Going to a trainer and regularly tracking your performance can be quite hectic, especially if you live a cooperative life. What if I say a VR game can help you to handle these things? Yes, REAKT Trainer is the first VR brain training app that improves you physically and helps improve your mental skills too.

YouTube video

The key benefit of this game is that it improves your eye and hand coordination, reaction time, and more. REAKT is a VR fitness game that was developed in January 2021. This game sends you inside a virtual athletic training gym that pushes your mind and body to work better and more.

The game works on all your skills, from making decisions to improving your focus. In addition to this, you can also check your real-time progress and compete with other players simultaneously.

Store: Meta Quest

The Thrill of the Fight

The Thrill of the Fight is a VR boxing game with several levels made by Sealost Interactive. It can be played on PCVR and as a Quest app. The game material says you need a 6.5 ft by 5 ft play area.

YouTube video

This is the best, especially if you want to work on your footwork and feel like you’re in the game without the grid getting in the way. But the app will still work if your play area is smaller than this.

Now comes the exciting part: the fight. You can train as much as you want against a generic AI opponent. From there, move on to a series of more exciting opponents with more stories and harder to beat. Start with each opponent on either Easy or Medium.

When you hit an opponent, you can play that same opponent on more challenging levels than the next one.

This down-to-earth boxing game offers you a virtual gym and battleground with various challenges. You must try this game if you are a boxing fan or player.

Store: Meta Quest

The Climb 2

The Climb 2 is a VR game published by Crytek in March 2021. As the name suggests, it is a sequel to The Climb 1. The gameplay of the Climb 2 is similar to its prequel, where the player needs to stay active, mentally and physically. 

YouTube video

The core of the gameplay is that the player needs to keep moving forward by traversing himself through handholds. The player should maintain a grip on the handhold and be swift. 

The Climb 2 game is filled with thrill and fun. In addition to this, the game features multiplayer mode and an online leaderboard to compete with friends. From a realistic natural environment to a fictional screen plot, Climb 2 never disappoints the players.

Store: Meta Quest

Carve Snowboarding

Carve Snowboarding is a thrilling game that enables users to experience the excitement of snowboarding from their homes. The game has a range of challenging courses meant to test the skills and talents of players. The game’s realistic mechanics and visuals distinguish it from snowboarding video games.


The game has both single-player and multiplayer modes, enabling players to compete with one another or attempt to beat their high scores. A range of customization options is also available, allowing the users to customize their snowboarder and board.

The controls are simple to learn, but their mastery requires time and effort, giving players a rewarding feeling of development as they advance.

Carve Snowboarding is a game that will appeal to both casual and experienced players. The game provides a challenging and gratifying snowboarding experience that is both unique and immersive.

Carve Snowboarding is a must-play for everyone who likes snowboarding or action sports due to its realistic physics, challenging courses, and configurable choices. From moving hands to jumping into the air, the user must get used to all the tricks. Consequently, the player needs to be physically active to stay safe in the twists and turns of the game.

Store: Meta Quest

Precautions you must take while working out using VR

Working out with VR can be fun, but you should always take all necessary precautions before trying out any game. The key points you should always remember before using a VR headset for a workout include the following:

  • Read the VR headset manual instructions and the game before playing it.
  • Ensure you always play in a safe environment and don’t have any obstacles around you while playing or using VR.
  • Do not use any sharp or other dangerous objects while using a headset.
  • Don’t use a headset for long, as it may stress your eyes.


Working out can feel boring sometimes, especially for gamers. Therefore, VR fitness games are an amazing solution to this challenge as it makes your workout experience fun and energetic without compromising health and fitness.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just looking for a fun way to stay active, these virtual reality (VR) games are a fantastic way to achieve your fitness goals while having fun. Why not give them a try and see for yourself how virtual reality fitness may transform your workout routine?

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