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Wenn Sie eine effiziente, benutzerfreundliche und kostenlose Excel-Vorlage benötigenate Wenn es um persönliches Budget oder persönliche Finanzen geht, sind Sie bei uns genau richtig.

Managing personal budget and finances are the necessary actions that help you save money. However, managing personal finance or budget could be tricky when you have many things to take care of at work and home.

This article rounds up the best Excel templates that are also free to download. Continue reading to learn how these spreadsheets will help you save more through smart budgeting.

List of budget spreadsheet

Persönliche Monatsbudget-Tabelle

If you’re looking for an elaborate budgeting template for personal use, you should definitely try the Persönliche Monatsbudget-Tabelle template. It lets you streamline how to utilize your monthly income throughout the month for maximum savings. The template is also truly user-friendly since you don’t need to make too many edits.

The spreadsheet comes with multiple expense headers that most households need to manage every month. For example, you can budget housing, transportation, insurance, food, pets, personal care, and so on. There are also two separate fields of income like primary and secondary sources.

The Excel template also compares projected and actual expenses with projected and actual incomes. You also get personalization opportunities since the template offers editable subcategories. You can keep a copy on your Microsoft OneDrive account for online editing and get a printed copy for offline usage.

Grundlegendes persönliches Budget

Der Grundlegendes persönliches Budget spreadsheet helps you analyze complete yearly income and expense data. This personal budgeting tool is also equally useful if you need to manage the spending of any small project. When you get a clear picture of the ongoing or previous year’s annual transactions, you can find more areas of cost-cutting.

Der Tempelate is free for anyone to download. It works well with desktop Excel software or Excel online. The Excel workbook comes with two dedicated Excel worksheets like Summary and Expense. You need to enter all expenses in the Expense tab and incomes in the Summary tab.

Monthly expense vs. cash status will automatically show up in the Summary worksheet. The expenses section has standard categories und subcategories that you might need to budget. Moreover, the template offers easy sorting and filtering.

Einfaches Monatsbudget

Wenn Sie wissen möchten, wie Sie ausgeben und was Sie verdienen, können Sie das ausprobieren Einfaches Monatsbudget template of Excel. It also lets you visualize the nature of spending, like the items on which you spend most. If you’re planning for short-term or long-term goals, there is no better way to manage personal finances than using this free spreadsheet template.

Das zusammenfassende Arbeitsblatt zeigt Ihnen ein umfassendes Bild des monatlichen Einkommens, der monatlichen Gesamtausgaben und der Ersparnisse. Ein vertikales und horizontales Balkendiagramm bietet eine elegante Dashboard-ähnliche Ansicht.

You can use the dedicated income and expenses worksheet for transaction data entry. The expenses tab comes with popular expense heads. But, you can edit them or add new rows gemäß Ihren Anforderungen.

Sie sollten auch auschecken Notion Budget-Tempates.

Monatliches Hochschulbudget

Während der Studienzeit ist es wichtig, den Überblick über die persönlichen Ausgaben zu behalten, da Sie sich leicht von Ablenkungen mitreißen lassen und mehr ausgeben können, als Sie möchten. Der Monatliches Hochschulbudget ist eine kostenlose Excel-Arbeitsmappe, die Sie für eine Desktop-App herunterladen können. Sie können es auch in Ihr OneDrive-Konto für den Online-Zugriff hochladen und zur manuellen Budgetverfolgung ausdrucken.

Wenn Sie Eltern eines studierenden Kindes sind, können Sie diese Excel-Tabelle entsprechend den Bedürfnissen Ihres Kindes personalisieren. Eltern und Kinder können das Blatt teilen, um die Ausgaben besser zu verstehen.

Expense management is effortless since you only need to enter the transaction amounts in the appropriate fields. The template has graphs, Sparklines, and slick sliders that turn personal budget into a fun activity.


Budgetrechner is an easy-to-use tool to manage your expenses and income monthly in Excel desktop app, Excel online, and offline format. The template comes with editable cells to customize the expense and income headers. The template is suitable for a month’s budgeting. For the next month, simply duplicate the worksheets.

