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In Digital Marketing Last updated: May 5, 2023
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Discover some popular YouTube rank checker platforms that help you find out your YouTube videos’ performance.

Video marketing and blogging are spiking more virally than on the internet. And the preferred destination for every content creator to publish their creative, informative, or experience-sharing videos is YouTube.

These days, creators do not just upload videos and hope the audience will rush in to watch them. They do a lot of technical content analysis to plan future improvements. One such analytical tool is the YouTube rank checker. But, it would help if you got the right tool to save you from misleading insights.

Read on to learn more about the YouTube rank tracker and some tools that expert YouTubers use to fetch analytics of videos or channels.           

What Is YouTube?

YouTube video

Speaking globally, YouTube is the most popular and largest no-cost video-sharing platform. YouTube video creators post their videos on it for free. There is no storage limit either. On the other hand, YouTube video viewers watch video content for free or sometimes for a nominal fee.

However, in the digital marketing ecosystem, YouTube is the most preferred platform for video marketing and advertising. Big brands race to post their ads on YouTube videos that get millions of views.

Speaking of the creator economy, YouTube has reported a whopping $8.6 billion in ad-revenue transactions in the last quarter of 2021 in the Alphabet 2021 Q4 Earnings Call YouTube video.

It has premium and paid products like YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, YouTube Kids, YouTube Movies, YouTube TV, and more.

In a nutshell, YouTube is a global TV delivered through the internet. It enables content creators to earn money through ad revenue, channel subscriptions, Super Chats, affiliate marketing, and affiliate link hosting.           

YouTube video

First, YouTube has gained maximum popularity as it was the first mover in the free video-sharing platform industry.

Secondly, Google acquired it in October 2006 and has since poured money into the platform to establish it as the leading online video advertising medium. To make this happen, Google had to offer unlimited free storage of videos for content creators.

Thirdly, it also comes as the built-in video consumption app on leading smartphone operating systems like Android, Windows, and more.

All of the above reasons have created a chain reaction. Creators join YouTube and make videos for the platform since it is free and accessible through smartphones. 

More viewers switch to YouTube since it has millions of free videos. Many viewers attract more advertisers, hence billions of dollars in ad revenue. Then, new creators open channels and upload new content to grab a share of this enormous ad revenue. Thus, the cycle keeps rolling.     

YouTube SEO to Get the Spotlight

YouTube video

There is competition among YouTube content creators to get the most ad revenue. Your video needs more eyeballs, likes, comments, and shares to earn more ad revenue. These can only happen if your video comes on the top few search results on YouTube.

You need to optimize your videos for the YouTube Search Engine to get your videos on the top search results. Technically, it is known as YouTube SEO.

YouTube SEO is a broad topic but to make it short; you need to follow the standard video metadata policy. The policy tells you to include data like Title, Tags, Description, Links, Call to Action, Translations, Transcripts, etc. In these metadata, you must add trending and popular video keywords organically to improve its ranking chances.      

The Competitors of YouTube

Virtually, there are no competitors on YouTube. YouTube has single-handedly established a monopoly in the video-sharing industry. According to a Datanyze report, YouTube’s market share is 75.82%. The number is growing each year. 

Though there is very little competition, the following platforms are trying to make a foothold in this industry by competing with the overarching market share of YouTube: 

  • Vimeo (19.04%)
  • Wistia (1.62%)
  • JW Player (1.03%)
  • Flowplayer Platform (0.45%)
  • VideoPress (0.35%)
  • Vzaar (0.20%)
  • Limelight Video Delivery (0.12%)
  • (0.04%) 

What Is YouTube Rank Checker?

YouTube video

YouTube rank checker is an online tool to discover the position of your video against a keyword on the YouTube SERP. Usually, it was a manual task, and YouTubers had to invest a lot of time analyzing video performance. But, various software developers stepped in and have created automated web apps for YouTube video rank checking.

A standard rank checker web app will allow you to enter a video URL from YouTube and a keyword against which you want to check the video performance. 

However, premium ranking checking tools offer advanced insights like average position, keyword distribution, ranking up or down, top ranking related keywords, location-wise position, etc.

There are many free and paid YouTube rank checkers in the market. The paid ones use different algorithms, and the free ones use similar algorithms with some changes. 

You need to choose the right one from this pile of video ranking checker tools. Otherwise, an improper ranking analysis tool may confuse you.

Here are some reliable rank checker tools that you can try out for YouTube rank-checking purposes:     


TubeBuddy offers YouTube content creators a host of tools for video optimization, video marketing, keyword research, and not to mention YouTube rank checking. When you install the TubeBuddy Chrome Extension, you automatically get the YouTube video rank checker tool.

YouTube video

The Chrome Extension adds a TubeBuddy menu on the My Videos page of your YouTube Channel. You get an instant video performance report whenever you access one of your videos and click on Search Rankings from the TubeBuddy toolbar.

The TubeBuddy video performance ranking report includes insights like video type, video tag, search results, custom search terms, keywords, position, historical position, etc. The TubeBuddy Chrome Extension offers Pro, Star, and Legend subscription plans. Currently, there are no free trials.      

