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In Design Last updated: November 28, 2022
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Video consumption online is skyrocketing, and so does the demand for advanced and effortless video editing tools.

Whether you are a digital creator, educator, student, or a business associated with creating video content, using a video editing tool will benefit you.

It will make your video task more accessible, less overwhelming, and save time and effort.

So, if you are looking for a good video editing tool, Filmora by Wondershare is a good option.

Let’s review Filmora in this post to discover how it can help you and whether it’s suitable for you or not.

What is Filomora?

YouTube video

Wondershare Filmora is a creative, easy-to-use video editing software with many outstanding features and effects. Launched in 2015, it is trusted by 85+ million creators of varying ages and from 150 countries.

This platform will improve your storytelling experience by letting you express yourself better with innovative visual effects, stock media, and templates. You will get lots of tools to efficiently create and edit quality videos and share them on your preferred social media accounts, sites, and applications.    

Filmora has a vast community of 800k+ followers that you can choose to seek guidance and inspiration. You can also access tutorials to learn how to create, edit, and publish your videos effortlessly using Filmora and its outstanding features.

Whether it’s usability, performance, features, or support, Filmora shines. As a result, it has won several accolades from various organizations, including G2, GetApp, and Shorty Awards.


  • Version: Filmora 11
  • Supported OS: Win 11/10/8/7 (64 bits), macOS 10.14-12, and Apple M1
  • Supported video formats: .m1v, .m2v, .mpg, .mpeg, .3gp, .3gp2, .mp4, .m4v, .mts, .m2t, .m2ts, .tod, .mod, .dv, .f4v, .flv, .asf, .wmv, .avi, .mp4, .ogv, .webm, .vro, .vob, and .mkv encoded with MJPEG or MPEG codec
  • Supported audio format: .mp3, .wav, .m4a, .wma, .aif, .aiff, and .flac.
  • Supported image format: .jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif, .tiff, and .tif
  • Supported output format: 4K (.mp4, .mkv, and .mov) and common audio/video formats
  • Supported output devices: iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, iPod, Android Generic, Galaxy S, Nexus, Xbox one, PS4, Sony TV, Smart phones, and Wii
  • Supported output social networks: Vimeo and YouTube
  • Supported output DVD: DVD disks, ISO disc image files, and DVD folders
  • Effects and plugins: Filmstock standard, AI portrait, Boris FX (unavailable for macOS 10.14 and M1 chip), and NewBlue FX (unavailable for Mac with M1 chip)

System requirements

  • Processor: Intel i3 and up or another better multi-core processor and 2GHz or more,
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM. For 4K and HD videos, you need 8 GB of RAM
  • Space: 10 GB free hard disk, SSD recommended for 4K and HD video editing
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or up, Intel HD Graphics 5000 or up, AMD Radeon R5 or up
  • Internet connectivity

Filmora Review: Features

Get a fantastic editing experience with Filmora’s extraordinary features. You will get many tools, plugins, visual effects, images, and more to create and edit your videos and share them with the world.

Here are the notable features of Filmora video editor.

Editing features

You can edit your videos effortlessly to add or remove something and make your videos stand out on your platforms. For video editing, Filmora offers:

Instant mode: To make video creation easier within a few minutes, Filmora has introduced the instant mode. It doesn’t require you to be an editing pro; you can produce videos without prior editing skills. All you need to do is add your media and let Filmora do the magic. You can use 115 video templates for a vlog, intro, business, travel, slideshow, etc. This feature is available for Windows only.

Pre-built templates: Instead of creating everything from scratch, you can use Filmora’s pre-built templates and make your video quickly. You will get 24 pre-built templates to choose from with the drag-and-drop feature. You can also replace your clips quickly and complete your videos faster.

Automatic Beat Sync: Synchronize the video footage by editing it with complementing music using the Auto Beat Sync feature. Filmora offers Auto Montage Maker – the first of its kind in the world. It can help you automatically sync video with music and analyze beats to switch views or add visual effects. It can also identify and eliminate bad parts in your video like darkness, jitter, etc.

Speed ramping: Adjust a video’s speed while controlling your keyframes better with this feature to create out-of-the-box cinematic effects. It will help you apply speed effects like a professional and make your videos more creative without affecting audio pitch. You will get six pre-built speed ramping effects, such as Montage, Bullet Time, Hero Moment, Flash In, and Jumper. You can also customize the speed ramping effects and save them to utilize next time.   

