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In Sales & Marketing Last updated: August 7, 2023
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WhatsApp has more than 1 billion users sending a billion messages daily, and it’s a massive business opportunity.

Enterprise to ordinary, everybody uses WhatsApp for communication, sharing data, and staying in touch with their connections.

WhatsApp Business allows you to connect with your audience, communicate and receive feedback. It makes your business 24/7 accessible to your clients and increases your business reach.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can use WhatsApp to increase sales and automate marketing efforts.

How to Use WhatsApp for Lead Generation

Lead generation is perhaps the core reason for running any marketing campaign. Top marketers and business owners know it’s the qualified leads that run their businesses.

However, only generating leads is not the end of the process. Lead generation opens up a whole new sequence of relationship building.

Earlier, lead nurturing was done through calling, followed by emails, and text messages. With the adaption of new mediums, the process of building relations with clients also got modified. However, there’s always a restriction on media sharing on calls and emails.

But with the invention of WhatsApp, lead nurturing got fast and easier. This popular communication app is used almost by everyone on their phones and has all the lead nurturing features so you can share images, videos, text, calls, and whatnot.

By using WhatsApp’s Business APIs, businesses can automate lead generation processes through chatbots on their websites.

What is Landbot?

Landbot is a no-code chatbot builder that helps you grow your business and engage your website visitors using AI-powered conversations.

With Landbot’s visual builder, you can build automated conversation flow and boost interactions with customers. Using its conditional logic, rich media, and readymade templates, you can launch your chatbot in minutes.

The best part is you can integrate Landbot into several applications using APIs and automate repeated tasks without spending more on operational costs. And that’s how you can use Landbot for generating leads, automating operations, and handling support queries.

Landbot Features

Landbot offers you all the features to build and deploy powerful chatbots without any coding knowledge.

With that said, let’s explore some of Landbot’s key features.

No code Builder


Landbot offers an easy-to-understand visual drag-and-drop interface to create your conversation flow. Their chatbot builder provides different types of blocks allowing you to reply in the form of text messages, images, videos, gifs, downloadable files, and more.

Once you start with the welcome message, you can easily create a sequence of replies using some conditional logic statements. Then, you can easily connect the blocks by using arrows which ensures what will be the next question once the user responds with an answer.

By adding interesting questions in the form of WhatsApp chatbots, Landbot helps you automatically collect leads for your business.

Marketing Campaign Management

With Landbot’s marketing campaigns, you can easily segment your subscribers into different lists and nurture them to match their business needs. You can use A/B testing to identify what works best and increase your business conversions.

Chatbot Template Library


Landbot offers ready-to-use templates for creating WhatsApp chatbots so you don’t start the workflow from scratch. You can easily edit and tweak the question blocks to match your business requirements.

Some of the most common and popularly adopted chatbot templates include customer support templates to speed up the first instant reply to your customers. You can add links to your support documents directly in the chat replies so customers get instant answers to their queries.

Other popular templates include feedback templates for hospitality businesses, lead generation templates to gather contact details, refund request templates to automate refund procedures, and many more.

Opt-ins WhatsApp Widget


With Landbot’s Opt-ins widget, it’s easy to create and grow a list of WhatsApp subscribers. If your lead or client opts in to receive messages and notifications via WhatsApp, then it means they have agreed to receive them from you.

Now, you can send promotional business messages to your customers and constantly update them about any offers that you come up with. Also, you can keep up the conversation with predefined alerts and notifications sent directly to your customers’ phones.

Saas Integrations

Landbot offers multiple integrations with leading automation and communication Saas tools to streamline your workflow and minimize your manual inputs.


Landbot’s webhook block helps you transfer all the WhatsApp collected data to CRM and save your time from manually copy pasting data.

You also have the option to create automated connections with Zapier, Google spreadsheets, Calendly, and Stripe.

Analytics and Reporting

Within the Landbot dashboard, you get a metrics section that allows you to check all the data and analytics for your chatbot interactions.


Landbot’s data analytics give you complete insights into all the channel metrics like the number of users who interacted and the total number of messages received and sent. Like any other data analytics tool, you can visualize the data within selected date ranges and timeframes.

