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In Business Operations Last updated: August 31, 2023
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The 602 area code belongs to Phoenix, Arizona’s capital (and largest) city. The city lies in Maricopa County, in the south-central portion of AZ. 


When it was first established, around 1947, the area code covered the entire state of Arizona.

Today it serves most of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Northern Glendale, Paradise Valley, and a small part of Tempe.

If you’re planning to do business in Phoenix, AZ, getting a 602 area code number would be your first and best step. With a 602 area code, you can:

  • Reach a million potential customers
  • Establish access in Maricopa County
  • Elevate acceptance and boost sales

And more.

In this article, we’ll cover the current business landscape of Phoenix, AZ, and help with some easy ways to get a 602 area code for your business.

Business Landscape in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the United States. It has a population of 1.6 Mn, with just over 600k households having a median income of $68,435.

Note: The median HH income across the US is $70,784.

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And with a growth rate of 0.82%, the population will likely surpass the 1.7M mark by 2027. 

Which means:

Pheonix will be the golden snitch you wouldn’t want to miss in the upcoming year. The city would be red hot for businesses to relocate, grow and develop in the county. 🔥

In fact, to date, Phoenix metropolitan city homes have many thriving businesses, such as Intel, Honeywell, Amazon, IBM, and more.

But apart from a fruitful customer base, what makes Phoenix a great place to do business?

Firstly, the place is among the top 15 fastest-growing job markets in the US. Its diverse number of high-tech, IT, renewable energy, and bioscience industries makes Phoenix shine to jobseekers.

Besides, the city has over 300,000 college students with – high school, bachelor’s, and graduate degrees.

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Our point:

When it comes to hiring a workforce in Phoenix, you get the best educated and open-to-learn people. 

Next, only recently, Phoenix saw an infrastructural boost driven by population growth and urban development. Be it office buildings, shopping centers, or residential communities – you can find enough of them!

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Lastly, three cheers to its ease of connection. Getting to Phoenix is easy, and getting around Phoenix is even easier. 

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport offers connections worldwide. Once you get here, Valley Metro Rail and our modern freeway system will connect you to several points of interest throughout the valley.  

Brownie points to the city’s trade relations with neighbors like California, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico.

They are the main trendsetters, with trade dealing no less than billions.


Why Get a 602 Area Code Phoenix, Arizona Phone Number?

You see, it’s important to establish a foothold in Pheonix. ⛳

Picture this:

You live in Phoenix and receive a cold call from a phone number with a different area code. There are high chances you won’t bother picking up the call. Worse case, you might cut the call at hello.

Is that rude? No.

A business phone number that lets you look local has higher chances of engagement. No matter whether you have a physical address in Phoenix or not, a local number could do wonders in building loyalty with residents.

It’s like being a part of the neighborhood. Besides, a local phone number also makes it easier to get through to residents.

It’s more convenient to place a local call — it’s also more intriguing to pick up a local one. 

Below listed are services that can help you get a 602 Phoenix, Arizona number for your business.


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Dialpad is an AI-powered customer intelligence platform. All its plans include a local number, with other tools and features to enhance customer support, increase sales, and keep teams on the same page.


  • Easily access Dialpad via its web or mobile app to join a call or video meeting; no downloads are needed
  • Use Call Forwarding to automatically transfer calls to different external numbers linked to another cell phone or landline, a colleague, or another department
  • Enable Smart Call Routing to get callers to the right department or person without manual interference
  • Create a unified working system with integrations to Google Workspace, MS Office 365, and 70+ more CRMs and tools
  • Built-in AI to provide voice transcriptions for calls and video meetings—in real-time

Dialpad offers a 14-day risk-free trial. To our surprise, it also allows you to do free unlimited video meetings; just sign up to get it. 


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Ringover is a cloud-based phone system with a simple, intuitive interface. Here, you can get a 602 area code business number, plus premium phone system features to enhance business communication and team productivity.


  • In-house online studio to create personalized greetings or announcements in 16 languages and with music
  • Integrate with over 40+ business tools and CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, and more
  • Use Ringover’s call recording software to easily record\playback\download\store business calls for quality and surveillance purposes
  • Enable Power Dialer to automate calls through a contact list without having to enter a phone number manually

Ringover Integrates with Google Meet to offer teams a seamless video conferring experience for your team, following 100% GDPR compliance. It’s trusted by over 10,000+ companies, including PayPlug, Malt,, and more. You can get started with a 7-day risk-free trial.


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Zoom is an AI-powered platform providing flexible solutions for modern-day team collaborations. Using its solution, Zoo Phone, you get a business number with a 602 area code, plus access to a centralized cloud-phone system that never goes offline.


  • Has a centralized dashboard to monitor and control everything – meetings, phone calls, or team productivity
  • Easily manage business calls via features like call transfer, forwarding, recording, blocking, delegation, and hold
  • Integrates with popular collaboration tools and CRMs like Slack, Salesforce, and 80+ other third-party apps for a unified experience
  • Quickly accelerate a phone call to a full-feature Zoom Meeting without requiring participants to join manually

Besides, Zoom offers a chunk of other essential features like Listen and Whisper, allowing executives to talk and assist teammates in ongoing conversions. 


