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  • Take note of these eight user management plugins for efficient registration, role allocation, and overall user management for your WordPress website.

    While personal WordPress projects can survive without such utilities, ineffective user management begins to haunt you once you enter the business territory.

    Although WordPress has native user management, it’s bare-bones and lacks the excellent features some plugins offer.

    wordpress native user management

    If you’re still confused about it, then start with this:

    What is WordPress User Management?

    User Management, put simply, is assigning roles and controlling who-can-do-what on your WordPress website.

    For instance, it helps you preserve something special only for your subscribers. Or, more importantly, you’re running an online course with some content meant just for paid users.

    And finally, you can also design an access-restricted website.

    This also translates to spam protection, preventing misuse, and selective content delivery.

    So, without any further wait, check out our list of best User Management Plugins for WordPress.

    Just so as you know, the features listed under any product attest to the top-of-the-line subscriptions.  


    MemberPress is a robust WordPress plugin that brings plenty of functionality to manage a membership website.

    memberpress: wordpress user management plugin


    • Selective Content Access
    • Custom Pricing Pages
    • Learning Management System (LMS) Add-On
    • Coupon Generation, Customization, and Control
    • Excellent WordPress Themes Compatibility
    • Timebound Content Release and Control
    • Excellent Payment gateways
    • Easy Affiliate Plugin
    Active Installations WordPress Ratings
    200,000+ 4.8/5 from 782 Votes

    Download MemberPress.

    WP User Manager

    WP User Manager is another option to manage a membership-heavy WordPress website.

    wp user manager: wordpress plugins user management


    • Personalized User Avatars
    • Beautiful User Directories
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Controlled Content Access
    • User Verification and Spam Protection
    • Automatic Login & Password Management
    • SEO-friendly URL for user profiles
    • Social Logins and Community Creation
    • WooCommerce and Mailchimp Integration
    Active Installations WordPress Ratings
    10,000+ 4.7/5 from 295 Votes

    Download WP User Manager.

    WP User Frontend Pro

    WP User Frontend Pro should be the first one to try as it has a free-forever plan. You can subscribe and keep using it with limited features without paying a penny.

    WP User Frontend Pro: plugin for wordpress user management


    • Drag & Drop Builder With Live Preview
    • Guest Posting Support
    • Customizable User Forms
    • Coupons Support and Profile Builder
    • Content Restrictions and Custom Login Pages
    • PayPal, Stripe, MailPoet, and Mailchimp integration
    • Social Logins and Spam Protection
    Active Installations WordPress Ratings
    30,000+ 4.1/5 from 414 Votes

    Download WP User Frontend.

    User Role Editor

    You can imagine User Role Editor as an extension to greatly enhance WordPress default user management abilities. This user management WordPress plugin also has a free tier.

    user role editor: wordpress user roles management

    This utility can block parts of your WordPress website based on user roles.

    For instance, it can block:

    • Selected Admin & Navigation Menu Items
    • Metaboxes, Widgets, and Sidebars
    • Front End Menu Items

    In addition, based on a user level, you can:

    • Define Access to Specific Plugins
    • Import and Export User Roles
    • Do Multisite Management
    • Controlled Content Viewing and Editing
    Active Installations WordPress Ratings
    700,000+ 4.5/5 from 250 Votes

    Download User Role Editor.

    Profile Builder

    Adding to the list, Profile Builder Pro is a similar front-end registration, login, and user management plugin for WordPress websites.

    profile builder pro: wordpress profile building and user management


    • Creating Login & Registration Forms
    • Role-Based Content Access
    • Double Opt-In via Email
    • Customizable User Login
    • Build Members-Only Website
    • Allows User Avatars & Social Logins
    • Specific User Registration Forms
    • Enforce Minimum Password Strength
    • WooCommerce, Mailchimp, bbPress, and BuddyPress integration
    Active Installations WordPress Ratings
    60,000+ 4.7/5 from 615 Votes

    Download Profile Builder.

    Remove Dashboard Access

    Remove Dashboard Access is coded by Drew Jaynes. And the purpose is clear–limit dashboard items to some users. Take a look:

    remove dashboard access for wordpress

    The censorship is aimed at everyone except admins. You can also display a login message, select a custom redirect URL, or optionally allow all users to edit their profile.

    Active Installations WordPress Ratings
    50,000+ 4.6/5 from 72 Votes

    Download Remove Dashboard Access.

    WPFront User Role Editor

    This WordPress user role editor plugin also has a free version. Like some of the mentioned already, the plugin allows for custom abilities for users.

    wp user role editor


    • Create/Edit/Delete Roles
    • Assign Multiple Role
    • Permission-based Navigation Menu and Widgets
    • Personalized Admin Menu for Specific User Levels
    • Role-Based Login Redirects
    • Restricted Access to Posts/Pages
    • Media/Attachment File Permissions
    • Controlled visibility for Particular Elements of a Page/Post
    • Multisite Syncing
    • Import/Export
    Active Installations WordPress Ratings
    60,000+ 4.5/5 from 61 Votes

    Download WPFront User Role Editor.


    PublishPress is a user management utility with a capable free version to start with.

    publishpress-wordpress user management plugin


    • Create & Copy Roles with Multisite Sync
    • Custom Content Read/Delete/Edit Permissions
    • Set Custom User Status
    • Plugins Access Control
    • Media Library Authorization
    • Control WooCommerce Product Catalog
    • Admin and Navigation Menu Restrictions
    • Admin and Editor Feature Limitations
    Active Installations WordPress Ratings
    10,000+ 4.1/5 from 46 Votes

    Download PublishPress.


    WordPress User Management is an essential aspect of any online business. And that’s precisely why we have so many excellent options to choose from.

    On a side note, you should check out our compilation of WordPress Security Plugins and Services.