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If you’ve been in HR long enough, you already know how tedious the time to hire new talent can be, especially if you intend to recruit and retain on a budget.

Every recruiter knows the overwhelming challenges of finding the right talent from a pool of candidates in a competitive market.

Moreover, the process you use to locate a positive candidate should comply with legal regulations besides aligning with the company’s long-term goals. Situations require an effective and efficient hiring solutions provider to help streamline and optimize your hiring processes. 

Instead of trying to search for and contact individual candidates, employers of all sizes are turning to leading hiring platforms where they can reach a sizeable pool of potential candidates in one location. But how do you choose the best among the hundreds of recruiting platforms? 

This article dissects ZipRecruiter, a leading hiring solutions provider, to explain their processes and how you can benefit from using them.  

The Most Challenging Aspects of Hiring

Recruiting has always been challenging, so recruiters take their time to ensure they catch the right candidate and avoid lousy hires. The best way to enhance your prospects is to know the main challenges you can expect during the hiring process beforehand. These include the following: 

#1. Talent Shortage

Recruiters compete with others in a job market that’s becoming increasingly competitive and candidate-driven, meaning candidates have the upper hand. 

However, the biggest problem today is fewer qualified candidates than ever, with research showing that 87% of recruiters need help finding suitable candidates to fill vacant positions. 

A recent McKinsey Global Institute report showed that companies in the West can’t find between 16 and 18 million educated employees, and the problem will likely worsen with time. 

#2. Attracting the Right Candidates

The severe challenge most recruiters face is attracting suitable candidates for open positions, making finding the right fit problematic and often tedious. 

Most recruiters realize too late into the exercise that locating the right person from a pool of underqualified applicants means, more often than not, settling for the best among the available applicants despite their not being the best fit for the open position. 

Things are worsened because most recruiters don’t have what it takes to create a smaller pipeline to note more qualified talent from many applicants. 

#3. Targeting Passive Candidates

Every recruiter knows how fiercely competitive the hiring market can be when targeting passive candidates such as those filling executive and senior-level roles. There’s nothing more complicated than attempting to identify and attract a candidate who’s not actively looking for a job opportunity.    

A recent LinkedIn survey demonstrated that passive candidates, accounting for over 70% of the global workforce, comprise a significant portion of workers since active candidates comprise the remaining 30%. These numbers highlight the difficulty level involved in tapping the vast talent pool.    

#4. Engaging with Qualified Candidates

Engaging suitable candidates is the key to establishing contact with the most suitable talent and getting them to notice you. It’s an open secret that a highly qualified candidate will get swamped by emails from all recruiters. 

The best recruiter is one who will stand out from among good ones, especially in situations where such a candidate is likely to have several offers under their belt. The recruiter will be expected to go the extra mile to attract and convince the right candidate to choose you over others, especially if you’re dealing with passive candidates. 

#5. Reducing Time-to-Hire

The best recruiters endeavor to fill up vacant positions as soon as possible since vacant positions create operational delays, costing companies money. Moreover, there are industries where the process naturally takes longer, creating room for frustration among recruiters.  

Amazingly, the main reason behind many delays in the recruitment process is mostly the shortage of suitable candidates, meaning the hiring teams have to work extra hard to locate suitable candidates elsewhere. 

#6. Lack of an Efficient Recruiting Process

Trying to create an efficient recruiting formula, which is mandatory if you’re going to locate the best-qualified candidate, can be an absolute logistical nightmare for most recruiters. 

Whether it’s communicating fast and proficiently or evaluating the candidates quickly enough, a recruiter must know the correct steps to follow at every stage.  

Furthermore, even the “simple” task of coordinating communications is never a walk in the park, especially considering the amount of time administrative tasks can consume at the expense of the hiring process and providing the right candidate.

ZipRecruiter: An Overview 

Recruiters and hiring managers are responsible for locating and placing the right talent in relevant positions. The ZipRecruiter platform makes this task much faster and easier since it automates the entire process. 

From posting adverts to many job boards, screening potential candidates via online interviews, and managing resumes and applicant content information, ZipRecruiter has everything in one location. Whether you are a smart recruiter or a do-it-yourself organization, the platform is the best place to find your qualified candidates. 

Some of the ways the platform makes these things easier include the following:    

#1. Easier Screening

Most recruiters go out of their way to create long lists of questions to gather candidates’ information. This is the perfect way to screen out unqualified candidates and gather as much about their skills before they can face their potential employer. 

Nonetheless, the process of emailing questions and resumes back and forth could be more exciting and exciting. ZipRecruiter makes sending your potential candidates a link to an online interview easier, potentially reducing the hiring time.  

#2. Building Candidates Database 

ZipRecruiter enables hiring managers and recruiters an opportunity to create their online database of candidates, meaning they no longer have to scan through their emails searching for the right candidate. Rather, all the required information is availed in one location for easier access.

As a result, recruiters can give their clients access to their database to review resumes and answers to interview questions without having to read tens of back-and-forth emails. Moreover, building the said database is as easy as posting a link on the web.   

#3. Easily Find Qualified Candidates

Recruiters and hiring managers find using ZipRecruiter fast, easy, and convenient since they can increase their pool of qualified candidates without filling numerous job boards with their postings. 

Moreover, using the platform frees recruiters from the pain of wasting time trying to filter out thousands of unqualified candidates.    

Employers who trust ZipRecruiter save their time as they don’t have to struggle to track candidates and resumes; they only have to replace the features they entered in the platform’s applicant tracking system.  

#4. Central Database for Hiring Data

Employers have an easy time searching for the right candidate for their job opening since ZipRecruiter requires job seekers to create profiles with proper contact information and upload resumes. This makes finding potential candidates a leisurely walk in the park.   

