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In WordPress Last updated: September 22, 2023
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Since Algolia discontinued its WordPress plugin in 2019, the search for its perfect alternative is still on. Let’s check a few options for a hassle-free implementation.

Addicted to potent search engines like Google, a user might run away from a vastly substandard search experience on your WordPress website.

And while having a custom site search is not essential for beginners, it’s vital after your project reaches a certain size.

It helps users stay on your website and find relevant content without looking outside the Google search-which also might send them to your competition.

But why install yet another integration when WordPress already has a default search?

The thing is, WordPress search lacks many features like dropdowns, live results, typo tolerance, etc., which makes it risky to use for a huge, high-stakes web project.

That’s why webmasters install 3rd-party plugins to offer a decent search experience. And though the first option for most of us was Algolia, they haven’t been developing their WordPress plugin since 2019.

So, we need its alternatives for a blazing-fast implementation…

Algolia is probably one of the best search SaaS products, but here are some alternatives, as promised.

Ajax Search Pro

If you hate subscriptions as I do, Ajax Search Pro has got you covered with its one-time payment and lifetime updates.


  • Multiple search instances with individual shortcodes
  • Support to many content formats
  • Compatible with major page builders
  • Highly customizable aesthetics
  • Autocomplete and suggestions
  • Mobile responsive
  • Powerful search filters
  • Unlimited searches
  • Build-in cache
  • Search Analytics
  • Multilingual, etc.

In addition, you don’t need to buy the pro version directly; instead, you can try its forever-free subscription first.

Besides, the pro tier comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee for a risk-free trial.


SearchWP is a strictly premium Algolia alternative you can easily integrate into your WordPress website.



  • Supports text, PDF, and Office documents
  • Cross-site results for WordPress multisite installations
  • Boolean search to avoid certain keywords
  • Search results customization
  • Private content exclusion
  • Multiple search instances
  • Unlimited searches
  • Keyword stemming
  • Effortless integrations
  • Search Analytics
  • Related content extension, etc.

Arguably, the biggest advantage of SimilarWP is its compatibility with WordPress multisite. In addition, there are plenty of integrations and premium support to root out any issue.

While this has no free version, it carries a 14-day full-refund policy to give it a shot without second thoughts.


ElasticPress helps you over-deliver by implementing the iconic Elastic search used by industry heavyweights like Uber, Slack, Microsoft, Adobe, Audi, T-Mobile, and more.



  • Autosuggest
  • Results customization
  • Powerful filters
  • Related content extension
  • Content exclusion
  • Supports text, PDFs, and MS Office

This integration comes as a standard plugin you can install from the official WordPress repository. Next, you either purchase the hosting from ElasticPress or self-host and enter the details to get rolling.

Notably, ElasticPress has no free forever plan. However, you can opt for a free trial to test out before paying.

AWS CloudSearch

The search service by AWS is called CloudSearch. It’s a managed and cost-effective search solution for any website.

YouTube video

It supports 34 languages and some advanced features as the following.

  • Autocomplete
  • Highlighting
  • Field weighting
  • Free text search
  • Low latency

AWS CloudSearch is scalable and known for its high performance. Pricing is based on the usage and pays as you go.

CloudSearch plugin by Andrea Landonio makes it possible to use the AWS search service with WordPress.

Search with Typesense

Search with Typesense is a WordPress plugin that helps you implement Typesense. This is an open-source Algolia alternative to bring an efficient search engine for your WordPress project.

YouTube video


  • Sticky results
  • Typo tolerance
  • Synonym-friendly
  • Search results sorting & grouping
  • Powerful filters
  • Location-based search, etc.

To get started, you need to configure Typesense on your servers or its cloud. This gives you license keys you can enter in the Search with Typesense plugin to add this search tool to your WordPress website.

Typesense has an introductory trial period you can benefit from. In addition, Search with Typesense video tutorials makes the implementation hassle-free.


Relevanssi is the work of a single developer from Finland, Mikko Saari. He has been developing this plugin for around a decade now and supports 100k+ active installations all by himself.



  • Powerful search covering most WordPress elements
  • Compatible with PDFs, MS Office, ODT, RTF, and more.
  • Shortcode content compatibility
  • WordPress multisite support
  • Result highlights
  • Content exclusion
  • Search results prioritization
  • Sticky search results
  • Keyword stemming
  • Search results redirect
  • Stopwords and synonyms
  • Related posts extension

The best part of Relevanssi is direct contact with the developer. In addition, you get a free version with limited features to try before going for the pro, which comes with a no-questions-asked 30-day full refund guarantee.

Finally, there is also a one-time payment option offering lifetime updates and support.


AddSearch is a premium option used by top-tier industry leaders like Yamaha, Toyota, etc.



  • Typo tolerant
  • Auto recrawl
  • Search stats
  • Search results prioritization
  • Multilingual
  • Compatible with PDFs, MS Word, and MS PPT.
  • Mobile responsive
  • Excellent integrations
  • Search results personalization

While AddSearch has no free version, it has a 14-day free trial to which you can subscribe. And like all other WordPress search tools, this one has an official plugin you can install and configure easily.

Search & Filter

Search & Filter removes the search icon and implements a search form instead. Filters can be shown as a drop-down, checkbox, multiple selections, and radio buttons.

search & filter: an algolia alternative for WordPress


  • Powerful filters
  • Built-in cache
  • Excellent integrations
  • Unlimited search instances
  • Simple form builder
  • AJAX-powered search
  • Custom search results templates
  • Dedicated support

This one is supported by a small team led by Ross Morsali, who is 15 years into web development.

In addition, Search & Filter has a free version, and paid plans are available for single and unlimited websites with a 30-day full refund policy.

