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In Digital Marketing Last updated: November 28, 2022
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YouTube has been an entertaining platform for many years. People watch and stream their favorite content and can get immense reach worldwide.

With over 2 billion active users and 13 billion monthly visits, YouTube has earned a second-place amongst the world’s top sites, making it more than an entertaining platform.

Business owners and marketers are now utilizing the platform for marketing purposes. With such a massive audience on the platform, the marketing potential of YouTube cannot be ignored.

  • With a 2 billion user base, even a small amount of content on your YouTube channel can reach a substantial population if you follow the right SEO practices.
  • Do you know you can backlink the data on your website with a YouTube video, and the video will show up in Google results? – a very seamless way to promote your brand.
  • Video content can speak a million words in a single scene— and hence you can create interesting YouTube videos to evoke customers’ emotions to bring your business to life.

Why not entertain the audience alongside promoting your product or business by employing YouTube SEO and marketing tactics?

Let’s now see how to create a YouTube Channel and promote it to your audience to get more views.

Understand your audience

No content can boost your brand’s sales and get you higher reach until it is creative, engaging, and aligned to your audience’s taste. Thus, before you utilize any YouTube SEO tools or Affiliate Marketing, it’s essential to know what your audience wants from you!

There are many ways to figure out which video can go miles on the YouTube platform. One is to experiment yourself (check YouTube Analytics regularly after uploading videos), while the second is to research – check views and engagement on your competitors’ videos.

Stick to Your Niche – Stay Active in the Community

Selecting a YouTube niche as per the ongoing trend is as important as SEO tactics. Check your competitor’s channels and observe the content and engagement on a particular niche to build yours. A YouTube channel addressing random topics will have its audience divided, resulting in failure.

Pro Tip: You can leave valuable thoughts and comments on the same niche’s channel that will improve your engagement in that niche.

You can also utilize the playlist section in the YouTube dashboard to address different topics in a particular niche. The content will be more organized for the new traffic and improve the specific niche’s audience.

Create High-Quality Videos

Blurry videos and distorted audio are turn-offs for most users. In this era of technological revolution, the audience is expecting more from the content creators.

Professional content with sharp visuals, excellent color quality, clear voiceovers or music, and decent editing can go a long way.

Here are some tools you can utilize to make high-quality videos:

  • PROMO: You can create a video for any business type in just a few clicks. PROMO also offers free stocks images and videos to choose from- take your social media video presence to the next level.
  • ANIMOTO: This drag-and-drop video editor and maker can save much of your time by helping you design your product and business videos. 

Engaging Meta Data, Tags, and Description

There is no denying that YouTube ranking algorithms are changing every day, and the videos are tough to rank. Here are some key factors that will undoubtedly contribute to a better YouTube SEO practice:

  • Include all targeted keywords in the video description box, but avoid overstuffing them. Up to 15 keywords is considered optimal.
  • You can also include the keywords in the video. It’ll help YouTube understand your niche better.
  • Categories and keywords in the description are one way to sort your ranking in a particular niche. Tags also play a significant role and give YouTube a better concept of your content and targeted audience.

Follow the Guidelines

Following guidelines of any platform on which you’re trying to promote your business or product improves the credibility of your content. Any violation leading to a ban on your channel can hurt your brand and reputation.

follow youtube guidelines

YouTube’s officials actively remove the content and channels that violate the platform’s guidelines and policies. In 2021, YouTube’s automated content flagging algorithm removed more than six million videos.

Do you know you can improve YouTube’s video visibility from the number 1 search engine, Google?

If you have a brand or business website to post interesting informational blogs, you can always backlink the content with your YouTube videos. Ultimately, the Google result on that particular keyword will show your video to the users.


One of the most effective strategies to catch users’ attention is to make a customized thumbnail as per niche, video topic, and category using any good photo editing software.

The title and thumbnail of the video must relate and serves as a boost for a video to rank. YouTube also selects a thumbnail for your video, but the shot can sometimes be blurry or vague and may not address the topic. Hence, it would be best to create a tailor-made/ customized thumbnail. Either create a template to follow for each video, or you can design from scratch each time.

We recommend using Canva to create a customized thumbnail for your videos. Canva has thousands of built-in templates, stickers, text styles, and themes in the YouTube thumbnail category, saving you much time.

Play Around with Keywords

YouTube can become your top-most marketing technique to promote the brand or business but only if combined with SEO. YouTube SEO plays a significant role in increasing the reach and engagement of your content, especially if you’re making how-to and informational videos about the product you’re selling.

Incorporating proper keywords in titles, tags, and descriptions and using them in the video increase the chances that the video will be ranked high. You can use multiple strategies or keyword research tools to play around with keywords.

  • KWFinder: An easy-to-use tool to find the ranking keyword with less competition and higher chances of trending.
  • SEMRUSH: One of the best tools to help find keywords to run social media campaigns content marketing and want to capture organic traffic.

Be Interactive

Capturing the audience’s attention and then keeping them indulged in your content is not as easy a task! You can make them view your content once, but proper interaction and communication can make them attracted longer. Constantly interact with your audience via comments, contests, Question and Answer videos, and live streaming sessions.

Partner with Brands

Every person or brand comes with a following. Here’s the kicker: you can always partner up with other creators or brands to convert their following into yours. This is one of the best promotional tactics that even the biggest YouTube stars utilize to promote their content and grow continuously.

But how can you do it? The first step in collaborating with a brand or creator is to find the right one— you cannot collaborate with some brand that is poles apart from your niche! Make sure to find an authentic brand in your niche.

Have a playlist or series

The audience loves regular content, whether you’re running a Vlog series or a brand channel. Even if you’re making informational and how-to videos to promote your business or band, you can always design a series of similar topics to post.

Furthermore, to organize the content better, creating a playlist is the best option to choose! Because the more videos you make, the more it will be difficult for the users to go through the channel.

Use Social Media Accounts to Promote the Channel

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help you boost the YouTube channel’s growth. You can regularly post a call-to-action post on your social media account whenever you drop a new video on your YouTube channel. Similarly, you can always share the video on social media platforms with a preview.


You can also create snippets for your social media platforms to share any informational content and add links to the related YouTube video. TikTok is a major platform where you can post a 15-second version of your YouTube video and add a call-to-action to influence people to watch your content.

Holiday Season can be a Game Savior.

In this busy era, everyone is running in a race, and no one has time to watch YouTube videos, especially on weekdays! But the holiday season can be different. People surf brand pages, browse social media posts and watch YouTube content more during the weekends and holidays.

Moreover, people are more prone to buy things during the holiday season as it creates a sense of emotions- everyone tries to give away gifts to family and friends! That’s the perfect time to promote your business or product. You can also arrange giveaways and make promotional videos accordingly to have an extra reach.

Ensure to be evergreen

Time is changing swiftly, and no trend lasts for months! You should process this fact and accept the reality as soon as possible. Making old-school videos and consistently following the same style or topics will take you nowhere.

Thus, to find your place in the trending section, choose the evergreen topics or timeless videos that your viewers can enjoy years later. You can make how-to guides, tools, resource lists, and informational content.

Takeaway 👩‍🏫

YouTube videos have been evolved from entertainment to a marketing strategy over the years. Businesses and brands can efficiently utilize YouTube SEO to engage the audience and get more views and followers. Here are some of the best YouTube tools to grow your audience.

  • Tayyab Ahmed
    Tayyab is a diction enthusiast and an SEO buff with a CS background. He’s been serving the SAAS & PAAS world for the last five years.
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