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In WordPress Last updated: July 28, 2023
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As much as people hate ads, we as marketers rely on it for a good stream of income.

Ad revenue for a blog or a website can be huge because it is completely passive. You don’t have to do anything apart from setting it up. However, that revenue can be dented by readers who don’t like to see ads. Nowadays, almost everyone uses AdBlock to get rid of the ads.

More than 40% of the internet users have an AdBlocker installed, and this is directly affecting your income.

Thankfully, there are AdBlock detection solutions available for WordPress that’ll help you fix this issue and recover your revenue.

Impact of AdBlock on your revenue

If you’re mainly dependent on ad revenue to sustain your online business, then you’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table. As stated above, more than 40% of internet users have AdBlockers installed, which means you’re earning nearly half the amount of money you’re supposed to. And that “half the amount” can be a lot, depending upon your monthly traffic.

Most of people enable AdBlock just because they hate ads. On the other hand, some people are forced to install it because of the website they’re on. Some websites have too many ads and popups, which can frustrate anybody. In a way, that is spamming, and it’s not cool.

So, before diving into the solutions, I’d highly recommend aiming for a better user experience by not bombarding with tons of ads. Try to lower it down a bit and keep it natural. With that being said, let’s jump into the list.


A very useful ad management plugin, AdSanity makes managing ads a breeze, no matter if it’s self-hosted or from the network. You can create and manage ads on your website and even view the accurate statistics for it. This, in turn, helps to serve ads to your readers in a more appropriate manner.

Other than that, it has these great features:

  • Lightweight
  • HTML5 ready
  • Fully extensible for large requirements
  • Different publishing options
  • Various display options for ads
  • Developer-friendly for customizations
  • Great support team

Their Ad Block detection add-on totally changes the game. After you’ve enabled it, it’ll start displaying a custom message that asks users to disable AdBlock to continue using your website.

As an alternative, you can also redirect AdBlock users to a specific page on your website that tells them about the issue. Pricing plans start from just $49/year, with the most popular one being $149/year that has a little more unbeatable features.


Blockthrough is a brilliant technology to monetize AdBlock users seamlessly without having to upset them. It helps you deliver a lighter ad experience to your readers by filtering in a way that doesn’t require them to turn on AdBlock. This solution blends in well with your existing programming infrastructure with simple documentation that anyone can follow.

You can also try out their AdBlock analytics to check how much percentage of your audience is using AdBlock and even measure how much revenue you can recover.

Also, another interesting tool on their website is the AdBlock revenue calculator that’ll help you identify the amount of revenue you can recover.


With Admiral’s AdBlock Recovery, you get access to a bunch of interesting features, such as:

  • Advanced analytics to calculate your revenue losses
  • AdBlock usage rate calculator across different browsers
  • Different ways to recover, like whitelisting and ad-reinsertion
  • Alternative value exchanges

Their one tag install and 24/7 support team add the cherry on top of their great service. You can request a free demo and then get started for $120/month.


Uponit helps your non-intrusive ads gain traction and maximize your payout dramatically. You can simply insert their JS code into your website’s header and automatically detect readers who’re using ad blockers.

After the tracking, you can calculate the amount of revenue you might be losing and get access to real-time statistics that’ll show you information such as the device, browser, and country from which the ad blocker is being used.

You can then go on to recover it with the help of their “plug and play” addition to your ad stack while using your tags. Besides, you can also directly display a message addressing the issue and if the users want to continue using the website.


Easily measure and recover income from ads with the help of Adrecover. They’re super strict when it comes to the quality of ads because they put readers first always. This means you can only expect to display high-quality ads when you’re using this service. They help you monetize your Adblock inventory in the most appropriate manner possible.

After enabling this solution, all you have to do is add the given code to your website’s header and start measuring and monetizing the ad impressions.

Adrecover is trusted by brands like Viacom, Viral Thread, and IBT.


As the name already hints, DeBlocker helps you block ad blockers and recover your revenue by displaying a message to the ad-block users asking them to turn off the service if they wish to continue using the website. It supports almost all of the ad blockers that are out there, including uBlock and Ads Killer.

To display the message, you can choose to display a small popup window or even open a full screen one.

An interesting feature of this service is until the visitor turns off the ad blocker, he/she won’t be able to perform certain actions on the website, like select and copy text and use hotkeys.

The plugin is lightweight and comes with six months of priority support.


OptinMonster’s AdBlock Detection delivers a custom message to the visitors informing them about the AdBlock. It can seamlessly bypass all of the ad blockers that are out there and potentially recover your deserved revenue.

With this plugin, you can politely ask them to disable the AdBlock, and while you might think most of the readers won’t, I am here to tell you they will. In fact, people don’t mind light ads on a website.

In addition, you can also ask them to whitelist your URL from the AdBlock instead of entirely disabling it.


I hope the above AdBlock detection solutions help you recover your revenue to boost the earning.

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