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Using OpenPhone, you can get virtual local or toll-free North American phone numbers or port existing ones within minutes for free. The phone system platform is trusted by over 25,000+ businesses, including the likes of Y Combinator, Deel., and more.


  • Get a separate workspace for every caller; access call records, voicemail transcriptions, and text conversations under one roof
  • Easily share number access with teammates to delegate responsibilities of answering calls and messages
  • Leverage shared address book to let teammates have everything they need before attending a caller
  • Offers a highly visualized analytical dashboard with real-time insights on teams or individual employee performance

OpenPhone integrates with your favorite tools like HubSpot, Slack, SalesForce, Zapier, and more. Even better, you can just integrate Zapier to connect with over 5,000+ tools hassle-free.


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KrispCall offers virtual cloud phone solutions for businesses and remote teams. You can obtain multiple personal & business 602 area code local, mobile, toll-free, or even vanity phone numbers from wherever you are. 


  • Simple interface, allowing easy onboarding of team members; distribute or assign a shared or unique phone number to your team with a click
  • Leverage VoIP features like call forwarding, recording, and intelligent call routing for an uninterrupted client experience
  • Make use of Call Whisper to train or guide employees on live calls to make learning more happening
  • Enable DND (Do Not Disturb) mode to automatically shift incoming calls to voicemail, so you can focus on what needs to be done
  • Use Advance Call Filters tonNarrow down the call logs; efficiently screen through your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls

Apart from these, KrispCall comes with other unique features like tags for better contact organization, analytics for insight-driven decision-making, and custom greetings for a personalized first impression. 


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Dingtone is a versatile and user-friendly phone number management tool. It provides users with virtual phone numbers (602 in our case) from different countries and an array of exceptional features, enabling them to establish a local presence globally. 


  • Use the app to easily add multiple phone numbers on a single phone to protect your personal data
  • Enjoy real phone number features such as voicemail, call forwarding, block call, etc.
  • Make unlimited international calls and SMS at pocket-friendly rates; use WiFi or data connection to make free calls in over 200 countries

Best of all, you can receive calls and texts directly on your iPad/tablet using Dingtone. It bags over 300M+ upvotes for the ‘best free calling app’ and servers over 100M+ users. 



Hushed is a cloud-based temporary or second phone number app. It allows businesses to make private WiFi and data calls, send texts, and manage multiple numbers from an easy-to-use app.


  • Use separate phone lines for personal, business, dating, or side hustles; make and receive calls from any device
  • Send and receive texts or SMSs with gifs, pictures, and videos; delete messages with a click using the Hushed app
  • Stay protected with Hushed end-to-end encrypted communication, with no phone records
  • Get access to Hushed premium features like Voicemail, call forwarding, call routing, and auto-reply text messages—all included

Besides, you get an unlimited 3-day free trial of the Hushed app, with your choice of number in over 300 area codes in the US, Canada & UK. Best of all, the app has over 8M+ downloads and over 50k positive reviews from users.



With Grasshopper, you can easily add a 602 area code business number, plus an easy-to-use virtual phone system to your desktop or Android\iOS device. 


  • Choose from an array of 602 area code business phone numbers – toll-free, vanity, Local, and more
  • Has a built-in Voice Studio to write personalized greeting scripts and have a professional voice actor record them for a small fee
  • Get cloud-based customizable phone extensions to automatically route callers; direct callers to automated SMS, information, department, or employee 
  • Enable Ruby, a US-based live receptionist service that answers phones on your behalf based on your instructions and needs when you’re away

Apart from Ruby, Grasshopper offers 24/7 support access via phone, email, chai, or social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. You can get started with its desktop, iOS, or Android app with a free trial. Or, choose a premium plan to get going right away.


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Talkroute turns your desktop or mobile phone into a virtual phone system letting you do business in or around Phoenix, like any local business. It has 1000s of 623, 602, and 480 area code numbers to choose from.


  • Get access to phone system features like call recording, forwarding, stacking, and more
  • Built-in customizable templates to create personalized welcome messages, menus, voicemail greetings, and much more
  • Enable role-based management; control who can view/access/edit contact list or customer data
  • Leverage in-built analytics and reporting to get insights on call data and team performance

Talkroute offers a 7-days risk-free trial with unlimited calling and access to every feature. To get started with Talkroute, it just costs $19/month.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re already doing business in Phoneix or planning to establish there soon, a 602 area code with a virtual phone system can skyrocket your business revenue. 

The duo has the potential to connect you with millions of potential customers.

Even if you’re a solopreneur, the phone system solutions mentioned in the article come with flexible pricing and low-cost local or international call charges. In fact, some offer free calls and messages via WiFi.

So, what’s stopping you from establishing a foothold in Phoenix?

You may also explore how to get a virtual phone number for your business.

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