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In Gaming Last updated: November 16, 2022
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Are you a Wordle game fan and looking for other such brainstorming games?

We hear your needs!

Wordle! A challenging game that’s been trending on the gaming charts for the last many months. The game has been downloaded over a million times since its inception in October 2021.

The good news is that we found some similar games on the internet. In this article, you’ll find some of the best Wordle alternatives to take your brainstorming skills to a new level.

What is Wordle?


Wordle is a popular brainstorming game based on the classic crossword puzzle game. It started as a web-based word game by Josh Wardle; the New York Times Company later acquired the game. 

It’s a letter arranging game you can play individually or with friends. All you have to do is to guess a correct secret word in 6 attempts. The basic color codes for guessing colors are as follows:

  • Green: denotes the letter and the place of the letter are correct
  • Yellow: denotes the letter is a part of the word, but it’s at the incorrect position
  • Gray: informs the letter is not a part of the word 

Once you solve the word puzzle, you can share the results on social media. It’s a way to show off your puzzling skills, which is the main reason for its popularity.

Wordle Alternatives You Should Try

If you like word games, there are a lot of fun alternatives to Wordle. You can find these games on their sites or download them to your computer. Some of them are engaging and can consume a lot of time, which can sometimes lead to addiction.

Other than that, these games can be used as fun distractions to play with family and friends. They are great for lighter or heavier entertainment, and they’re sure to provide hours of enjoyment!



Sedecordle is a tough Wordle alternative that challenges you to solve multiple puzzles simultaneously. The difference with this game is the difficulty level, as you must guess 16 different five-letter words simultaneously. 

Players found that guessing multiple words is not easy, unlike Wordle, so Sedecordle is becoming one of the most difficult word puzzle games available. This is the game for you if you’re looking for a challenging word puzzle.

You get 21 tries to guess 16 words. The color code for SedeCordle is the same as Wordle.

Word Master by Octokatherine


Word Master was built by a developer Katherine Oelsner so his brother could play the game more times daily. 


The game is the same as Wordle; the only difference is that you can play it as many times as you want. Playing this Wordle alternative game is simple. You need to guess a valid word in six attempts.

Here is the color code:

  • Green: Correct letter at the correct spot.
  • Yellow: Correct letter at the wrong spot
  • Gray: Wrong letter

You can switch the game from light to dark mode and select a difficulty level from easy, normal, and hard options.



Quordle is one of the harder versions of the Wordle game. Herein, the main difference is that you must guess four words at once in just nine tries.

Just like Wordle, different colors indicate the presence of letters and position. Following are the color codes of the letters after every guess.

  • Green: The guessed letter is present and is at the correct position in the word.
  • Yellow: Yellow color denotes the letter is present in the word, but it’s in the wrong place.
  • Gray: It means the letter is not a part of the word.

To win the game, try aiming for green color letters. Once you finish the game, you can share the result score on your social media accounts.


dordle derives its name from a combination of Daily and Wordle. Going with the name, you can play the Dordle word guessing game daily.

Like Wordle, the main goal here is to guess the word, and you get a new puzzle every day. Don’t rush solving the puzzle because if you can’t solve the puzzle, you’ll have to wait for the next day for a new puzzle.

You can consider it a double version of Wordle in terms of variation. Rather than guessing a word in six attempts (like in Wordle), here you’ll have to guess two words in seven attempts.



Crosswordle is a unique and challenging puzzle game that combines the best aspects of Wordle and Sudoku. Unlike Wordle, here you’ll need to guess down and across words just like you do in Sudoku. You can start the guesswork by clicking an arrow and complete the task in 6 attempts.

The words in the game are updated daily, so you can always come back for a new challenge. There’s also an unlimited mode, where you can play as many times as you want. Or, if you’ve creative developer skills, you can try your hand at Builder mode. This mode allows you to choose the size of the grid and the final answer, and the game does the rest.

Either way, Crosswordle is sure to give your brain a workout!

Play Scrabble


Play Scrabble is a popular online Wordle alternative game that you can play against your computer or even with your friends. This Scrabble game is different from others because it’s focused on multiplayer gameplay.

It has matchmaking options for various skills, so you can quickly find someone to play with that is close to your ability.

The app makers have made it easy for you to play it in your browser, and you can even download Scrabble Go mobile app on Android and IOS. Officially launched on National Scrabble day, this game has 15*15 blank squares that you fill with letters.

The game has a big community and ranks players based on their scores. In Scrabble, anyone with a rating of 1600 or higher is considered an expert. It makes the game more fun and challenging, as you can test your skills against others.

Waffle Game


Waffle is a letter rearranging game where the main goal is to find correct words horizontally and vertically. It’s one of the classical word-finding games you usually find in the newspapers.

Almost every Waffle can be solved in 10 moves, but try not to take more than 15 moves to accomplish this. Once you solve the Waffle, you’re awarded a star for every remaining move.

As soon as you drag the letters in the blanks, the green indicates whether they’re in the correct positions. The cool part is you can also check your score statistics and overall best streak.



Unlike other word puzzle games, Mywordle allows you to set a custom length for your words. Once you enter the word length, click on the generate link to create a new link for playing the game.

You can also select from the language options like English, Spanish, and French and set the one you’d like to play.

The game also provides additional options like dark theme mode and colorblind mode. Besides, the core idea is the same as you find in Wordle.

Hello Wordl


Last on our list is Hello Wordl. It’s a remake of a Wordle game, and you get six attempts to guess the word. The color coding is also the same; you get a new word puzzle every day.

You’ll find the game website very basic, with just enough options to change the color theme to dark mode. You also have the setting to change the keyboard layout and a button to share the game link.

Besides, they also provide the option to set the difficulty level. By default, it’s normal; but you can select options between the hard and ultra-hard levels.


It’s natural to wonder which Wordle alternative you should choose now that you know so many Wordle alternatives.

And to be honest, there’s no specific answer, and it’s dependent on your choice.

If you’re new to this word brainstorming concept, you may go ahead to check the Wordle game in your free time. Don’t forget you can play Wordle with your friends and family for endless hours of entertainment.

If you want to master this challenging game, don’t forget to check out tips and tricks for winning Wordle.

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