#5. User-friendly

Employers will find ZipRecruiter user-friendly. The primary information job seekers enter is presented in an easy-to-read and follow format. Moreover, plenty of job seekers love it thanks to the platform’s “1-Click Apply” feature, besides their ability to filter their job search based on different keywords. 

The convenience leads to more job seekers available, thereby expanding the pool of candidates from which recruiters and hiring managers can choose.   

#6. Mobile Optional

ZipRecruiter is now available as a mobile app that builds off the platform’s website interface, meaning employers can quickly identify candidates even when moving. 

How to Post a Job on ZipRecruiter 

Posting a job on ZipRecruiter is a process that takes a few easy-to-follow steps that are visible even before you sign up for the service.  

Step 1: Create an Account

Go to the ZipRecruiter website and select “Post a job” on the upper right. You’ll be prompted to create an account by inputting your business name and following the onscreen instructions to complete the process. 

You’ll see your dashboard as soon as you finish creating your account, and you’ll be ready to post your first job under the “Jobs” menu.

Step 2: Enter Information about the Job

Fill in the job title location and specify the type of employment. Enter the full address, City/State of ZIP code of the location, and for remote jobs, enter your company’s location. 

Step 3: Add Job Description and Benefits

Describe the job clearly so you can attract the best candidates and leave out those who are unqualified. Your job description should be short, informative, and engaging. Sometimes, ZipRecruiter already has similar job descriptions, or you can use their customizable templates for different job openings. 

Step 4: Post Salary Information and Required Skills

ZipRecruiter allows you to add a compensation range to your job posting. While this is optional, it’s recommended for a chance to receive better results. You may also add required skill keywords to better target the most qualified job seekers. 

Step 5: Provide Information About Your Company

Input information about your business to give job seekers a chance to have an idea about your company. 

Step 6: Choose between a Free Trial and a Paid Plan

You must choose between purchasing a paid plan and the ZipRecruiter free trial, which only lasts four days. The free trial of the Standard plan has a reusable job slot, while the Premium tier offers premium job placements and access to the platform’s resume bank.   

Step 7: Post the Job

Select the user that will receive the system’s email alerts, select the “Save and Post Now” button, and ZipRecruiter will distribute your ad to over 100 job boards. 

Step 8: Receive and Track Applications

Sit back and wait as interested applicants start applying to your job ad; you can also see candidates applying in real time. 

According to statistical research, ZipRecruiter is trusted by over 2.8 million companies, has over 25 million active users, and 110 million job seekers with over 40 million email subscribers for their job alerts. 

ZipRecruiter Primary Features 

❇️ Job Description Templates: The platform features over 500 customizable templates employers can use to create accurate job descriptions representing their open roles.  

❇️ Job Site Network: This feature ensures employers don’t have to post job ads to every site manually. Instead, the platform automatically distributes created job ads across numerous partner sites. You could also create posts for social media networks, Twitter or Facebook. 

❇️ Matching Technology: ZipRecruiter uses powerful AI-based matching technology that automatically and intelligently scans job seekers’ resumes to locate the best-qualified candidates from different open roles. The platform will then actively invite the cream to apply for open roles.  

❇️ Screening Questions: ZipRecruiter supports screening questions in different forms, including multiple-choice, free-from text, date-specific, file upload answers, Yes/No, and number-specific questions, among others. 

❇️ Invite to Apply: This feature allows users to automatically send pre-written, personal messages to preferred candidates to increase their chances of sending in applications to open job roles. 

ZipRecruiter Alternatives 

#1. Indeed

Indeed and ZipRecruiter are ranked among the most popular job listing platforms offering numerous great features, but they have some key distinctions.  

Besides aggregating job listings from many other sites, Indeed allows users to post jobs for free. Jobs posted on Indeed are automatically shown on aggregated listings. Furthermore, users can sponsor their listings on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis to make their job ads stand apart, making it significant for employers working on a budget.     

While posting listings on ZipRecruiter costs money, and the platform doesn’t aggregate job listings from other sites, it posts jobs on over 100 job boards, giving employers access to a broader pool of candidates. 

#2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is well-recognized for its professional approach as a networking site that excels in helping business owners quickly locate potential candidates for open positions. Moreover, LinkedIn has a suite filled with powerful research tools for employers and employees. 

Nonetheless, the greatest undoing for LinkedIn is its relatively clunky search functionality, compared to ZipRecruiter, which features an easy-to-use interface with robust search capabilities.   

LinkedIn works better for employers looking for specific candidates for particular roles, while ZipRecruiter makes a better choice for employers who need to fill specific roles quickly.

#3. Monster 

Monster has been in the hiring field for much longer than ZipRecruiter and boasts of a tremendous reach with an easy-to-use system that makes it easy to peruse resumes and select the right candidate. Monsters’ higher-tier plans send email alerts when an exceptional candidate applies for an open job.

On the other hand, ZipRecruiter uses intelligent matching algorithms to place the most qualified candidates at the top of the dashboard and even reaches out to them on your behalf, making it a good fit for companies with consistent hiring needs.

Monster and ZipRecruiter have customer care teams that help employers customize plans for their unique employment needs, but Monster offers more flexible pay-per-performance and tiered monthly plans.     


ZipRecruiter presents a simple-to-use job posting system that makes employers reach out to the most qualified job seekers immediately. The platform best suits employers offering entry-level, specialty, and manual jobs, even though more professional jobs are now being posted. 

The industry-leading job platform has been in business for over a decade, connecting over 2.8 million employers to over 110 million job seekers. ZipRecruiter is an ideal tool for connecting businesses to job seekers using the latest AI-matching technologies.    

Next, check out top recruitment software to make hiring easy and effective.

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