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Building a PC can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Unlike a pre-built, you need to inquire about many things, compare prices, and finalize the components.

Not just limited to the purchase, you may have to assemble the PC yourself unless you have someone to help with that.

So, yes, you need to know what you are doing when you consider building a PC. But, if you are all set and have done your research, building a PC should be well worth it.

This article should answer why you should consider assembling a PC over pre-built or OEM computers.

Here’s Why You Should Build a PC for Yourself

You need to consider the time, budget, and convenience to build a PC for yourself. Once you’re sure about that, take a look at the list of reasons to decide!

It is Cost-Effective

You can go as low as $300-$400 for a computer fit for basic office tasks and media entertainment when you build a PC.

Of course, there are many pre-built options in the same range, but you may end up building a better computer at a lower cost with the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach.

This is because there is always a fee involved and the cost of components in a pre-built machine. Considering that the brand or the store assembles and keeps it ready for you, it is only fair that they charge you for that.

However, in many cases, they would overcharge you for what they do.

So, if you do not want to pay an unnecessary fee, it is better to build it yourself.

It is not just about saving the fee charged. You also get a lot of choices to lower the cost of your PC with the DIY strategy.

For instance, you can be selective about your chosen components while making certain trade-offs to lower your budget. In the case of a pre-built machine, they may include unnecessary components that do not fit your requirements, leading to a higher price tag.

Why pay for something that you don’t need?

Instead, save money by choosing the necessary hardware under your budget while eliminating any unnecessary fees involved.

Hence, investing in assembling your PC will ensure that you get the best value for the purchase.

Freedom of Choosing Your Components

As mentioned above, you can be selective with the components and adjust the budget of your build.

In addition to that, if you have a specific brand preference or want to get the best components from various manufacturers, you can do that.

Suppose you want components based on a specific color scheme or preferred aesthetics. Go for it! Want RGB lights? You have the freedom. Want a PC that suits your desk setup? Feel free to do that!

In a nutshell, you get unlimited possibilities to build a computer as per your requirements. No matter how silly they are.

With a pre-built PC, you get a limited set of customization options. Some stores provide decent options, but there are often a few quirks to prevent complete freedom, such as restrictions in choosing a cabinet or the case for the machine.

Easier and Better Upgrade Options for Future

Undoubtedly, you get modest upgrade options for a PC, whether a pre-built or an assembled one.

However, if you build it yourself, you can choose better parts to ensure more upgrade options and future-proofing. For instance, I built a PC with several storage upgrade options and RAM upgrade choices.

Of course, not everyone requires a high-end future-proof computer. But if you are someone who plans to use the computer for at least four-five years and still want room for future upgrades, building a PC can be a wise decision.

Also, upgrading a PC that you built is usually more accessible when compared to a pre-built machine. For instance, the pre-built machine may not have a cabinet that lets you keep another storage drive or add a liquid cooler.

So, when you build it yourself,  you can consider the potential future upgrades and choose the parts accordingly.

Enhanced Cooling System

Ensuring that you get the best cooling for your system is a tough job. However, that’s possible when you build a PC using the DIY method.

A pre-built machine may or may not focus on cooling. For most use-cases, they aim to be usable.

However, if you are building a PC, you get various choices to ensure optimum cooling for your system. And, it is worth noting that the more efficient your cooling is, the longevity of your components increases.

Higher Quality Components

While you can save a good chunk of money by building a PC, you can also opt for the best quality components if budget is not an issue.

Whether you want custom liquid cooling loops, a gold/platinum-rated power supply, or a graphics card with the best thermals, you can do it all.

If the budget allows, you can get a motherboard for your processor to have the best combination of performance and features.

You can even opt for RAM sticks that look wild with a good heatsink.

In other words, the sky’s the limit when choosing high-quality components for your PC.

Gain Knowledge About Computer Hardware

If you are curious about how your computer works/runs, building a PC is one of the best ways to learn more about it.

Even if someone helps you build it, you get to know the essential components and pick the right combination of hardware for the best performance.

For instance, you will need an efficient power supply to ensure the longevity of your components, which can be identified with the type of rating. So, in this case, an 80+ gold-rated power supply should give you better efficiency than an 80+ bronze-rated PSU. If you are dealing with some of the most powerful components, you should opt for platinum/titanium-rated power supplies.

In another example, pairing a single RAM kit in dual-channel mode can give you better performance. Similarly, there’s a lot of things that you need to explore in the process of assembling the perfect PC for yourself.

Fret not. You can always refer to a variety of videos and written guides online if you’re starting.

No Need Of Extended Warranties Because You Get the Best

When you buy a pre-built system, it is often limited to a few years of warranty.

However, the warranties can go up to 10 years when you build a PC, depending on the components you purchase.

Usually, the processor and the motherboard are limited to three years of warranty. But, the fans, AIO, air cooler, power supply, RAM, storage, and graphics card can offer warranties in the range of five-ten years.

For instance, a good 80+ gold-rated power supply provides you a ten-year warranty, and a liquid cooler offers a five-year warranty.

And, with a warranty like that, you’re going to keep the computer for a long time.

No Pre-Installed Bloatware

Fortunately, you get total control of your system. So, you can choose the operating system of your choice, software utilities that you’d want, and keep the cleanest configuration for your PC.

Pre-built systems may come with unnecessary utilities pre-installed. Of course, you can debloat your experience, but it can be annoying at times.

Reliable Performance for a Long Time

Considering that you can get the best value for your money, higher quality components, and better warranties, you should also get a reliable computer for the long run.

A pre-built PC may have made some compromises that could introduce problems later down the road. But, when you build a PC, you can be confident about its performance, considering you get the best possible components for your budget.

Good Resale Value

Most of us plan to use the computer for a long time, without needing to sell it.

However, for some reason, if you plan to sell your computer, a pre-built computer will not have a good resale value considering its diminished warranty and quality overall.

But, if you have assembled a PC using quality components with better warranties, it can fetch you a good resell value compared to the second-hand market price.

Take Control of Your PC 💻 and Build Something That Makes You Happy.

Considering you have the time to research and assemble the system, a PC you build should be superior to pre-built options.

It’s not just about the value proposition, better warranties, and freedom; it also gives you assurance and satisfaction for your purchase.

For some, this could be overwhelming or time-consuming. Of course, if you have no other options, a pre-built PC is still good.

But, if you can afford the time to make the best out of your money, build a PC! Head to Amazon and buy all the parts you need to build your next computer.

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