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The digital design and diagramming field is evolving alongside the recent advancement of artificial intelligence.

From a wide range of available diagramming tools, Wondershare EdrawMax stands out for its unique features and versatility. It’s not just any diagramming tool; it’s a platform that gives you a chance to turn your ideas into masterpieces. 

EdrawMax is a robust and all-in-one diagramming tool that is continuously updated with advanced features. It allows you to craft a multitude of diagrams under various diagram categories using a massive collection of design elements. The tool is multilingual and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and there is a web version as well. 

Whether you are a  designer, business expert, or student, EdwardMax has a solution for you. It simplifies any complicated procedure and explains it in an eye-catching manner that anyone can understand. In this article, I will explore the features of Wondershare EdrawMax in detail to transform your diagramming and digital design efforts to the next level.

Wondershare EdrawMax: An Overview

EdrawMax is a tool where creativity meets productivity with its capability to turn ideas into visual masterpieces. The AI-powered diagram creation feature makes this tool stand out from any other options out there. Besides, there are lots of templates available for 200+ diagram types that come with a user-friendly interface.  

Here are some common diagrams that you can create using EdrawMax:

  • Flowchart (AI-powered)
  • Mind Map (AI-powered)
  • Network diagram
  • Floor Plan 
  • Org Chart
  • UML diagram 
  • ER diagram 
  • Genogram 

Features of EdrawMax

I personally recommend the tool since I’ve tested some key features that are remarkable. So, let’s take a look at those features that will wow you for sure. 

#1. AI Diagram Creation & Different Diagram Possibilities

Wondershare EdwardMax has reimagined the way of creating diagrams with its AI-powered diagram creation capabilities. With a few clicks, you can construct a vast variety of diagrams thanks to this feature. 

With the EdraMax AI feature, you can create AI drawings, flowcharts, Mind Maps, TImeline, SWOT analysis, and many more diagrams. Plus, you will get all the tools to design these diagrams, which will minimize your effort significantly. 

In addition to assisting with diagram creation, EdrawMax’s AI also automatically finds errors in your flowcharts. Besides, it identifies project risks, forecasts data trends, and produces drawings in a variety of styles. Overall, the interactive and intuitive interface streamlines the process of creating diagrams. 

Furthermore, OpenAI ChatGPT technology enables more perceptive diagramming and more intelligent recommendations. This innovative software feature is a game-changer for different diagramming possibilities. 

As a result, you can quickly generate content ideas with AI Q&A and convert them into mind maps, lists, tables, and texts. Another fun part is the OCR picture text extraction feature will let you extract text from images with a simple click.   

Well, I’ve tried their AI feature and created a Flowchart in no time. Simply follow these instructions to create any diagram using the AI feature:

  • Open the EdrawMax app on your system 
  • Go to the AI tab located in the app 
  • You can describe your concept using natural language in the Edraw AI chat box located on the right-hand side.
  • The drawing tool will create a diagram according to the type you’ve selected. I’ve selected the flowchart in this case.
  • You can personalize the drawing according to your preference using any tool. For example, insert and change the text, icon, image, etc.   

Let’s move on to another crucial feature of this remarkable tool. 

#2. Smart Containers

The smart container is a distinctive feature of Wondershare EdrawMax. It greatly improves the arrangement & grouping of logically linked shapes. This feature makes it simpler to handle and work with related forms as a unit by allowing you to arrange them into a container. 

Using the Smart containers, you can minimize the process of generating complicated diagrams. It enables you to flexibly reposition groups of shapes as a single unit. This is really helpful when you work with a huge diagram that includes related shapes and components. 

The process of including a Smart Container in a diagram is simple. To group shapes, just select them and add them to a new container. Once the shapes are in the container, any modifications made to one shape can be auto-applied to all other shapes in the container. As a result, you can ensure uniformity across your diagram while also saving time.

Furthermore, Smart Containers have more uses than only organizing. They also provide your diagrams with a clean, organized layout, which improves their aesthetic appeal. This improves communication and teamwork by making your diagrams simpler to read and comprehend.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to add a smart container using EdrawMax

  • Open a new diagram on EdrawMax 
  • Move the shapes from the left-hand side of the screen. You can select the shapes and move them together on the canvas.
  • Go to Insert > Container to insert your preferred container from the list.
  • Now, the border will change green to indicate what is happening as you add shapes to the container.

