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12 Best Websites To Find Telecommuting Jobs

remote job portals
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Working from home or working from anywhere is here to stay! Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that employees could be as productive while telecommuting as they are from the office.

What Is A Telecommuting Job?

Several telecommuting jobs do not necessitate you to walk into a traditional office and work at the specified allocated spot. These remote jobs are known through several names, including virtual jobs, telecommuting, and home-based jobs.

A Gartner survey of company leaders found that 80% of the companies plan to allow employees to work at least some part of the time after the pandemic remotely. In addition, a PWC survey of CEOs found that 78% agree that remote work is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Benefits Of Telecommuting Jobs

  • Better Work-Life Balance: Remote jobs often come with flexible schedules, enabling the employees to choose the work timings to complete the designated work.
  • No Commuting Hassles: Commuting to the work and back takes an average of two hours of our day, which adds up to our working hours. In addition, commuting stress causes health issues such as high cholesterol and elevated blood sugar levels.
  • Flexible Work Location: Candidates can search for jobs outside their places of residence, in metropolitan areas, as geographical locations do not limit remote jobs. This enables a broader range of job opportunities, especially for those in rural areas.
  • Economical: Gas, car maintenance, parking fees, lunches, etc., can all be eliminated from your spending, making working remotely highly cost-saving.
  • Customizable and Comfortable Office: In remote work, you can set up your workspace the way you want and have a positive environment with your family, making work from home much more productive.

Where To Find Telecommuting Jobs

If you cannot find your desired remote job and are searching for the same, look no further! We have done extensive research and curated a list of the best telecommuting job sites for you.



FlexJobs, With 50+ job categories to choose from, has 27,497+ highest quality remote, flexible, work-from-home jobs to search for according to your preference. These categories include freelance work, part-time jobs, and full-time remote work.

The unique feature of FlexJobs is that they screen each job themselves to ensure all the job postings are authentic. You can also have access to career coaching and resume reviews.

Just Remote


Just Remote stands out because of its user-friendly interface and the easy-to-use filters to search for your desired telecommuting job. It also provides the feature to search by specific country and filter your search according to a contractual or full-time position.

Not just searching by categories, you can also see the latest job listings. This means you can apply early, increasing your chances of selection.

weworkremotely is an excellent website to search for online telecommuting work. It lists several categories of remote jobs in various fields. Its work categories include the usual tech fields, including sales & marketing, design, customer support, and many others.

The uniqueness of this site is that various growing startups post their job listings here. So if you are interested in working in startup culture, this is a great place for you. Nevertheless, a lot of big companies post here too.



RemoteOK features an extensive list of telecommuting job categories. The most popular of them include development, design, and user experience. It is trusted by giants like Amazon, GitHub, Stripe, and Shopify.

Each job posting is verified by the website and tagged as “Verified” to assist the candidates. This ensures no fraudulent activities take place and the entire process remains transparent. Through “remote job statistics”, you can learn about the fastest-growing fields in the telecommuting job industry.

Virtual Vocations


Virtual Vocations is a popular family-owned site for searching for remote jobs in the US. It showcases 41 categories of remote jobs to choose from, including specific types of jobs like freelance, part-time, or full-time remote positions.

Apart from searching for remote opportunities, the company also includes resume services and educational blogs to help candidates. True to its mode of operation, the website is managed by a remote team.

Skip The Drive


Skip The Drive is a very popular and easy-to-use website to search for a remote position in various categories. The diverse work categories include tech fields, consulting, administrative, management, sales, among others.

You can just search by job title, company name, or category, with many filters to aid you. Setting up alerts when new jobs match your interest is another additional feature to set it apart.

Hubstaff Talent


Hubstaff talent is a budding website with thousands of users worldwide searching for remote positions through it. Here, you can search for ideal job postings by companies and set up your own portfolio showcasing yourself for companies to approach you.

That way, the companies looking for particular desired skills can directly approach you, saving you the hassle of applying. In addition, Hubstaff talent is a free marketplace with numerous filters to narrow down your search with various categories for you to choose from.

Working Nomads


Working Nomads is run by a duo traveling while working remotely. This site is known for its list of job postings, color-coding each opportunity according to its specific category to aid your search.

Though most job postings are in the web development category, plenty of remote positions are available in marketing, sales, design, and marketing. In addition, you can set up alerts and sign up for weekly job posts emails to never miss out on new opportunities.



Remotive is becoming popular day by day, gaining traction from candidates seeking telecommuting work. Apart from being a great site to browse job postings, it has a diverse community and resources like tools, manifestos, and guides to help candidates educate themselves and find the perfect opportunity.

You can also subscribe to their daily email job updates. The job postings are segregated according to categories like development, design, marketing, etc.



Dice is an excellent platform for tech professionals to connect with remote tech opportunities from top companies. Showcase your resume and skills for employers to find you alongside searching for opportunities through job postings.

The filters available allow you to select your category, preferred location, search through keywords or company names. They also provide valuable resources like extensive research on companies, top locations, best occupations, and desired skills. This way, you can educate and update yourself about the world of tech.



Upwork is one of the largest marketplaces for freelancers. Top companies like Airbnb, Microsoft, GoDaddy, and dropbox have hired freelancers through this platform. This site offers jobs in mostly all categories: Development & IT, Design & Creative, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Writing, etc.

Create an exemplary profile for clients to offer you freelance work. The ways to create an ideal profile are mentioned in the resources section of Upwork.



Fiverr is a huge marketplace for freelancers, where you need to create gigs and approach clients offering to help them. Gigs are the specialized skill set that you want to showcase to assist clients in their work. Some examples are video editing, content writing, and graphic design.

This is a great place to find quick work for a short period, paid on a per-task basis. The listings start at just $5 per task. Thus, if you are specialized in your niche, you can raise the price for more lucrative deals.

Final Words

If you are looking to freelance or hire freelancers, make sure to read: Best Place to Find and Hire Freelancers.

You can also learn new skills to help you find a remote job here: Platforms to Learn New IT Skills.

We hope the above list will help you find a remote job of your choice. Happy job hunting! 😎

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