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  • Let’s get familiar with what is landing page and why you need it before jumping on how to create one.

    What is a Landing Page?

    The landing page as the name suggests redirects a user to a particular web page for special action. It could be lead capture, sale, product announcement, etc.

    You can redirect users to your landing page from various sources such as  Facebook ads, Email, Social media posts to name a few.

    Landing pages are an excellent prospect for generating leads to grow your mailing list or drive more sales.

    You can’t stop there; technically you can use a landing page for anything that attracts users for more traffic, business.

    Why Landing Page?

    Let’s explore some of its benefits.

    Generate Relevant Data & Insights

    Have you ever wondered which specific campaign or channel helps you to generate more leads? The fact is tracking the behavior of landing pages through various campaigns can be very useful as you would be getting the proper insight about your target audience.

    This insight can very well help you to figure out the overall effectiveness and the results.

    Increase Email List

    Landing pages are preferably used as a means of the lead generation which means that your business would ideally get an email, phone number which you can turn into potential leads.

    A landing page must contain a form that asks for user information which can very well be used as a way to increase your Email List.

    By using this Email list, you can send across various promotions, newsletters, and promotional sales offers which in turn help your business to stay at the top.

    Brand Awareness

    Landing pages can be great to increase your brand awareness. This will help users to get engaged with your brand and thus more likely to recognize your business.

    So, when designing a landing page for your business, do keep in mind that the look and feel of the page are unique so that the customers remember it easily. Don’t forget to put your brand logo on your landing page.


    Landing pages are meant to work on a particular objective. You can perhaps optimize the elements of a landing page so that you can make an action for that specific task as much as possible. This will make users understand that you can recognize their problems and thus help them by solving their problems.

    Also, you can add testimonials of various people on the landing page for a particular service or product.

    I hope you get an idea about the advantages of landing pages and how you could very well take the benefit associated with them.

    How to Create a Fantastic Landing Page?

    Thanks to the following some of the best WordPress plugins for helping you to create a landing page quickly.


    Are you a digital marketer or a business owner craving for a conversion-focused landing page making tool?

    OptimizePress can be the best option for you!

    It offers more than 40 templates for landing pages that are optimized for conversion. You can customize it completely to change its look and feel based on your brand and service offerings using its editor – OptimizeBuilder. It is an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that allows you to edit the color, size, font, text, etc. quickly on landing pages.

    Another great thing about its templates is that they are mobile responsive and look great across multiple devices to welcome more visitors. They are developed to exhibit high page loading speed and are already tested for performance.

    Increase conversion rates of your landing pages by using two-step opt-in forms. All the features that OptimizePress provides are compliant with GDPR. It is the first WordPress page builder that integrates with Unsplash directly so you can access 1M+ royalty-free images.

    The plans of OptimizePress start from $99/year for 1 site and include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Thrive Architect

    Present your offerings aesthetically and grow your email list by creating landing pages optimized for higher conversion from Thrive Architect.

    You don’t need to be a tech expert or require any coding skills to create and design landing pages. Its impressive editor, which they call “click-to-edit,” can reflect the changes instantly. They also provide 269 beautiful templates that you are free to customize.

    Use their pre-built elements such as countdown timers, testimonials, buttons, etc. instead of plugins. Its page builder includes interesting elements such as flexible column layouts, attention-seeking hover effects, image and text combinations, 700 fonts to choose from, full-width layouts, and more.

    You can preview a page instantly on various screen sizes to check how it looks and toggles its element visibility. Apart from elements, you get lots of building blocks such as text, heading, background section, Facebook comments, tweets, social share, divider, custom menu, progress bar, fill counter, retina icons, star rating, video embeds, and many more.

    You can manage and run A/B tests directly on your landing pages from the dashboard. Take up the Thrive Membership at $19/month to access all the features or a license starting from $67 for 1 year.


    Elementor is one of the leading sites that marketers turn up to for building great and unlimited landing pages. Create any design you can imagine for your landing pages quickly and easily with complete design freedom.

    You can either choose from their over 100 professional templates or create one from scratch to showcase your creativity. It provides 20+ building blocks, including unique ones like Google Maps, image carousel, icon box, accordion, SoundCloud, shortcode, etc.

    You can create various landing pages with Elementor, including pages for sales, lead capturing, splash, squeeze pages, etc. Connect it with other marketing tools for SEO, email marketing, A/B testing, audio, video uploads, etc.

    You can use its free version or go for the Pro plan starting at $49/year for 1 site.


    Build responsive landing pages by leveraging PluginOps. This plugin is based purely on CSS or HTML and is designed specifically to help you create landing pages, including lead page, opt-in page, etc.

    Move each element and widgets or re-order rows by dragging and dropping the elements using its visual editor. The robust tool ensures the top performance of your landing pages, and if anything goes wrong, you can edit it right away, which can be reflected immediately.