Split screen: Create video and photo collage, impressive intro and outro, comparison videos, reaction videos, etc., with a few clicks. You can leverage multiple screens to multiply the fun and uniquely articulate your story. Filmora offers 30+ split screen templates you can customize and get any frame you wish. So whether you want two screens or 6, you can do that and apply advanced settings, effects, stickers, etc., quickly.

Keyframing: With keyframing, bring energy and dynamism to your videos and use animated effects. It makes animation simple and lets you apply changes quickly, such as enlarging, rotating, narrowing, etc. Just define the start and end keyframes and let Filmora automatically add all the middle frames while ensuring cohesiveness. You can customize keyframes by setting the location, transparency, size, etc. Filmora offers 80+ preset templates for animation that helps you save time.

Motion tracking: Track objects’ or people’s movements in your videos and pin media files and graphics to follow each motion magically. For this, just set your things and let Filmora track its moving path automatically. You can also adjust the size and position of the displayed tracking box during the preview.

It comes with AI automation to allow adding of texts and titles and lets you add mosaic to your moving objects if you want to blur something. In addition, transform emojis, symbols, videos, and images into visual effects and tell a story with a magic element. You can add message bubbles, smiley faces, Doctor Strange Magic Shield, Harry Potter flying effects, etc., to real-world video footage.

Screen recorder: You can record your webcam and screen simultaneously using Filmora screen recorder. It also lets you capture the microphone and system audio, record tutorials, games, YouTube videos, and more. It’s even easier to export your videos to Vimeo, YouTube, and other supported devices directly. In addition, you can customize the recorded region by dragging the window or entering height and width.

Auto reframe: Automatically resize your videos using the auto reframe feature speed, even without prior editing skills. It lets you convert your horizontal videos easily into portrait versions and engage your audience more without investing extra effort or time. Filmora’s AI technology also quickly converts videos into a 9:16 aspect ratio without sacrificing quality and adjusting the frames.


Video effects: Discover creative filters, transitions, motion elements, and unique titles. Filmora offers 900+ video effects for free that you can drag and drop. It has cooperated with OpenFX, Boris, and NewBlue to use video effects, including 3D titles, blurring, etc., to offer a purely cinematic experience.

Chroma key: Reimagine your creative world by adding special effects and changing backgrounds using the Chroma key or green screen.

Mask & Blend: You can create creative videos using the mask and blend feature. All you need to do is to cover your video clips and mix them. This easy-to-use feature has lots of resourceful modes. You can even use overlays to modify, hide, or reveal your videos and choose any shape, like rectangle, heart-shape, triangle, flower shape, etc. and adjust the height, width, place, etc., and import the videos. It also offers 18 blending modes like darken, multiply, linear dodge, etc.

AI Portrait: This is a fantastic plugin that you can use to remove background easily with optimum accuracy. You will get 70+ sticker effects and AI portraits, and Filmora’s AI can also detect faces to provide AR stickers to enhance human emotions.

Boris FX: Elevate your storytelling expedience with Boris FX Continuum, a quality effects plugin. You will get six unique Continuum Units customized for use to add visual effects, including lights, stylizing, particles, image restoration, art looks, and blur. Each unit has different filters and complementary presets. It offers 91 effects and 1000s of unique presets.

NewBlue FX: Use NewBlue FX to boost your creativity and video production. It offers five effects collections – Title Pro 7, Video Elements, Video Essentials, and Video Stylizer. Each effect collection has factory-installed presets, including 500+ custom title presets and 100+ effects.


filmora audio

Speech to Text (STT): This plugin lets you transcript audio to accurate subtitles in just a click to save your time and boost editing efficiency. This tool will automatically detect the voice for transcription and lets you edit it based on your preference. It supports different import formats like SRT format while offering a timeline feature to modify subtitles. It also supports 16 languages like English, French, Japanese, etc.

Text to Speech (TTS): Filmora offers a TTS function to enable converting text files into voiceover to enrich all your videos. Adding voice to a video is easy with this tool that delivers incredible accuracy by leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms. You can customize the voice and choose from 16 global languages.

Audio visualizer: Use Audio Visualizer to match your video’s sound and add dynamic effects intelligently. Adding visual effects is accessible by simply dragging and dropping. In addition, Filmora offers 25 kinds of audio effects to help you customize your music videos and podcasts.   