EdrwaMax also has image containers in addition to basic containers, making it simple for you to create family trees and show the links between various individuals.

Moving on to the next feature.

#3. Presentation Mode

EdrawMax’s presentation mode enables users to convert their static diagrams and visual information into dynamic and engaging presentations. This feature increases EdrawMax’s adaptability by creating diagrams as well as efficiently presenting them to an audience. 

This feature gives you a swift transition from the design phase to the presentation phase. After creating a diagram, flowchart, mind map, or any other visual content, present it without accessing any third-party software. 

Just like any other presentation app, you can customize the texts, elements, animations, and transition time to make it more engaging. You can control the slide order as well as include speaker notes while presenting the diagram. 

Multiple users can collaborate in a presentation In real time. Moreover, there are options to export and share the slides in different formats such as PDF, PowerPoint, and more. 

To access the presentation mode, do the following: 

  • Let’s say you’ve created diagrams that consist of two pages
  • There are options available in the bottom left corner to view the pages.
  • To start the presentation, you can click the Play button located in the bottom right corner.
  • The shortcut to open the presentation option is Ctrl + F5
  • Alternatively, you can go to the presentation option from View > Presentation.

Additionally, the Presentation Mode has options for automatically displaying the pages, navigating to the previous or next page, resizing the page by zooming in or out, sizing the page to suit the screen, and ending the full-screen mode.

#4. Data Import & Export

Wondershare EdrawMax’s strong data import and export capabilities are among its primary features. With this capability, users may export their diagrams in several formats and input data from many sources. This feature enables users to easily connect various data sources, exchange diagrams information, and collaborate on advanced projects. 

Follow these instructions to explore the Import option of EdrawMax: 

  • Open the Wondershare EdrawMax App on your device.
  • Click the Import option on the menu. 
  • As you can see, there are several import options, including Visio (vsdx,vsd), SVG, CAD (dwg,dxf), and Batch Import Visio.
  • You can open any diagram from the mentioned format if the file is available on your device.

EdrawMax provides a multitude of choices when it comes to exporting. Files can be exported as PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, SVG, Visio, HTML, and PS/EPS. 

To export a file, click the export option available on the upper side of the user interface. Besides, you can access it by clicking File > Export & Send. 

Additionally, diagrams may be exported from EdrawMax into a variety of additional formats, including PNG, JPG, TIF, PDF, PS, EPS, HTML, SVG, and more. This guarantees that your diagrams can be opened, viewed, and customized on other platforms and apps. 

#5. Collaboration & Sharing Tools

EdrawMax offers sophisticated Collaboration and sharing Tools that enable collaboration, real-time cooperation, and simple project sharing. It allows users to collaborate on designs, flowcharts, and diagrams. These capabilities guarantee that projects are not only skillfully created but also well-coordinated. 

EdraMax gives you a user-friendly digital canvas where Mind maps can be created and shared with your team. It functions similarly to an electronic whiteboard, allowing you to swiftly jot down and arrange your thoughts visually. Whether you’re new to mind mapping or an expert, this platform facilitates collaboration and helps you organize your ideas into maps.

Its connection with well-known cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and others is one of its most notable features. Thus, users can view and preserve their work in the cloud from any location. Furthermore, it makes it easier for users or team members in various places to collaborate flawlessly. 

While using this tool, users can immediately annotate, remark, and note on the project. This is how the platform creates a forum for feedback and conversation. As a result, it is ensured that communication stays centralized and no longer requires external tools.

The application also allows users to choose who can see, modify, and comment on a project using EdrawMax’s user access management feature. Data security and project integrity depend heavily on this capability.

With the online edition of EdrawMax, users can work & collaborate flexibly. This implies that anyone using a Windows computer, a Mac, a Linux computer, a tablet, or a smartphone can view and collaborate on mind maps. 

EdrawMax also offers sharing features apart from the collaboration tools. This enables users to share their work with other creative minds. This feature is crucial for companies and teams that rely on collaborative workspace. 

#6. Free Templates

Wondershare EdrawMax offers numerous free templates that can assist in different use cases and businesses. It is an enriched platform that comes with 260 libraries and 12500 shapes. Thus, you will get all the shapes, styles, and settings required to combine a significant design. 

This extensive library of free templates covers a diverse range of categories. You’ll get all the diagrams, including flowcharts, mind maps, organizational charts, network diagrams, and floor layouts. 