    They provide pre-designed and customizable templates and free widgets. It’s compatible with WordPress themes, and they have already tested more than 50 of them. It lets you include subscriber form or other forms using a shortcode.

    PluginOps supports editing from the phone to make designing convenient and help you create landing pages from multiple device variants. You can also make your landing pages SEO optimized by correcting page titles, thumbnail images, meta keywords, and tags.


    With Brizy, creating awesome-looking landing pages is easy and fast, with no need for designer or developer skills.

    Brizy does not confuse you with lots of options for one element. Instead, it straightforwardly shows what is really needed for the element you are going to edit. Create designs in no time using its innovative editor and choose from dozens of pre-made designs and 150 blocks.

    You get 4000+ icons for both Glyph and Outline versions and find the exact one for your need by keyword searches and filtering it through various categories. You can switch instantly to the mobile view to see the changes for making the landing pages mobile-friendly.

    Control images effortlessly by uploading, resizing, zooming, and focusing them within seconds. Brizy backs up all your data in the cloud, and any change you make can also be saved automatically so you can come back anytime and edit it.


    The powerful WordPress page builder – Divi is one of the best available in the market with a superior and intuitive visual editor. Whether you are a beginner or a design professional, it powers you with 40+ spectacular design elements to efficiently create awesome landing pages.

    It allows you to add custom CSS of your own and combine it with Divi’s visual designs. Control the looks of your landing pages through Divi’s responsive and in-line text editing. You can manage and save unlimited custom pages and reuse them whenever you need them.

    Create amazing hover effects with Divi and transform modules into interactive and fun elements. You can customize all the basic text elements like block quotes, lists, anchor links, and more. Add a hint of personal touch to your site by creating a dynamic transition between content blocks with the help of shape dividers.

    Add unique effects with a border editor to control its color, size, and style along with rounded corners. Use its advanced code editor for syntax highlighting, color picking, error reporting, auto-complete, find and replace, search, multi-line select, etc. You can find lots of filters and effects, drop shadows, text shadows, and animations to make landing pages interesting.

    Divi provides powerful split testing to examine which content and design can perform better. It also gives useful insights to help you choose the better version among the two to increase your landing pages’ success. Its pricings start from $89 for 1 year, or you can enjoy it for a lifetime by paying a one-time fee of $249.


    Enjoy the extensive control and flexibility of creating landing pages from Oxygen. Its visual editor is powerful and can easily drag the edges of design elements to apply spaces and order them the way you want.

    It is developer-friendly with basic HTML elements and lets you write JS, CSS, and PHP live. Enjoy advanced functionalities like adaptable builder elements and dynamic data through loops and repeaters.

    Its basic pricing starts at $99, a one-time fee, and includes a 60-day money-back guarantee.


    Are you looking for a beginner-friendly and easiest landing page builder for WordPress?

    WPOnepager can help!

    It helps you create different landing pages for businesses, services, products, apps, events, and resume landing pages. It offers 100+ superbly designed premium blocks and templates. Add blocks with just a click and make it SEO friendly and mobile responsive.

    It also provides amazing animation effects that grab eyeballs, slides to scroll, and beautiful typography for each block, so people feel comfortable when they read your landing pages. You can save all your work into your library and then access, reuse, or edit them anytime on different pages.

    You can also check the responsiveness of your landing pages on a tablet, mobile, and PC. WPOnepager supports multiple languages so you can serve the global audience.

    Its pricing starts from $39/year for 1 site and $99 for a lifetime, including a 7-day money-back guarantee.


    Page Builder by SiteOrigin is one of the most popular WordPress plugins with more than 1 million installed. It works with almost any type of theme, and you can get the page created without coding.

    Some of the features:

    • Live editor – see how it does look like without saving/refreshing your page
    • Available in 17 languages
    • Version control – don’t worry if you broke something with the new change. You can always roll back or roll forward with one click.
    • Custom CSS – need little CSS addition? No problem.

    Most importantly, it’s FREE.

    Beaver Builder

    Beaver is one of the highly praised WordPress page builders which works flawlessly with the Genesis framework.

    Beaver is developer friendly, SEO optimized, responsive & support WooCommerce. It can collaborate with any WordPress themes.

    More than 275,000 sites trust Beaver. You can create either landing page from scratch or choose from more than 30 templates.

    Beaver got the lite version with limited functionality in FREE so give a try and see how it goes.


    Qards by Designmodo is a fantastic plugin to create a remarkable landing page in card or presentation style. You can create a promo site, startup, article, photo story in minutes. Qards is fully responsive and supports in-line editing.

    Not just landing page but you can create a complete website with Qards without coding.

    Earlier, creating Landing Pages was an expensive process, but with the above plugin, you can create an actionable landing page quickly at an affordable price. Some of them are FREE.