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In WordPress Last updated: July 14, 2023
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Effective reservation management plays a crucial role when it comes to certain online businesses. Having a reliable booking system is essential if you are running a hotel, restaurant, clinic, or any other service-based business. It ensures customer satisfaction and increases revenue significantly.  

Thankfully WordPress offers a huge variety of booking plugins that streamlines the overall reservation management process. Using these plugins, you can simply integrate advanced reservation features into your website.

Thus, your website will become a customer-friendly booking platform. Plus, you will have full control over the booking management without relying on any third-party services. 

With booking plugins, you are eliminating your customers’ hassle of navigating multiple sites and phone calls. Also, you are getting more chances of converting visitors into customers. In this article, we will highlight the importance of booking plugins and introduce you to some of the best booking plugins out there. 

Benefits Of Using WordPress Booking Plugins To Schedule Appointments Online


You won’t require any coding knowledge or complex technical experience to operate a WordPress booking plugin. Also, you won’t need to create a complex reservation system from scratch. Here are some mentionable benefits of using WordPress booking plugins for scheduling appointments online: 

Smooth Booking Experience

You can provide the easiest reservation experience for your clients with WordPress booking plugin on your site. With a user-friendly interface, these plugins streamline the entire booking process. 

Your clients won’t need to go out of your website to book your service, which holds their buying attention. As a result, you won’t miss the opportunity of increasing revenue by controlling the entire customer journey

Round-the-clock Availability 

Utilizing the booking plugin, clients can place a reservation for your service at any time they prefer. With 24/7 availability, booking plugins can assist customers even outside normal business hours. So, you are never missing any customers because the plugin has your reservation system always active. 

Accurate Availability Updates

WordPress booking plugin updates the availability of a reservation slot instantly. It corresponds to your company’s schedule so that customers can see the real-time availability. Thus, they can choose the best slot they prefer, and your business won’t face any reservation conflicts. 

Automated Confirmation & Notification

Booking plugins automatically send emails or SMS to the customers upon confirmation of reservation. You can also customize the plugin so that customers can get notifications close to their appointment date and time. As a result, the likelihood of no-shows minimizes, and general client satisfaction rises. 

Modifiable Booking Forms

You can personalize the booking form according to your business and brand type and make it look professional. So, you can easily collect all the crucial information from your customers, such as names, contact details, service preferences, and more. Moreover, it saves your time and raises the quality of your service since you can collect all the relevant data upfront. 

WordPress booking plugins will let you connect with multiple renowned online payment gateways. Therefore, clients can rely on your payment methods and make safe transactions while booking a reservation. This increases your company’s cash flow, simplifies the payment procedure, and removes manual payment processing.

Complete Appointment Management

Using a WordPress booking plugin, you will get an effective appointment management process in place. You can view, edit, set, or cancel any reservation from a centralized dashboard. This guarantees seamless operations and increases customer experience. Furthermore, some plugins offer rescheduling, appointment history, and customer profiles to provide more customized service.

Multi-user Management

You can have a team of staff members managing appointments using the multi-user management feature. This will help you in scheduling staff members’ availability, assigning them to particular appointments, and monitoring their productivity. 

Analytics & Report 

With reporting and analytics features, you can understand appointment patterns, client preferences, and income production. Thus, you can make better decisions using these data-driven insights. Ultimately, you can improve your service and take it to the next level. 

Compatibility With Other Plugins

WordPress booking plugins can integrate with other plugins in the WordPress ecosystem. You can integrate your reservation system with a calendar plugin, CRM tools, email marketing tools, and more. Thus, the overall functionality and effectiveness of your booking system have become more improved.

Now, let’s explore some of the best WordPress booking plugins and their core features. 

WP Booking System

WP Booking System is an exceptional booking calendar plugin for WordPress. It is trusted by many since it boasts an impressive satisfaction rate and is highly rated by others. The plugin allows you to effortlessly create booking calendars and forms while effectively handling all the bookings.

Also, you can customize the booking calendar to align perfectly with your unique requirements. 

WP Booking System plugin

Key Features:

  • View all the reservations in one place arranged within tabs. 
  • Locate specific bookings easily by sorting them or using the search option.
  • Set booking restrictions based on minimum or maximum days, advanced periods, and more.
  • Use a single dashboard to view or edit payment details, send emails to clients, and more. 
  • Take offline reservations via phone calls or emails and add them manually to the calendar. 
  • Get detailed reports & statistics of your bookings and earnings. 
  • Review bookings manually and keep or decline them according to your preference.
  • Export all the booking information in a CSV file format. 


Amelia is a trusted booking solution that guarantees a user-friendly experience for users. It streamlines the process of scheduling appointments and reserving spots. The plugin automates the booking system via the latest technology stacks and advanced features. Thus, managing bookings for events, companies, and individuals becomes a lot easier with this solution. 

