Last week, I moved my hosting from DigitalOcean to Linode and never thought it would that easy.

Before I jump into technical details, I didn’t have any issue with DO but heard many positive feedbacks about Linode (especially stronger CPU) so thought to give a try.

I was worried about missing up with data but decided to take risk and experience. This is not just about from DO to Linode but you can try this on any other VPS.

First, about my setup

  • Hosting – DigitalOcean
  • DNS, CDN & Security – Cloud Flare
  • WordPress Stack – Installed through EasyEngine

The goal is to transfer just the Hosting from DO to Linode and here is what I did.

To make it simple, I have divided the activities into following three sections.

  1. To do on current hosting (DO)
  2. To do on new hosting (Linode)
  3. To do on Cloud Flare

I assume you have already bought VM at Linode and it’s powered ON and nothing running on it.

To do on current hosting – DigitalOcean

Without any doubt – backup your DigitalOcean droplet (though you will not make any changes but just in case)

  • Install & Active WP Clone plugin (I tried some other but found this the easiest one)
  • Click on WP Clone at left navigation


  • Click on Create Backup


It will take few minutes based on your website size. For me, it took around 2 minutes and my content was around 500 MB.

  • It will confirm on backup successful with a backup file path.


  •  Take a note of the backup file URL.

To do on new hosting – Linode

  • Login to your VM with root
  • Install Easy Engine with your preferred cache choice. Take a look at below URL for installation option

Note: Install the WordPress on IP address given by Linode.

  • Login to new WordPress Admin
  • Install & Active WP Clone plugin
  • Open WP Clone from left navigation
  • Select “Restore from URL” and enter the URL, which you copied, from old hosting
  • Accept the “I AGREE” and click on Restore from URL


It will take few minutes to restore and will prompt once restoration is done.

Now, WordPress is restored from old VPS to new and it’s time to do a little configuration.

Access the WordPress admin from Linode and ensure you see all your data like.

  • Posts
  • Images under Media Library
  • Pages
  • Plugins

Once you are satisfied, update the new IP at Cloud Flare.

To do on Cloud Flare

  • Login into Cloud Flare
  • Go to DNS tab
  • Update the IP address of your domain


It may take few seconds and your domain will be pointed to Linode’s IP. Access the URL and see if you can access.

One more thing, which I did and you should, too is to replace the IP with Domain name at new hosting. This will ensure all links are pointing to the domain name.

  • Login to the WordPress Admin
  • Install & Activate “Find and Replace All” plugin
  • Enter the Linode’s IP address in “Find String”
  • Enter the domain name in “Replace with String” and click on Replace Now


Total time to migrate WordPress took around 30 minutes and it was smoother than I imagine. During DNS change, I had an outage for 5 minutes so be prepared for it.


So that was my WordPress migration experience and thought to share with you. Let me know if any question in below comments.