All the templates are designed with perfection and professional use cases in mind. Plus, users can customize these templates and modify the colors, fonts, shapes, and content according to their preferences. So, from a read-made template, users are not only saving time, but they are also getting a source of inspiration to visualize more design concepts. 

Whether you are a beginner in the diagram designing landscape or a professional, these diagrams will get your work project done rapidly and efficiently. You can also create and share the template in the library while using this software. 

Here is how you can access the Templates on EdrawMax: 

  • To access the templates, you can either use the application on your desktop or use the web-based version.
  • After getting into the application, go to the template section.  
  • As you can see, you can select templates from the diagram categories, All diagrams, or use the search bar to search for a specific template. 
  • I’ve selected an ER diagram for the Hotel Management System.  Then click the Use Immediately option.
  • As you can see, within seconds, the Template is ready on your screen. Now, you can edit and repurpose the diagram for your use case.
  • After creating your own diagram or using a template, you can also publish it in the template library.   

Let’s check out the next notable feature. 

#7. Cross-Platform Compatibility

The capacity to collaborate across platforms with ease is essential in the ongoing digital era. Because Wondershare EdrawMax is cross-platform compatible, it shines in this regard.

Numerous operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS1, are compatible with EdrawMax. No matter what device or operating system you are using, it enables you to view and work on any diagrams due to this extensive compatibility. 

This flawless integration across platforms is especially useful for organizations and team members utilizing several operating systems. Besides, the features and designs are intuitive and uniform, which makes the learning curve easier from device to device. 

The cloud storage facility of this platform adds even more cross-platform interoperability. As a result, users can constantly work with the most recent files or projects made on a device that is accessible on a different device using an internet connection. Apart from cloud-based options, users can also access this app offline. 

#8. Customer Support 

EdrawMax recognizes that exceptional customer service is essential to maintain user fulfillment and success. Hence, they put a high priority on offering excellent customer support

The company’s extensive and prompt customer support offerings demonstrate its dedication to helping customers at every stage of their software journey. Let’s examine the several facets that set EdrawMax’s customer service apart.

Extensive Knowledge Base: EdrawMax offers a robust knowledge base that includes informative resources such as tutorials, guides, FAQs, and articles for error resolution. This self-catering knowledge base lets users get rapid solutions to common issues and solve them with stepped guidance. 

Video Tutorials: You will get a solid library of video tutorials at Edrawmax if you require visual assistance. These tutorials can help you with every step of creating any diagram that you need. Plus, there are videos available to teach you about the basic to advanced use of this tool.

Live Chat Support: Apart from other support options, EdrawMax offers Live chat services providing real-time assistance. Therefore, customers looking for instant answers to any issue regarding the software will get a proper solution. 

Latest Updates: EdrawMax constantly updates its software and the platform in response to customer input and the latest market trends. So, you will always have access to a tool that is developing and growing thanks to this recurrent approach.

The customer-centric approach of EdardMax creates a satisfying user experience for its users. 

#9. Security & Privacy

EdrawMax prioritizes security and privacy since they understand the importance of meeting users’ trust by maintaining confidentiality. So, The business takes extensive precautions to guarantee that sensitive information, projects, and user data are always safeguarded. 

Let’s analyze the main points that highlight EdrawMax’s dedication to privacy and security:  

➡️ Data Protection: EdrawMax implements a strong data encryption method to protect user data while it is in transit and at rest. This saves data from both unwanted access, and all user data is kept private. 

➡️ Secure Storage: Data security was taken into primary consideration while designing EdrawMax’s cloud storage capability. Cloud-based user projects and data are safeguarded by access restrictions and encryption to prevent unwanted access.

➡️ Access Control: EdrawMax gives users the power to manage who has access to and may make changes to their projects while collaborating. This feature guarantees that only authorized people or teams can have access to diagrams and sensitive information. 

➡️ Continuous Audits: The company executes continuous security audits and inspections in order to find vulnerabilities and promptly resolve any possible risks. 

➡️ Privacy Policy: EdrawMax upholds an open and thorough privacy policy that describes the procedures for collecting, using, and safeguarding user data. To learn more about how their data is handled, users may read EdrawMax’s Privacy policy.