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Create booking forms for online appointments and events scheduling with unique UI and UX.
  • Perfect for law consultants, gym & sports, private clinics, salons, and repair centers.
  • Both the front end and back end is made with a mobile-first approach.
  • Auto detects global customers and sets meetings and events based on time zone.
  • A convenient calendar view on the back end provides a complete overview of all scheduled appointments and events.
  • The back-end dashboard shows stats and KPIs, calendar views, appointments, employees, services, location management, and more. 
  • Integrates with WooCommerce, enabling you to sell products and services through a booking system.


BookingPress is an all-rounder appointment & scheduling plugin for WordPress designed for the service-based industry. It is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes as well as individuals willing to manage their appointment scheduling online. 

The plugin comes with an easy setup process and a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it offers fully automated staff scheduling, self-booking, and a simple payment process. 

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Ideal for Health, Fitness, Salon, Medical, Professional services, education, equipment, and more categories.
  • Allows clients to view staff availability and service prices and easily book appointments via a beautiful booking widget.
  • A multitude of tools to effortlessly track bookings, manage clients, handle payments, monitor availability, and more.
  • Toolset to customize the booking form, including color scheme, titles, and layout, using a convenient editor. 
  • Send timely Email, WhatsApp, and SMS notifications to your clients in their preferred communication channels. 
  • Effective employee scheduling while providing individual flexibility for days off.
  • Synchronizes with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar for better scheduling and notification providing. 
  • Centralized analytics dashboard that provides comprehensive data for your appointment business 

Webba Booking

Webba Booking plugin is packed with features to streamline your entire booking management process. It’s a lightweight and user-friendly plugin that gives your full control over the booking and reservation process. Plus, the plugin is perfect for small businesses, hotels, vacation rentals, spas, salons, medicals, fitness, and more.  

Webba Booking Plugin

Key Features: 

  • Customize the entire plugin using 80+ design options and 79 design presents. 
  • Users can also book using their mobile devices from anywhere they prefer.
  • Booking features include Group booking, Chain booking, Pricing rules, Service grouping, and more.
  • Customizable booking forms with infinite services, business hours, and custom fields to gather essential info 
  • Integration with safe & secure payment options with 100+ gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • Send notifications and reminders via Email or SMS.
  • Powerful integrations with renowned platforms such as Google Calendar, WooCommerce, and more. 
  • Multilingual plugin which integrates with WPML and is ideal for global customers.  

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is one of the pioneering and widely acclaimed booking plugins for WordPress. It offers a visually appealing booking system that beautifully represents calendar availability.

Booking Calendar Plugin for WordPress

So, your website gets geared up for taking reservations from your customers. Besides, the clean booking admin panel makes the overall booking process a breeze for the customers. Furthermore, the plugin syncs with other services so that your booking never conflicts and stays updated. 

Key Features: 

  • Offers a fully responsive and visually appealing design that looks great on any device. 
  • A pleasant and welcoming admin interface allows you to see and manage reservations.
  • Accepts an infinite number of reservation resources (services or attributes).
  • Choose from a variety of stylish calendar templates to match the outlook of your website 
  • Notify customers via emails for every booking activity.
  • Integrates with the most well-liked payment gateways.
  • Accepts multiple reservations made by users on the same day based on resource capacity.
  • Set selection criteria based on the minimum, maximum number of days, and half-day reservation.
  • Prices and charges can be determined based on special days, coupons, or deposit payments.
  • Multi-user and multi-language support is available.  

Appointment Hour Booking

Appointment Hour Booking is a versatile WordPress plugin that allows you to create customizable booking forms for appointments. Users can visually select start times from calculated options such as hours and service durations. 

AppointAppointment Hour Booking WordPress Booking Plugin

The plugin is perfect for different industries and automates availability management to prevent double bookings. Plus, this solution is perfect for services related to medical, fitness, event, room reservation, language classes, and more. 

Key Features: 

  • Easily configure your calendar data and schedules using a visual interface.
  • Define working dates, invalid/holiday dates, and special dates.
  • Restrict default, maximum and minimum dates.
  • Personalize the open hours for selected dates.
  • Set various services for each calendar. 
  • Set the price and duration for each service. 
  • Automatic start time calculation based on open hours and service duration.
  • Set email notifications and personalize them for customers and admins. 
  • Secure form validation method with anti-spam and captcha protection.
  • Works perfectly and comes with Gutenberg and Elementor blocks. 
  • Supports multiple date formats and 53+ languages for calendar

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is an ideal solution for implementing a reservation system on your WordPress website. It’s a robust plugin that enables you to create unlimited booking calendars, forms, and so on. Customers and admins can enjoy the convenience of email notification, instant approval, and integration with different payment methods.   

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Create an infinite number of booking calendars for different purposes.
  • Get a variety of calendar themes, Forms, and extras for different calendars. 
  • Customizable email settings for notifying customers and admins in different situations.
  • Use it as a booking widget on your website. 
  • Automatically approve user requests on reservations.
  • Payment via cash and PayPal option is available.
  • Users can create time slots based on hours and even minutes for booking.
  • A responsive plugin that works perfectly on different devices. 