Video Rank Tracker: Semrush

Video Rank Tracker from Semrush is a paid app you can add to your Semrush subscription plan. Once added, the app will be accessible from the Dashboard of your Semrush paid account. If you are using any trial Semrush plan, you will not be able to add this app to Semrush Dashboard.

Video Rank Tracker Semrush

The app lets you track up to 200 keywords on YouTube SERP. Also, you can set up automated tracking of your video content, and the app will send you a weekly performance report.

Furthermore, the app is not just for one YouTube channel. You can use this YouTube ran tracker app for an unlimited number of YouTube channels.

Moreover, running any video content marketing agency, you can successfully utilize this Semrush app to serve your YouTube content creator clients.     

YouTube Rank Tracker: Nightwatch

YouTube Rank Tracker by Nightwatch is yet another popular tool that you can utilize to discover actionable insights on your YouTube channel and videos. Since YouTube video marketing also uses local and hyperlocal content marketing. 

The tool lets marketers analyze their content performance across 107,296 locations globally. Hence, if you need an accurate YouTube rank checker from a local or regional perspective, you must try out this web app.

YouTube video

The tool lets you monitor your videos’ YouTube SEO performance and YouTube keywords that competitors use. Apart from YouTube, it will also fetch video performance data from other SERPs like Google Search.

Nightwatch offers three different subscription plans: Starter, Optimize, and Agency. There is a 14-day free trial for all three subscription options. You can get a subscription matching your workload and scale up or down anytime. 


Getting a high number of views for your videos as a new channel is difficult unless your videos rank in your targeted keywords. Hence, you need to find out what the top-ranking videos are doing and that you can figure out from TubeRanker

YouTube video

Once you get the ranking results, you can easily track the performance of your and your competitors’ videos. Additionally, you can gather valuable insights into the search volume and estimated views of a keyword you plan to work on.

Other features of Tuberanker are the unlimited generation of Titles, Descriptions, Hashtags, and tags. You can also perform unlimited channel audits for performance reviews and tag extractors for video SEO. Constantly tracking a set of keywords is also possible with this tool.

You can save the search results in PDF, CSV, and Excel file formats. If necessary, you can directly print or copy them too.  


AccuRanker is a universal SERP rank checker. Hence, you can use it for your YouTube videos and another website/blog content. The tool charges you according to the number of keywords you want to track. Subscription starts from a minimum of 1,000 keywords and can go up to 1,000K.

YouTube video

The paid tool offers on-demand updated keywords and content data across various SERPs. The list of SERPs includes YouTube, Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, etc. You can also search content performance by devices like mobiles, tablets, and computers.    


YTRank is a free tool that influencers can use to find out the ranking of their videos in specific keywords. First, choose your country or location, and then enter the video URL and keywords. In a few moments, the platform will get you the results.

Youtube Rank Checker YTRank

It allows you to search for the rankings of five keywords at a time by putting them one after another using comma. If you want to refresh the search results, avoid using the same keyword you used earlier and add some new keywords. 


Do you want to know the ranking of your latest video in all the top cities of your target country? Look no further, as GeoRanker is here to offer you this service. Enter the keywords of your choice, and this tool will tell you where your video stands on those.  

YouTube video

It also lets you track the performance of your YouTube channel so you can modify your channel strategy accordingly. Here, you can apply various advanced filters to get the results. Moreover, one can use Georanker to gain insights into competitor videos and channels.


If you are a YouTube influencer, you always welcome any free insight that will help the growth of your YouTube channel. vidIQ is one such platform that boosts your YouTube channel view. This advanced growth tool allows you to understand your channel’s most effective strategy and technique.

YouTube video

It offers you all the necessary channel stats, such as subscribers, views, watch time, and retention rate. Also, you can use the monetization tracker feature to compare your performance in real-time.

Another use of this platform, which can be accessed through the web, app, and extension, is to explore keyword recommendations with their volume. You can also check which videos are currently ranking on those keywords.


As you know, the ranking of YouTube videos varies from place to place. What you see from your location might not be what your audience sees from their locations. As an influencer, you can check all rankings from a free online tool named YouTubeRank.

YouTube rank checker tools YouTubeRank

It comes with an easy-to-use interface that anyone can use without any technical experience. All you need to do is to enter the YouTube URL, your preferred country or location, and the keywords. 

If you do not want to type each keyword manually, you can use the Extract Keywords from Tag option. Then, you also get to choose the keywords and check the ranking of that video on those keywords. 

Final Thoughts

So far, the article has explained the basics of YouTube, YouTube SEO, and the YouTube rank checker tool. Also, the article has covered some popular and highly functional tools to monitor your YouTube video content ranks.

You can try using any or all of the above tools and make a comparative analysis to find out the most suitable YouTube rank tracker for your channel. Analyze video ranking on YouTube and tweak your videos to get more views, likes, comments, and ultimately maximum video engagement for more ad money than ever.

You may also be interested in YouTube marketing to grow your audience base.

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