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In Cloud Computing Last updated: November 22, 2022
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Cloud, cloud, cloud.  You hear about “the cloud” all the time these days, but outside of cloud computing solutions like Dropbox or Apple’s iCloud, have you really incorporated “the cloud” into your life?

Although these are great products, they only take small advantage of the possibilities of cloud computing.  They only store files in the cloud, but if you need to edit or create a file, then those products cannot help you, and you need to go find a computer to do that for you.

So if you are going to store files in the cloud, why wouldn’t you also edit and create files in the cloud?

It seems logical, right?

That is why the virtual desktop is the next step in the evolution of cloud computing.  Simply put, it is your personal computer that can be accessed from any device.  Like with Dropbox, where you can access it from a mobile app or from your browser, your virtual desktop computer is no different and can be accessed from apps or a browser which means any device with these options can become “your” computer.  Whether that is a smartphone, a tablet, or even your Smart TV, you can access your virtual desktop.

Solutions like Shells are now available, which make the virtual desktop as simple as possible.

So the next question you might be asking yourself is, “why do I need a virtual desktop?”

Every person in this world will have a different reason why they need a virtual desktop, but here are some reasons why you should get a virtual desktop now.

Save money by upgrading your old computer with a virtual desktop

With a few clicks, you can have a high-performance computer running on the browser of any device, whether that’s your old computer or the cheap computer that you got at the pawnshop.  Any device can be upgraded in minutes to have the latest technology.

It’s safer

How many people actually back up their computers before something catastrophic happens?

Virtual desktops have the option for automatic backups with just a click.  So whether you have the blue screen of death, you drop your computer in water, or your computer is even stolen, your data will always be safe and backed up in the cloud.  Your data is safe on your virtual desktop even when your computer isn’t.

You need Windows, but you have a Mac

You can keep your Mac!

Just get a virtual desktop which you can open up on the browser of your Mac, and your virtual desktop can have Windows.  So you don’t need to buy a new computer, and in minutes, you can run any Windows application on your Mac.

YouTube video

Virtual desktop provider, Shells offers one of the fastest setups of Windows virtual desktops.  In less than five minutes, you can have your virtual desktop running. 

You have two computers in your family, but four family members

With virtual desktops, those computers are now just a vessel.  You can get four virtual desktops and run those on any of those computers, so everyone has their own computing environment regardless of how many physical computers that you have.  Oh, and by the way, those other devices like a tablet or TV can now be a computer too!

As mentioned before, every person will have a different use case based on the capabilities and features of the virtual desktop.  The coder can have one device to test and deploy their software.  The startup can have an easy-to-implement IT infrastructure without the need for experts.  The student can do their homework on their phone while they are out of the house.  The digital nomad can do all of their computing from an iPad or tablet, no more heavy laptop.  The possibilities are endless, but it is clear, the virtual desktop is the future.

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