Bookly revolutionizes the online booking experience with its free and leading scheduling plugin for WordPress. This powerful tool lets you accept online bookings and automate the reservation system.

Therefore, you can flawlessly handle your booking calendar, services, and client base from a centralized dashboard. So, you can boost your online sales by simplifying appointment management for different industries. 

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Rapid online booking system that offers intuitive and customizable forms
  • Customizable booking form that requires no coding skills.
  • Include an unlimited number of booking forms on your site.
  • Calendar view based on monthly, weekly, and daily timeframes.
  • Customers can search, sort, and filter the booking lost as they prefer.
  • Each service has a variable length from 5 minutes to 7 days. 
  • Services are categorized for the user’s convenience.
  • SMS and email settings can be changed directly from the backend. 
  • Multi-language support is available via WPML integration. 
  • Operate marketing objectives via automated SMS and Email campaigns.

Appointment Booking Calendar

Appointment Booking Calendar plugin gives you the ultimate experience for online bookings. It is designed to cater to various industries and activities, such as medical consultations, classrooms, events, transportation, and more. Your clients can easily select their desired time slot from a set of available options via a convenient calendar format. 

Appointment Booking Calendar fir WordPress

Key Features:

  • Consumers can reserve a time slot from a list of available times.
  • The PayPal payment option is linked with the reservation form. 
  • For each time slot, you can choose the number of appointments that can be made.
  • Upon payment completion, Email notifications are sent to the provided email list.
  • A confirmation email containing the appointment information is sent to the customers. 
  • A user can be given access to the calendar for scheduling appointments. Thus, users with an “Editor Access Level” can only access the scheduling area. 
  • Appointments are exported to Outlook, Google Calendar format (iCal).
  • Prevents spam from appointment calendar form using captcha validation.
  • Admins can define working days, precise available time slots, appointment capacity, etc.


StartBooking plugin creates a highly engaging booking and reservation environment on your website. It helps individuals and organizations to sell their services through its cloud booking services.

You will require minimum updates on any theme of your WordPress site to implement a professional booking calendar. However, the plugin offers a wide range of tools that you can control straight from your WordPress dashboard. 

StartBooking WordPress plugin

Key Features: 

  • Flexible booking processes enable customers to schedule appointments with ease. 
  • Integrates with renowned calendar platforms, including Google Calendar, for precise scheduling.
  • Operate various services with different durations, pricing, and availability. 
  • Automated notifications to keep customers updated about confirmations and scheduling updates. 
  • Distribute and maintain resources for staff members or rooms to guarantee effective scheduling and use. 
  • Secure and flexible online payment methods such as Stripe. 
  • Detailed reporting and analytics features provide insight into your website performance. 
  • Syncs with your CRM to handle customer relations more effectively
  • Connects with more than 5000 apps and services through Zapier. 

Simply Schedule Appointments

Simply Schedule Appointments is an appointment booking plugin ideal for consultants and small businesses. This WordPress plugin comes with an intuitive interface that integrates perfectly with your site and provides great support. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up an appointment scheduling calendar and accept your first booking. 

Simply Schedule Appointments

Key Features: 

  • Countless Reservation Calendars are available with personalized notifications.
  • Utilize Blackout Dates and Advanced Scheduling Options to completely customize your timetable.
  • Utilize the Block editor, Elementor widgets, Beaver Builder modules, and Divi modules to embed the appointment scheduling calendars.
  • Create and customize a booking calendar that reflects your brand and website.
  • Available in several languages, including Spanish, German, French, and more!
  • Google Calendar, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and tracking available (Pro). 

Booking Ultra Pro

Booking Ultra Pro offers a bundle of features to assist you in handling appointments over the clock. The plugin will minimize your effort even if you’re running a huge institute and scheduling mass people. You can manage all the booking-related processes from your website and provide your customers with a unique booking experience. 

Booking Ultra Pro Plugin for WordPress

Key Features: 

  • Support for various booking types such as appointments, events, classes, and more
  • Accept payments for bookings through popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and 
  • Customizable booking forms to collect relevant info during the booking process. 
  • User-friendly calendar interface that allows you to view and manage bookings, availability, and schedules.
  • Customizable emails and notifications to update both customers and admins.
  • Efficiently manage resources such as rooms, equipment, or staff. 
  • Online appointment handling options for both client and admin
  • Allows you to handle company and staff working hours and days. 
  • Integration capabilities with popular WordPress plugins and includes add-ons


We’ve mentioned some of the leading booking plugins to ease your overall reservation management process. Now, it’s your turn to transform your WordPress site into a profit-generating business website that includes reservation features. But before installing a plugin, carefully go through the features and select the one that aligns perfectly with your business.

You may also explore some best WordPress CRM plugins for boosting business efficiency.

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