Ivory Search

Ivory Search powers up the default WordPress search and also permits the addition of user-friendly search forms. This supports unlimited search instances, every one with its customizations.



  • Media compatibility
  • Results highlight
  • Search customization
  • Keyword stemming
  • Content exclusion
  • Demo search for admins
  • Search results sorting
  • Search forms shortcodes
  • Excellent content support

This Algolia substitute has a forever free version, and the paid ones come with annual subscriptions and lifetime plans. In addition, there is a full-refund policy for unresolved issues in the first 30 days.

Check the Ivory Search website for more details.


Swiftype is a SaaS-based powerful search solution, SOC2 compliant and enterprise-ready.

Site Search by Swiftype is perfect for a content-based online business like a news site, eCommerce store, etc.


It allows a cross-domain search, has flexible integration, intuitive search, high-accuracy results, and is developer-friendly.

Swiftype integrates WordPress using its plugin.

Jetpack search is an exceptionally robust plugin that empowers visitors to swiftly locate their preferred content when needed. It’s a customizable WordPress plugin that serves websites containing up to 5,000 documents and allows 500 monthly search requests.  

Jetpack Search


  • Highly relevant search results 
  • Uses modern search ranking algorithms
  • Instant search and filtering without reload
  • Results are based on the site’s search stats 
  • Search filters such as categories, tags, dates, and more.
  • Device (Desktop and Phone) compatible plugin
  • Real-time search index update
  • WooCommerce integration 
  • Supports all languages 
  • Rapid and accurate spelling correction

If you require more search capacity, it necessitates additional usage beyond any limits. This feature-rich plugin optimizes site search for maximum usability and yields the best possible result. 


Elfsight Search Widget is an effective tool that improves the user experience of your website navigation. Your website can easily incorporate this personalized Google Search bar. It improves usability by facilitating easy navigation. 

Elfsight  Search-Bar and Widget

Key Features:

  • Based on Google API
  • Ensures and displays swift search results
  • Properly structured search results
  • Search results based on schema markup
  • Provides comprehensive search output 
  • Outstanding customizable design 
  • Integrates flawlessly 
  • Items can be promoted through links

The free version allows you to add the widget to unlimited websites but with 200 views. But paid options will give you more views, widgets, priority support, and an ad-free experience.

Search in Place

Search in Place enhances the real-time display of query results for blog searches. It offers a smooth and engaging user experience by dynamically presenting a listed result as you input your search parameters. 

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Applies real-time search behavior to website search boxes.
  • Searches across common post types (posts, pages, custom post types).
  • Sorts results based on the type of post.
  • Offers suggestions for search terms.
  • Limits dynamic search results when enabled.
  • Enables personalized popup windows for outcomes.
  • Search phrases are highlighted on the current and result pages.
  • Makes it easier to search using taxonomies and post information.
  • Additional search boxes can be added.
  • Integrates with other popular WordPress plugins.

The plugin converts search boxes on websites into dynamic “search in place” elements with ease. Furthermore, it provides the additional option of easily adding more search boxes through shortcodes.

Site Search 360

Site Search 360 lets you search more efficiently by enhancing your WordPress site’s search functionalities. Using this plugin, you can acquire significant insight into user search activity while relishing extensive customization options. 

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Swift indexing and instant suggestions.
  • Grouped result clusters for easy navigation.
  • Seamless drop-in replacement for quick activation.
  • Typeahead autocomplete for speedy searches.
  • Custom taxonomy terms are indexed and displayed.
  • Automatic real-time search result updates.
  • Simple customization via CSS and dashboard.
  • Compatibility with Site Search 360 Search Designer.

You will be able to boost page visits and interaction, promote your greatest content, and get useful metrics. Thus, you will be able to understand the accurate purpose of each search.   

ACF: Better Search goes beyond the default search engine used by WordPress. With the help of this tool, the WordPress search engine can now effectively look for material inside the designated fields.

ACF Better Search

Key Features: 

  • Finds content in Advanced Custom Fields. 
  • Improved code that improves faster search by 75%. 
  • Allows accurate whole-phrase search. 
  • Simple setup and works with most plugins.
  • Presents precise search results for better exploration. 
  • Improves search relevance. 
  • Can improve search rankings through relevance.

It doesn’t require human code entry since it runs automatically and dynamically represents search results.  Plus, it improves the efficiency of the search engine by optimizing SQL database queries. 

In addition to posts, Better Search can find pages and custom post types. It permits your visitors to locate the exact content that they are looking for. The plugin comes with a lot of customizable options that will let you quickly alter the output. 

Better Search

Key Features:

  • Automatically replaces default search engine.
    Presents better search results with more relevancy.
  • Integrates flawlessly with any theme. 
  • Relevance is automatically assigned to search results.
  • Search via title, content, excerpt, meta fields, authors, tags, and other taxonomies and comments. 
  • Show a heatmap of popular search phrases on an overall and daily basis.
  • Flawlessly integrates into your blog, template files, settings page, custom style pages, and more. 
  • Syncs with cache plugins
  • A customizable list of stop terms is available.
  • Translation-ready search outputs.
  • Shortcodes and widgets available 

You can further refine the results by giving the title or the content more weight. Furthermore, the plugin keeps track of searchers and shows a search heatmap of the popular queries. Kindly be advised that a search results page is not generated by the plugin. 

Did you find your Algolia alternative?

WordPress plugins do exist for a reason. And the one you’ll need sooner than later, especially if you have an eCommerce store, is for enhancing its search.

The listed options will serve you well, with many having free versions. Even all the paid subscriptions have some sort of cash-back policies for risk-free trials.

Until next time!

PS: While we all aim for superior user experience, what about security? So, check these premium WordPress security plugins to stay a few steps ahead of the bad guys.

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