Audio synchronization: Match all your audio files effortlessly using the audio sync feature, making them sound crisper and more precise. Add the video with speech and combine it with captured audio in a separate file or microphone. Next, select them both and apply Auto Synchronization to match the voices.

Audio ducking: If you want to lower a track’s volume while making another’s clearer, this feature will help you. It’s helpful while recording narrations, podcasts, voiceovers, translations, YouTube videos, etc.

Silence detection: This feature automatically detects the parts of a video with silent moments and removes them per the set criteria to help you craft high-quality videos without annoying pauses.


Color match: Match colors in different clips using this feature, so the complete video looks unified and cohesive, works across all devices, and saves you time in adjustments.

Color correction: Filmora offers color correction and grading features to help you break your video’s monotony. You will get 40+ excellent color presets for warm and cool videos. It’s also easy and quick to add the presets using the drag-and-drop option and attract the audience to the scene. This feature also allows the users to create 3D LUTs easily.

Filmora Review: Ease of Use

Filmora is famous for its intuitive user interface that’s clean and organized, making the whole process of editing your videos way easier. It’s one of those platforms that offers a good blend of a user-friendly interface and rich features that are easy to access.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned editing professional, you will find it easy to adapt this platform and use it for your work. It doesn’t matter whether you have prior editing experience; you can get started and run with it faster.

Filmora offers a drag-and-drop option to help you easily use the features and add effects and visuals. You will also find it easier to customize the settings like height, width, color, frame, etc., to make the video look however you want.

Filmora supports various input and output formats, languages, and devices to help you edit your videos and post them on your preferred platform, like your social media page or website, with a click.  

Furthermore, downloading and installing Filmora is also effortless. Therefore, you can start editing your videos right away. And even if you don’t understand something, there are tutorials available by Wondershare that you can refer to.

Filmora Review: Performance


Filmore performs pretty decently while editing videos and is effective for most cases. Whether a student educator or a business, it can be an efficient tool for video editing as it can easily handle things and streamline the entire video creation process.

You will get plenty of templates to use at different parts of editing a video. These templates will save time and effort because you don’t have to create everything from scratch. You can even save other parts of your work for future use.

Everything is accessible with its clutter-free interface that performs optimally. I also found its rendering time pretty reasonable, within five minutes.

Filmora works almost identical on Windows and Mac; however, it offers a few additional features on Mac, like Auto Reframe. Overall, it’s better than many competitors and worth trying out.

Filmora Review: Advantages and Limitations

Here are some of the advantages and limitations of Filmora for video editing:


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Faster rendering
  • Rich feature list
  • Plenty of templates, overlays, and visual effects
  • AI technology at different aspects to provide a unique editing experience
  • Competitive pricing


  • Lags sometimes
  • Support can be improved

Filmora Review: Support

You can reach out to the support center of Filmora through a call, email, or creating a ticket. Since you don’t know how long their queue is, you may have to wait a while to hear from their team. But once they do, you can expect quality services from them.

If you have doubts, refer to their comprehensive tutorials and guides published on the website, along with some FAQs. In addition, you can join their YouTube community to learn, seek inspiration, and get the latest news and updates on Filmora.

Filmora Review: Pricing

You can try Filmora 11 for free. It comes with certain restrictions on the usage, such as watermarked output files, some advanced features are not included, and you can’t move a project file in the Instant Mode for editing.

However, you will get all the other essential features that are useful for beginners or someone who needs minor editing of their videos.

Once you are satisfied, you can go ahead and purchase a paid plan. Filmora 11, the latest version, is available for both Windows and Mac, whose pricing is as follows:

  • Individuals: The plan starts at US$13.99/month. Its annual plan costs US$49.99, while the perpetual license costs US$79.99.
  • Team and Businesses: It starts at $155.88 for one user for one year.
  • Education: For students, it’s priced at $19.99/month, $40.99 per year, and $49.99 for the perpetual plan for 1 PC.

You can also get a plan of your preference in a bundle based on your requirements, starting at $6.80/month. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied.  


If you are a video creator, educator, or a business looking for a decent video editing platform, you can consider Filmora. It’s easy to use and has a rich set of unique features to make your video creation a smooth ride and elevate visual engagement. 

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