Supporting production environment often requires working on requests or troubleshooting the issue. As a WebSphere or Middleware administrator, you may need to handle following and these tools will help you.

Tools are administrator’s friends. Do you agree?

Knowing right tools will help you to expedite the troubleshooting and increase productivity.

Let’s see if following is helpful to you…

Decode WebSphere KeyStore XOR

KeyStore used in WebSphere use XOR and if you are in a situation where you need to decrypt them then you can use WAS XOR Decoder.


Isn’t it cool to decode the xor password within seconds?

Decode User Agent String

If you are supporting multi-platform applications and often need to deal with User Agent to diagnose the user’s OS or browser then you will love this.

User Agent String – Analyze user agent details with one click.


Useragent API – very minimal design of user interfaces and works perfectly.


User Agent String Decoder – another user agent string parser.


Redirect Code Generator

If you are working in product based organization where you’ll have to deal with lots of consumer page and regularly work on redirect related requests.

Redirection can be done on a web server like Apache, Nginx or network edge like F5. If you often deal with redirection on Apache (.htaccess) then below will help you to generate the code quickly.

.htaccess Generator – create various rewrite rules like redirect to www, 301 redirects, browser caching, block ip, prevent directory listing and much more.

301 Redirect Code Generator – enter existing and new URL and there you will have the code. It’s easy!

301 & 302 Redirect Generator – quickly create redirect code as either 301 or 302 type for Apache, PHP, APS or

Batch RewriteRule Generator – don’t worry if you have many URL to be redirected.

Two more…

You would agree with me creating rewrite rules manually is time-consuming and prone to human errors and above tools will make the things easier.

If you are working on migrating web servers from Apache to Nginx then rewriting rule will be a nightmare as thing are different at Nginx.

But not to worry, there is a solution to everything (almost).

Winginx – convert htaccess rewrite rule in Nginx format.

Gidix – this is awesome. Let you convert the rewrite code from Nginx to apache or vice-versa.

Test SSL/TLS Ciphers, Certificates

One of the essential tasks in securing web server is to ensure proper usage of ciphers & certificates parameters.

Having misconfiguration of SSL configuration can expose to risk. So don’t forget to test with following one.

SSL Server Test by Qualys – one of the widely used tools to validate your web server configuration with detailed information.

SSL Configuration Generator – fantastic tool by Mozilla let you generate secure configuration for Apache, Nginx, Lighthttpd, HAProxy and AWS ELB.


SSL Checker – quickly validate if our cert is broken.

Decrypt Stash File

Actually, I explained this here so wouldn’t duplicate it.

Scheduling Scripts through Cron

As an administrator, you may often have to schedule scripts for maintenance, alerting, etc. and if you don’t have enterprise scheduling tools you can rely on cron which is inbuilt on UNIX based OS.

The help of cron, you can schedule any scripts to run periodically and take action based on scripts flow. Following online tools will be handy to generate cron jobs.

Cron Job Generator – use a friendly online wizard to specify minute, days, hours and path of scripts.

Crontab Generator – generate cron and option to mention how to handle execution output either through output file or send to email.

Looking for more cron ideas? Check out here.

I hope above online tools help you to do things better in WebSphere or Middleware world.