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  • IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5 Administration Book

    Update: I no longer maintain this course. You may find similar or other courses on Udemy.

    It’s my second book on WebSphere and great pleasure to announce WebSphere Application Server 8.5 ND Administration Coursebook with Author Steven Robinson.  As a Co Author, I enjoyed writing and hope you may enjoy reading too. This course provides the student with the necessary skills to handle all sorts of administrative tasks on WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment version 8.5. The course material is practical and “hands-on” and covers a wide range of topics derived from industry experience. 

    We have designed this course to include all the necessary instructions to install the product, try out various administrative tasks and can be used easily to refresh your knowledge after the course has been attended. The course also contains over 900 pages of “How To” guides and more than 300 Power Point slides along with Labs, resources and questions and answers

    This book is available to buy on Middleware Books.

    This course provides the student with the necessary skill set to handle all sorts of administrative tasks on WebSphere Application Server 8.5 ND. The course material follows a “Do-it-yourself” approach and provides all the necessary instructions to install the product, try out various administrative tasks and learn.

    Note: With an instructor we can tremendously speed up the learning process. Instructor learning, however is a private consultancy or you can license the course ware for re-sales purposes for your own training needs. Contact us if you are requiring more than self study, however please consider  we are a professional training company. Though our coursware is affordable, we do not provide 1-2-1 training for the same price as self-study.

    The following are the topics covered.

    • Application Server Overview

    • Module 1 – Install & Uninstall

    • Module 2 – Logs and Configuration

    • Module 3 – IBM HTTP Server & WAS Plug-in

    • Module 4 – Vertical Scaled Cluster Creation

    • Module 5 – JDBC

    • Module 6 – JMS

    • Module 7 – Application Deployment

    • Module 8 – Administrative Scripting

    • Module 9 – Job Manager

    • Module 10 – SSL Part I

    • Module 11 – SSL Part II

    • Module 12 – Health Management

    • Module 13 – JVM Tuning

    • Module 14 – High availability

    • Module 15 – Administrative Agent

    • Module 16 – Security

    • Module 17 – Security Auditing

    • Module 18 – Administration Tools

    • Module 19 – CIM

    • Module 20 – Liberty Profile

    By completing this course, the student will be able to administer WAS through its complete life cycle i.e. install WAS, deploy applications on WAS, configure WAS for different types of requirements and uninstall WAS. The course stresses the importance of automation through scripting and provides detailed examples in this area. Also the course highlights best practices and gives pointers to pitfalls.

Ideal duration for an instructor lead course: 5 days
Duration for self-learning: 4 weeks

Fair knowledge of JEE concepts & Unix commands is mandatory. Prior experience in administering any JEE application server will speed up the learning process.

    Course Detail:

    Application Server Overview

             Need for application servers

             WAS management features

             WAS flavours

             WAS Topologies

             WAS 8.5 new features

    Module 1 – Install & Uninstall

             Installation planning

             Product installation in GUI and silent mode

             Profile creation in GUI and silent mode

             Uninstalling product in GUI and silent mode

    Module 2 – Logs and Configuration

             Understanding product directory structure

             Various log files written by WAS


             Configuring WAS classloaders

    Module 3 – IBM HTTP Server & WAS Plug-in

             Installing IHS and WebSphere Plug-in

             Creating Web server definition

             Plug-in generation and propagation

    Module 4 – Vertical Scaled Cluster Creation

             Basic terminology

             Federating nodes into DMGR cell

             Vertical and Horizontal clustering

             Node synchronization

             Assigning weights to cluster members

             Cluster level operations

    Module 5 – JDBC

             JDBC providers

             Creating data source & testing connection

             Connection pool settings

    Module 6 – JMS

             Why JMS?

             Messaging models

             JMS – administered objects

             WAS JMS – High level picture

             Service Integration Bus

             File store and Data store

             WebSphere MQ messaging

             WebSphere MQ Link

    Module 7 – Application Deployment

             Understanding virtual hosts

             Deployment – High level picture

             Application targets

             Deployment using admin console

             Monitored directory deployment

    Module 8 – Administrative Scripting

             Using ws_ant

             Introduction to Jython

             How wsadmin works?

             Profile scripts

             The wsadmin.properties file

             Using command assistance

             Property file based configuration management

    Module 9 – Job Manager

             Creating Job Manager Profile

             Registering DMGR and base nodes to Job Manager

             Creating and scheduling jobs for execution

    Module 10 – SSL Part I

             SSL Concepts

             Configure SSL between IHS and WAS

             The ikeyman tool

    Module 11 – SSL Part II

             Inbound SSL

             SSL Configuration object

             Outbound SSL

             Monitoring Certificate Expiry

    Module 12 – Health Management

             Health Policy

             Health Action

             Health Controller

             Creating Health Policies

    Module 13 – Monitoring and Tuning

             Analyzing Thread Dumps

             Analyzing Heap Dumps

             Dump Agents

             JVM Tuning

             Analyzing GC log messages using GCMV

             Performance monitoring infrastructure (PMI)

    Module 14 – High availability

             Understanding session affinity

             Deploying applications in a cluster

             Clustering and JMS

             Clustering and JDBC

             Clustering and EJB requests

             Understand Session replication & persistence

             Dynamic Cluster

    Module 15 – Administrative Agent

             Creating administrative agent profile

             Registering & Deregistering application server nodes

             Working with administrative agent console

    Module 16 – Security

             Introduction to WAS security

             User, Group and Role

             Authentication and Authorization

             Securing different types of applications

    Module 17 – Security Auditing

             Configure security auditing

             Signing audit records

             Encrypting audit records

             Repository Checkpoint

    Module 18 – Administration Tools



             Visual Configuration Explorer

             The applyPerfTuningTemplate.py too

    Module 19 – CIM

             CIM Overview

             Job Targets

             Using Sudo

             Job Types

             Job Creation Wizard

             Submitting CIM jobs from command line

    Module 20 – Liberty Profile

             Liberty Profile Overview

             Liberty Profile Installation

             Setting Liberty Server runtime

             Deploying an Application

             Securing Liberty Server

             Liberty Server Administration