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In Mobile Last updated: May 4, 2023
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Have you been experiencing slow performance on your iPhone?

If you said yes, deleting apps might be the solution you’re looking for. It can be overwhelming when your device is filled with unnecessary apps and data, leaving you frustrated because you spend an extra few minutes every time you try to navigate around your home screen.

It’s easy to accumulate a bunch of different apps over time because of the many options we have on the app store. However, with every new app installed, your device’s storage capacity gets consumed, leaving less space for important things like photos, videos, and documents.

Thankfully, the iPhone makes it incredibly easy to delete the apps you no longer need. There are multiple ways to do it so that you can choose the easiest method.

If you prefer watching a step-by-step tutorial of the process instead, here’s a quick video:

YouTube video

Benefits of Deleting Unwanted Apps

I can discuss this for hours because cleaning up your device has many benefits. Here are just a few of them.

#1. Reduce Distractions

It’s very easy to get distracted today because so many things inside our phones demand our attention. By deleting unnecessary apps, you can reduce the temptation to mindlessly scroll through social media or use apps that serve you no purpose.

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#2. Protect Your Privacy

Many apps collect information about you when you allow permissions during the installation process, and this can pose a risk to your privacy if the particular app isn’t one to be trusted.

You can minimize exposure to potential data breaches and other privacy violations by eliminating apps you no longer need.

#3. Streamline Your Digital Life

Imagine turning on your phone without getting overwhelmed. It sounds very simple, but this feat is difficult to achieve unless you start decluttering your device. And when you do that, you can streamline your digital life to actually use the apps you enjoy.

#4. Improve Performance

Once you remove unwanted apps, you’ll enjoy a faster performance that doesn’t lag as much. This is because the number of apps running in the background decreases as you delete apps from your phone.

Let’s jump into the ways to delete apps on your iPhone.

Holding on to a Particular App on the Home Screen

This is the most straightforward way to delete apps on your iPhone. Start by going to the home screen and locating the app you wish to delete. Next, tap and hold on until you see a small menu appear. Tap on Remove App.


You should see another new menu.


If you tap on Remove from Home Screen, it’ll hide the app from your home screen, but your device will still have it stored. To delete it permanently, tap on Delete App.

Holding on an Empty Space on the Home Screen

When you tap and hold on an empty space on the home screen of your iPhone, you’ll notice that all the apps will jiggle. You need to look for the minus (-) icon on top of the app you wish to delete.


Tap on it, and you should see options like these.


Finally, tap on Delete App, and that’s it.

From App Library

The App Library has all the apps that are installed on your device. To delete apps from it, keep swiping left on your home screen until you see the App Library.


From here, you can search for the desired app or keep scrolling until you see the app you want to delete. Once you’ve found it, tap and hold on until you see a menu appear.


Tap on Delete App to remove it from your device.

From App Store

It’s super easy to delete apps from the App Store, and in the process, it also shows you the apps that require an update. Head over to the App Store and tap your profile icon.


Next, scroll down until you see a list of your installed apps.


All you need to do is slide left on the app you wish to delete, and you should see the Delete option.


Tap on it, and you’re done.

From Settings

This is a very simple way to remove apps and free up space on your device. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.


Tap on the app that you want to delete.


You should see a screen like this.


Tap on Delete App on the bottom, and that’s about it.

Using Third-party Tools

If you’re looking for an advanced way of clearing out the junk in your iPhone, then using a third-party tool is a better option. This will save you time while carrying out the task effectively. Here are some of my favorite options you can look into

#1. Dr.Fone Data Eraser

You can permanently delete selected iOS data with Dr.Fone Data Eraser. It can handle large and smaller files that you no longer need.


Everything you erase using this tool can never be recovered by other people, making it a great tool for people who prioritize privacy.

#2. iMyFone Umate Pro

Free up space on your iPhone with the help of iMyFone Umate Pro.


It’s an app that carries a lot of excellent capabilities, such as:

  • Erase hidden files that were previously deleted
  • Delete apps permanently without the possibility of recovering it
  • Delete private data, and be sure that it won’t show up again in the future
  • Delete fragments of third-party apps

You can decide to delete your desired data with just one click.

#3. Stellar Eraser

Stellar Eraser lets you delete all kinds of files from your iPhone, including unnecessary apps that have been sitting on your device for too long.


It’s a great solution to use when you want to turn your iPhone brand new again and accelerate its performance by making it lighter.

Is it Possible to Delete Pre-installed Apps on iPhone?

All apps that come pre-installed with the iPhone are useful because they let you carry out specific vital tasks.

However, if you think one or more of them are useless, you can delete them if your device runs on iOS 10 or higher.

Some pre-installed apps are still non-removable, such as Safari and Messages, but you can hide them easily.

Why Do Some Apps Keep Reappearing?

You must have noticed that some apps reappear even if you’ve deleted them multiple times. Usually, this happens when Automatic Downloads are enabled on the App Store. To fix this problem, you need to turn it off.

Go to Settings and then tap on App Store.


Make sure the Automatic Downloads option is turned off.


From now on, the deleted apps won’t reappear on your device.

Closing Thoughts

The above ways to delete apps on the iPhone will help you clean out the junk and make your device as good as new. Maintaining a clutter-free device is the key to keeping it functioning smoothly.

Next, you can learn how to hide apps on your iPhone.

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