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In Collaboration Last updated: May 24, 2023
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Your contract does not have to be signed manually to be legally binding — you can digitally sign a document and save time, money, and hassle using Zoho Sign.

In today’s world, where paperwork is gradually becoming obsolete, it makes sense to switch to digital signatures. Digital signatures are not only faster and more convenient, but they are also environment-friendly. 

While there are various digital signature software in the market, you should choose a reliable solution like Zoho Sign which is proficient and affordable at the same time.

What is a Digital Signature?

A digital signature is a technique that validates the authenticity and integrity of a digital document, software, or message. It uses cryptography to protect the document from tampering and impersonation. Digital signatures are considered legally binding in many countries, including the US.

Why do you need a Digital Signature?

Save Time and Money

Manual document processing for signatures includes drafting, printing, scanning, and mailing it to other parties. It could even take weeks to get these back after they are signed. Digital signature saves you time and money by eliminating these tasks. 

Efficient and Secure


Digital signatures function as a secure alternative to traditional signatures made on paper. You do not have to print, scan, or send the physical documents to the other parties. It also reduces the risk of forgery.


For any kind of remote and global document, the digital signature is highly convenient. It helps parties to securely sign documents from any location and, thus, enhances business efficiency.

Better Company Image

Using paper for document signatures also has an environmental impact. With digital signatures, you can reduce that and create an environment-friendly impression in the business world.


In many countries, digital signatures are legally valid, like handwritten signatures. Whether it is a contract, agreement, electronic transaction, or any other legal document, digital signatures ensure its authenticity and integrity to make it recognized as legally binding in court.


A digital signature is also useful for maintaining the integrity of a digital document. It uses cryptographic algorithms to generate a unique hash value. If someone modifies that document, there will be a different hash value that will work as proof of document alteration.

Workflow Automation

Paper-based signatures require coordination and manual tracking to ensure that the documents are signed accurately and that the data confidentiality is protected. Moreover, there are chances of delays, mistakes, and policy violations in manual signatures.

Moving to a digital signature means switching to a standard and automated workflow that is consistent and error-free.

How Zoho Sign Can Help With Digital Signature

If you still depend on the traditional pen and paper method to sign business documents, it is time to choose Zoho Sign. This software facilitates the secured signing and managing of business documents from any global location in a few clicks. 

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This complete digital signature app helps you eliminate the cumbersome process of manually signing a document. With its assistance, you can get legally valid and tamper-proof documents that can not be altered once signed. In addition, this software lets you verify the identity of the signer and sign documents from anywhere with maximum legal compliance.

Let’s now look at the top features of Zoho Sign.

Ease of Signing and Sending

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Zoho Sign deploys a no-nonsense approach to signing and sending documents for digital signature. You can easily upload the document, add the recipients, and place form fields for them before sending it. To sign, you need to open the link sent via email, enter the verification code if required, and sign the document.

Seamless Document Management

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Managing the documents on this platform is also free from hassles. It lets you check the document status and take further action based on it. Moreover, Zoho Sign can be used for complete audit trails. It offers you a full history of actions performed on a document and the certification of completion for documents with no pending tasks.

Reusable Document Templates

The templates feature of Zoho Sign saves you from creating new agreements from scratch every time you want to use them. As a Professional and Enterprise plan user, you can create templates for sales agreements, hiring contracts, and social media policies that you may need to use frequently.

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After creating the templates for your business needs, you can view and edit these templates for each unique occasion, change ownership, create SignForm (available to organization administrators only,) and delete the templates. These templates will be in your account until you delete them manually.

Sending Documents in Bulk

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Zoho Sign enables you to send one or more documents to multiple recipients at a time using the Bulk Send feature. Available only with the Enterprise plan, it comes in handy when HR executives need to get the updated policy signed by amm employees of an organization. 

Support for Open AI Integration

If you have a paid Zoho Sign subscription using US data centers and a valid user-generated OpenAI API Key, you can use the ChatGPT and the OpenAI integration through Zoho’s AI assistant Zia. Using this integration, your document data gets shared with Open AI and can be utilized for various purposes, including getting a document summary.


Users of all paid plans and US data centers can get AES (Advanced Electronic Signature) certificates for their signatures through South Africa-based TrustFactory. Users need to register with TrustFactory and configure this integration to get this feature.

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Zoho Sign also collaborates with Uanataca S.A., which is an EU-based identity verification service provider. With its help, Enterprise subscription users can sign documents through QES (Qualified Electronic Signature).

Zoho Sign Mobile Apps

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If you are always on the move, you can install Zoho Sign’s Android or iOS apps on your mobile devices. These apps are equally efficient in signing, tracking, and sending documents along with managing templates. 

Zoho Sign APIs

Zoho Sign also offers APIs for digital signature integration into any application. No matter your project requirement, you can easily apply the code examples in your preferred programming language.

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The flexible and scalable APIs can be implemented in a few minutes. All documents signed using these APIs are 100% admissible in court. You get the highest level of security with industry-standard OAuth 2.0 protocol.

Integration With Top Platforms

You might be using business and communication tools for your organization. Zoho Sign can be integrated with prominent applications such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Zoho CRM, Zoho HRMS, Zapier, Box, MS Teams, Formstack Documents, and Integromat.

Generate Reports

Organization admins can access the detailed reports generated by Zoho Sign for all the documents signed and sent using your account. Category filters are also available for document type, document status (completed, recalled, declined, expired), document validity, and activity history.

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It generates reports for the last 30 days by default; however, you can generate reports on a weekly and monthly basis. You can also download the reports to the local system in CSV file format.

Zoho Sign Pricing

Single users can opt for the Free Zoho Sign plan that lets you sign five documents per month. If you have more requirements, you may choose from Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans, starting at $10/user/month. 

There is a 14-day free trial available on Zoho Sign, where you can try all the features of the Enterprise plan. It even has a simple and transparent pay-as-you-use digital signature API plan. 

Final Words

Digital signature not only offers convenience for remote document signature but also adds an additional security layer against tampering. It is an environment-friendly process that does not involve paperwork and is trackable for audit trails.

Zoho Sign is an affordable digital signature application that lets you create documents and send those to others for quick signature. Small and big companies and personal users can use this software for legal documentation.

Companies can also opt for other Zoho applications like Zoho Assist and Zoho Payroll.

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