Pricing Plans

Wondershare EdrawMax offers a variety of pricing plans to suit a wide range of users and businesses. Pricing plans are divided into three sections, including individuals, Team& business, and Education. Because of these plan’s flexibility, customers can get the ideal combination of features and assistance for their unique requirements. 

So, let’s evaluate the specifics of EdrawMax’s pricing structures and the benefits they provide:

🔷 Free Trial: Before subscribing to a premium plan, customers can test the platform and its capabilities using EdrawMax’s free trial option. Hence, users will get a great chance to test the tool out and determine its applicability.

🔷 Individual Plan: EdrawMax provides a range of designs tailored to the specific needs of professionals working independently. Access to cloud storage, templates, and basic functions are offered by these plans.

🔷 Team and Business Plans: EdrawMax now offers plans for teams and businesses that are designed to maximize productivity and cooperation. Therefore, users will get all the trending and advanced design features, improved security measures, and a chance to collaborate on designs.

Team members can pick between Annual and 3 Years plans and select their user numbers. Moreover, for a business plan that includes more than 20 users, you need to fill out a form and contact the EdrawMax sales team.

🔷 Education Plans: EdrawMax provides unique plans for teachers and students since it understands the value of education and its relation to diagramming. These pricing plans are user-centric and provide all you need to teach and learn effectively. 

There are three plans for students, including a Semi-Annual Plan, a Yearly Plan, and 2-Year Plan. Plus, there are discounts available on students’ plans for individual use. However, for educators, filling out a form and contacting the sales team is required if there are more than 20 users. 

Alternatives to Wondershare EdrawMax

Although Wondershare EdrawMax is a feature-rich and adaptable diagramming tool, it’s always a good idea to try other options out there. You may find some distinctive features and abilities that align more with your requirements. So, let’s analyze a few more options to see what benefits they can provide.   

#1. Mircosoft Visio 

Microsoft Office offers a great diagramming and vector graphics software named Microsoft Visio. It offers a vast array of diagram options such as flowcharts, org charts, floor layouts, network diagrams, UML diagrams, mind maps, and so on.

Key Features:

  • Rich formatting options in different diagrams
  • Elements can be moved, resized, and flipped easily
  • Diagrams can be saved in SharePoint or OneDrive 
  • A bundle of premade templates available for diagrams 
  • Offline viewing is available while creating and editing 
  • Real-time collaboration on diagrams to increase productivity
  • Top-notch security features are the same as Microsoft 365 apps

Overall, Visio simplifies the Process Mapping and Visual Collaboration on different categories of diagrams. 

#2. Lucidchart 

Lucidchart is an all-inclusive platform for intelligent diagramming, virtual whiteboarding, and cloud visualization. When face-to-face communication is not possible, it allows users to collaborate side by side. So, team members can share their efforts in visualizing complicated diagrams to create rapid solutions. 

Key Features: 

  • Users can brainstorm diagram concepts and collaborate in real time.
  • Visualizes complex diagrams and offers a solution 
  • With the internet, Users can use the app and collaborate using cloud visualization 
  • Huge library of industry-standard shapes for creating diagrams
  • Import-export options are available for different formats 
  • Your data won’t get locked into a specific format

Lucitchart has recently introduced advanced tools such as the ChatGPT plugin and AI Prompt Flow.

#3. Smartdraw

Smartdraw is an online-based diagramming application that packs the diagramming, whiteboard, and data into a centralized solution. You will get prebuilt templates for creating mind maps, organizational charts, network designs, infographics, etc. 

Key Features: 

  • Offers thousands of diagramming templates, symbols, and shapes. 
  • Facilitates teamwork while creating diagrams. 
  • Built-in AI automation capabilities for diagram creation and editing 
  • Single-click diagram element editing with color, text, and more 
  • Advanced CAD designing tool with precise measurement 
  • Layered design creation with scale-independent annotation 

The tool also displays data as a tooltip and lets you create conditional formatting based on data points. As a result, data are displayed in a more organized way through a dashboard. 

Final Thoughts

At this point, you are completely aware of the capabilities of Wondershare EdrawMax when it comes to designing diagrams of different types. It offers some amazing features and affordable pricing plans that will keep you stress-free while turning your ideas into masterpieces. 

I recommend you go through the features and instructions to get acquainted with them and create your next project diagram. However, feel free to explore the alternatives to compare the best option that suits your objective. 

Next, check out how to create an application architecture diagram online.

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