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In Digital Marketing Last updated: June 10, 2022
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Audit of various elements affecting the visibility and user experience is the key to the success of a website.

As a digital marketer or a website owner, you want your website on top of SERPs. To keep your website in the top positions of major search engines, putting adequate SEO efforts are necessary.

But, how do you know what SEO efforts your website needs and where it is lacking in terms of optimization? Have you heard about a website grader before?

website grader

You need to ensure that various search engines rank your web content for the relevant keywords. Issues like missing meta tags, alt tags, etc., are prominent and can be addressed without any analysis. But how do you know about the core issues such as low keyword density, website speed issues, and more?

So you see, it is not always easy to find the issues on a website. This is the point when a website auditor or grader comes into play.

We have come up with this comprehensive guide after reading, which will help you to analyze your website quickly. Here, you will learn about website grader, its importance, and top website audit tools to assess your website.

What is a Website Grader?

A website grader is an online tool or software that helps evaluate the performance and effectiveness of a website. It sees your website in a way a search engine like Google sees. It assesses your website based on all the vital SEO standards. As a result, it comes up with an SEO score on a 0-100 scale. The analysis report shows the missing and accomplished factors on the website to enhance performance.

The report of a website auditor offers a complete list of issues present along with tips to figure them out. The main objective of these tools is to help you make your website SEO friendly in all terms.

There are many website audit tools available online, some are free, and some are premium. If you have a strict budget constraint, you can use free audit tools because their assessment includes all the major SEO factors.

Why Is Using A Website Grader Important?

As discussed, you want your website to be perfect in all aspects. Whether it is about accessibility, SEO, content engagement, design, or competition, you want it to stay ahead. For this, a helping hand is necessary that can offer you complete guidance on what needs to be done. Website grader tools are such helping hands that serve you with all the required information.

website auditor

It checks your traffic, SEO, site structure, backlinks, website speed, content, and many more technical factors. It highlights the issues related to all these factors present on your website, along with actionable tips. In the absence of this tool, you could never improve your website to such an extent.

If you consciously follow these grader tools’ suggestions, this can significantly help your website in terms of SEO. The tips they provide are not only beneficial from an SEO perspective but also enhance the website’s user experience.

These audit tools are highly recommended for you if you are finding ways to improve the SEO of your website.

Now you would definitely think of which website auditor tool to use for analyzing a website. So, let’s explore the top grader tools you can use.

Let’s find some grader tools to evaluate website effectiveness.

HubSpot Website Grader

Hubspot is a top-rated platform that helps engage, attract, and convert leads. It is an ideal platform for marketers looking for ways to enhance their inbound marketing and sales.

HubSpot Website Grader

HubSpot website grader is free to use audit tool which was launched in 2007. To get the effectiveness grade from this tool, you just need to enter your URL and email. It comes with the audit report regarding SEO, performance, responsiveness, and security. The three categories except for security collectively have a maximum score of 30. The maximum score for security is 10.

The overall maximum score a website can have is 100. The grader provides information related to issues, necessary fixtures, and strengths for all the categories. If you are looking to fix the crucial SEO areas of your website, this tool is ideal for you.


LOCALiQ is an excellent option for marketers who are looking to have a deep analysis of the website. Its analysis comes with an SEO audit, assessment of social media accounts, backlinks, and more. The tools provide the website with a digital effectiveness score by analyzing all these factors.

By taking into account all the suggested improvements, you can improve your score and get competitive advantages.

YouTube video

With this tool as well, you need to enter your URL and email. You can see your website’s existing online presence and steps to improve it further. This website auditor tool is totally free. By viewing the results of this tool, you can also assess the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. This will help you frame strategies accordingly and stay ahead of the competition.

Using LOCALiQ, you can even compare your website with competitors and see the areas where you are lagging. By making the recommended changes, you can reassess your website and see how much the score has improved.


GradeMyWebsite is a free online grader that lets you identify the areas of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for your website. This tool comes up with an audit report based on SEO and website quality tests.

Once you enter your URL, name, and email, it provides you with a detailed PDF of the report. With this report, you can identify the competitiveness of your website and various areas where it needs improvements.


GradeMyWebsite offers comprehensive guidelines for achieving the desired digital score. As a result, it gives you a pathway to get a higher search engine ranking for your website.

You will get your free website evaluation report via email. The best part is that you can reach out to them in case of any queries related to your SEO strategy. So, after receiving your evaluation from this tool, call them if you are unsure how to accomplish a task. Their expert team will help you make suggested changes to your website.

Clarity Grader

Clarity Grader is not just a grader; it is also a readability test tool. It is not just limited to analyzing websites or a particular web page. But it can guide you throughout your content-building process. You can even test a piece of content here and get the report over its clarity and readability.

This tool is meant for any digital content creator. Whether you are a blogger, a website owner, a corporate, or a government organization, it covers everyone. For content, you can check passive voice, readability score, number of words, grade level, sentence length, etc. Content is one of the major elements in on-page SEO. Therefore it becomes essential to have an in-depth assessment of the content. Once the content is all set correctly, the majority of your website issues will resolve automatically.

YouTube video

The website audit report of this tool enables you to highlight all the major concerns of the website. You can easily address them as per the suggestions and improve your website audit score.

The Brand Grader

Brand Grader is online reputation management and website auditor tool. It enables you to analyze how your business website is doing and where your competitors are lying. This tool offers you all the information related to your brand performance online. The report includes reviews, social media posts, forum comments, and posts related to your brand.

Brand Grader

The Brand Grader’s report lets you determine what people say about your brand. It is a kind of media monitoring tool. For instance, if you have a negative comment anywhere, it will be included in the report. By getting the details of that review, you can reach out to the public. And thus try to solve their problem via communicating with them.

This gives you a way of marketing your brand and managing your online reputation.

On-Page Grader Tool

Moz is one of the well-known platforms for digital marketing tools and software. Various digital marketers across the world trust this platform for seeking genuine information. On-Page Grader Tool is a website auditor offered by Moz.

This tool offers you an instant assessment of your website’s on-site effectiveness. The assessment report comes out with an on-page optimization score and necessary recommendations. These recommendations let you fix the areas where your website needs improvement. By working on these areas, you can help your website achieve good rankings and enhance its visibility.

YouTube video

This grader is available for free for a 30 days trial period. After that, you need to pay $179 per month so that you can keep enjoying its services.

Privy Shopify Store Grader

If you have a Shopify store and want to evaluate it for effectiveness, Privy Store Grader is ideal for you. With this tool, you can analyze your store within a few seconds.

Shofiy Store Grader

There are four key areas that this tool assesses. These are website conversion, footer, social proof, performance, and SEO. It highlights the areas where your store is lacking and gives you a pathway to make improvements.

The suggestions provided by the report can help you improve your eCommerce store to a great extent. And as a result, enhance your digital presence amazingly.


These are the best grader tools that you can utilize for the betterment of your website’s online presence. These tools help you ensure that all your marketing efforts are not going in vain. Off-site marketing is effective only when you have all the on-site things in place. So, try using any of these and see how they can transform your site’s performance.

You may also look at some of the best SEO tools.

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