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In Digital Marketing Last updated: March 2, 2022
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Tags are descriptive keywords or phrases that help viewers find videos on YouTube. Using the right tags is essential to grow your audience and increase views on each video.

According to YouTube, tags are a type of metadata that boosts your video rankings on YouTube.

This article will tell you about YouTube tag benefits, how to use them, and the best tools you must leverage to get the right tags for YouTube videos.

Benefits of YouTube Tag Generators?

  • Automatically generate SEO friendly tags
  • Reduces workload
  • Popular tags help come up with new video ideas
  • Increase the number of views on your videos
  • Improve the chances of ranking in the Suggested Videos box

How to Use YouTube Tags the Right Way?

While using tags in your YouTube videos, you should take care of a few key points. Following are the best tag practices you should follow:

  • Make Primary Keyword the First Video Tag: A study of 1.3 million YouTube videos found a relationship between rankings and the presence of the keyword in the video’s tags. Although there is no proof, some people believe that YouTube pays the most attention to your first tag. So, to be on the safe side, it’s better to use your target or most crucial keyword as the first tag.
  • Use Relevant Tags: Ensure that the tags you use on your YouTube videos are relevant to the content inside the video. You should not only add the keywords specific to your topic but also broad keyword terms so that you can increase the content reach.
  • Try Using Shorter Tags: 2 to 4 words is the ideal length of a tag you should aim for. However, not all tags need to fall in this range.
  • Don’t Add Too Many Tags: Adding too many tags in your videos can confuse the YouTube algorithm to decide the exact topic of your video. Google states it clearly that if a video has 60+ tags, no tags would be read.
  • Follow Your Competitors & Leverage Their Video Tags: If you make a video on a competitive topic, read the tags present on already created videos with a high rank in the YouTube search results. You can take inspiration from those tags and use similar tags in your videos.
  • Leverage YouTube Suggestions: Whenever you search a keyword on YouTube, it suggests the most popular keywords or phrases related to the topic you entered in the search bar. Use these suggestions as tags in your videos.
  • Never Mislead People with Tags: Using tags unrelated to your videos can be bad for you and your channel. This may lead to a loss of subscribers. If YouTube’s algorithm finds out that you are using misleading tags, it may stop recommending your videos to the audience or even ban your channel.

Now that we know the benefits of using tags let us look at the most popular and useful YouTube tag generators available.



VidIQ helps you generate video tags and provides various features that will help you grow your YouTube channel. For example, it helps improve SEO, keyword research, and tag analytics.

How to Use VidIQ to Generate Tags?

  • Login or Sign Up to VidIQ’s website.
  • Post login, click on Dashboard.
  • Click on the search bar and type the title of your video.
  • Click on Search.
  • VidIQ will give you the best tags for the YouTube video you want to make.
using vidiq to generate tags

The free version of VidIQ comes with a limited number of features. You can only generate three tags related to your search query in the free version. To unlock more features, you can upgrade to a paid plan. The paid plans start from $7.50 per month.


Originally, TunePocket is a royalty-free stock music library. But along with offering music services, it is also famous for a few YouTube tools, including YouTube Tags Generator.

The good thing is, you don’t even need to create an account to use tune pocket’s YouTube Tags Generator tool.

Youtube Tag generator

That’s it. TunePocket will give you the tags that will help you boost your videos.

Tune Pocket’s YouTube Tags Generator Tool is free to use. The only disadvantage of Tune Pocket is that it does not provide the data related to each tag.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool provides you with a range of keywords, along with information on how those keywords have trended over the last 12 months.

keyword tool
leveraging keyword tool to generate youtube tags

The paid plans offered by Keyword Tool are more expensive than most other websites that provide similar tools and services. It offers three paid plans, with the most economical one priced at $89 per month.

You can get many detailed insights about different tags with the paid plans.

Additionally, you will get access to tags in different languages, and you can even export data into an excel or a CSV file.

Tube Ranker

Tube Ranker is a one-stop solution to improve the ranking of your YouTube videos. It offers various tools like tag generator online, title generator, rank tracker, etc.

Youtube Tag generator

The free version of Tube Ranker has a limited number of features. The paid plans of Tube Ranker start from $ 19 per month.

Note: You can use the tags generator tool of Tube Ranker only five times a day.


Like Tube Ranker, Tubeast offers multiple tools and services to improve the SEO of your YouTube videos, including the YouTube tags generator tool.

YouTube video

using tubeast to generate video tags
The free plan offered by Tubeast allows you to generate YouTube tags only five times per month. To eliminate this limit, you can upgrade to premium plans. Tubeast’s paid plans start from $ 47 per month. Tubeast also has a Chrome extension that will help you easily generate tags for your videos.

YTube Tool

YTube Tool is a little different from other tag generators. Instead of generating new tags for your videos, this tool helps you get the video tags of your competitor’s videos. The tool’s perfect for spying and out-competing your competitors.

Youtube Tag generator

How to Use YTube Tool to Generate Tags?

Because YTube Tool extracts the tags from already published YouTube videos, you need to enter a video’s URL in the search box instead of the video title.

  •  Copy the URL of the video whose tags you want to collect.
  • Open YTube Tool’s website.
  • Paste the video URL in the search box.
  • Click on the Find the tags button.

After pressing the button, you will get the tags present in the video you entered.

generating tags with ytube tool

All the features available on YTube Tool’s website are free to use. Apart from the tag extractor, you can use it to extract the title, description, and thumbnail from videos.


Kparser is one of the most popular SEO tools available on the internet. It can help you find new ideas for your videos, generate SEO-friendly keywords, and use high-ranking keywords for the video title, description, and tags. It can even help you create country-specific tags.

youtube tags

How to Use Kparser to Generate Tags?

  • Open the Kparser website.
  • Enter the topic you want to generate the tags for in the search box.
  • Select the country you are targeting.
  • You can change the language of the tags to be generated using the other drop-down menu.
  • Click on the START button to generate results.

The free version of Kparser does not provide you information on the YouTube tags like search volume and CPC. To unlock this information, you can upgrade to the paid plans. Kparser offers three paid plans. The pricing of these plans starts from $ 26 per month.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is ranked one of the best YouTube tags research tools. You can use this to generate hundreds of keywords and tags.

keyword tool dominator
using keyword tool dominator to generate tags

Keyword Tool Dominator limits your searches to 2 per day if you use it for free. You can pay a one-time fee of $ 29.99 and avail all its features for a lifetime.

Rapid Tags

Rapid Tags lets you generate video tags that yield high ranks. In addition, its Tag analyzer feature helps you with keyword or tag research.

Rapid tags

One of the best things about Rapid Tags is that it is free to use. You can use all the features offered by Rapid Tags without paying a penny.

Which is the Best YouTube Tag Generator for Your Next Video?

Now that we have discussed some of the best YouTube Tag Generators, it is time to figure out the best tag generator for YouTube.

If you’re looking for free YouTube tag generators, I recommend using Keyword Tool Dominator (if the limit of 2 searches does not bother you) or Kparser.

If you do not mind spending a few bucks on getting those additional functionalities, I would still recommend Keyword Tool Dominator. For a small fee, it offers lifetime access to all its features.

Alternatively, the paid version offered by VidIQ is something you can consider buying. VidIQ’s subscription is cheaper than most premium tag generators, and it provides numerous tools for your YouTube channel.

You may also be interested in knowing about the best YouTube tools to grow your audience.

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