Since you must have deployed user agents to overtake the WhatsApp interactions, you can even overview and export their performance reports in just a few clicks.

How to Use Landbot for WhatsApp Strategies

WhatsApp has taken over SMS, emails, and untimely phone calls. By adding a WhatsApp bot to your website, you can automate welcome conversations to collect important information before transferring leads to your sales team.


Besides, customers have the choice of replying at their own convenience because of the app’s asynchronous nature of communication.

With Landbot, setting up a WhatsApp bot on your website is simple, and you can also use their readymade WhatsApp message templates to save time.

While creating a WhatsApp bot, try following these easy tricks to get better results.

  1. Button Options: Try adding answer button blocks to facilitate fast communications. For example, think of providing two option buttons so users can select any one option from the two.
  2. Call to Actions: Use call to action in your message replies. This insists users call you and redirect them to your landing pages.
  3. Instant Response: Try to contact users within 24 hours of their last conversation with the chatbots. According to WhatsApp’s policies, if you don’t contact users within 24 hours, it’s mandatory to get the user’s authorization proactively.
  4. Be Creative: Avoid the use of long text-based messages. Make your conversations creative, so customers don’t feel they’re talking to robots.
  5. Add Media files: Make use of animated gifs, images, and stickers to incorporate a sense of humor, and try engaging customers in the chat as much as possible.
  6. Keep it Short: Avoid using media files like images and text in the same block. Create two separate blocks and restrict to sending at most two replies to the questions.

You can analyze the data and track your performance metrics. The best practice is to improve what’s working and remove any flows that cause customers to opt out of the conversation.

Landbot Pricing

Landbot’s WhatsApp Chatbot automation feature is two pricing models.


Pro plan

You can start with WhatApp automation by opting for Landbot’s Pro plan, starting at just € 150/month.

With this plan, you get 1000 chats per month, and for adding extra seats, you’ll need to pay € 20 per month.

In addition to the WhatApp chatbot automation, you get plenty of built-in integrations with popular apps like Zapier, Slack, Google Analytics, Calendly, Stripe, and more to automate your workflow and keep conversations in sync.

Business Plan


Landbot’s business plan is designed to meet the WhatsApp chatbot automation requirements of large businesses and startups.

It comes with a customized pricing model, where you’ll be provided a price quote matching your business needs.

The business plan covers all the features included in the Pro pricing plan in addition to some other features. Besides, you get a dedicated success manager who’ll assist you with your problems and provide essential training to your employees.

Landbot Alternatives is a popular choice for generating leads on WhatsApp. However, there are similar builders available in the market that you can also check out.

Let’s see some of Landbot’s alternatives.

SendPulse Chatbot


SendPulse is a marketing automation service provider platform for sending emails, SMS, and triggering web push notifications. It comes with a drag-and-drop editor that lets you design templates without any HTML experience. Moreover, you can select a matching email template from a pre-built library of 130 email templates and customize it to match your brand needs.

Besides, SendPulse offers WhatsApp chatbot features for creating and sending WhatsApp messages. You can use their WhatsApp widget to send emails and SMS to existing customers and request them to connect on WhatsApp.

In short, SendPulse helps you automate your marketing efforts, integrate with eCommerce systems, and check your marketing performance reports.

Aivo Engage


Aivo Engage is a WhatsApp business solutions partner that helps you create WhatsApp campaigns for improving conversations with your customers. Their AI agent bot understands the customer’s message and instantly replied to them with a text or voice message to keep them engaged.

With Aivo Engage, you can import your audience list in just a simple click and send hundreds of WhatsApp messages to opted-in customers without facing any problems. You can use the platform for sending product-related notifications, sale reminders, product stock alerts, and more.


There’s no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, and everyone uses it daily. It’s easy to use, offers seamless communication, and is inexpensive.

Landbot’s intuitive platform can drastically improve your lead conversion rates and help you widen your reach with WhatsApp chatbot builder.

We hope you enjoyed our article on automating your lead generation efforts with and improving engagement with your clients.

If you want to learn more about the different chatbots, make sure you check our article about business chatbot tools.

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