The income and expenses transactions data-entry sheet is similar to the manual notepad-based budget tracking. You can write down cash inflows and outflows in one list. When you need to add a new cash outflow header, simply enter it under the Description column and select a category under the Category column.

Einfaches persönliches Budget

Einfaches persönliches Budget Excel worksheet lets you discover an in-depth pattern of your personal finances. It is the perfect tool to track monthly expenses and incomes effortlessly from work or home. Upload a personalized version in your OneDrive account for easy access via a mobile phone, computer, or tablet.

Der Tempelate is particularly appropriate if you’re looking for a one-page view of all of your expenses and incomes. There are embedded formulas in the dedicated cells to calculate yearly and monthly totals.

Neben jeder Kopfzeile für Einnahmen oder Ausgaben befinden sich Sparklines Datenvisualisierung and analytics. You might want to try this template instantly if you’re going to save money for a future goal or control your expenditure in a better way.

Mein Geld verwalten

Mein Geld verwalten is another quick personal budget-tracking spreadsheet for Excel. You need to make copies of it for every new month since it is a monthly tracker. A great attraction of this workbook is a pie chart-based dashboard that gives you a 360° view of transactions like incomes and expenses.

Der Tempelate compares income with expenses and generates savings figures. Therefore, you need to enter cash inflows into the Monthly Income tab and cash outflows into the Monthly Expenses worksheet. In the end, you get a one-spot view of income, savings, and expenses. You also can visualize cash balances from the dashboard.

Monatliches Haushaltsbudget

Möchten Sie das monatliche Familienbudget richtig verwalten? Sie können die herunterladen Monatliches Haushaltsbudget template for free and get started instantly. Its overview tab gives a clear view of balance, income, and expenses. You’ll also see a cateblutig-wise breakdown of expenses just below the summary dashboard.

The Excel template comes with more than 50 expense headers. Thus, there is a lesser chance that you need to enter any manual cash outflow headers since the existing list covers all. Simply adjust the Projected and Actual Cost headers in the Monthly Expenses worksheet to start tracking expenses.

Wedding Budget Template

Die Hochzeitsplanung ist für jeden ein großes Projekt, und daher sollte es auch einen optimierten Hochzeitsbudgetplaner geben. Sie können die versuchen Wedding budget template für Excel, um alle Ausgaben in Echtzeit zu visualisieren. Außerdem können Sie die Schriftarten und Tabellenfarben ändern, um den Spesenplaner an Ihr Hochzeitsthema anzupassen.

It is a budgeting tool that shows you all the cost headers in a single window. Simply scroll down to find out all expenses. The tables also give you a visual cue whether you’re going above or below your wedding budget.


Ensure you’re traveling with adequate cash and not going beyond your budget by using this simple Urlaubsplaner tool for Excel. It is essentially a spreadsheet with common travel expenses headers like airfare, lodging, transportation, and many more.

There are two tables in this Excel worksheet. The first one visualizes the broad categories like transportation and lodging. The second table deals with subcategories that come within the main expense headers. You can also add unique cash outflow headers.

Monatliches Essensbudget

Manchmal müssen Sie sich auf eine bestimmte Ausgabenüberschrift wie das monatliche Budget für Essen, Unterhaltung oder Einkäufe konzentrieren. Es hilft Ihnen mit einer granularen Ansicht bestimmter Ausgaben, die oft das Budget überschreiten. Benutzen Monatliches Essensbudget für eine sorgenfreie Budgetierung.

At the beginning of the month, enter a budget. Then, start entering the food purchases into the expenses tab to track your expenditure on groceries. You may also rename the text box beneath the image header to change the food budget to something else.

Next, let’s learn a little bit basics of managing a personal budget in a spreadsheet.

What Is an Excel Template for Personal Budget?

An Excel template for personal budget is essentially a spreadsheet file. It contains all the columns, rows, headers, formulas, and styles, so you don’t need to invest time in formatting. All you need to do is upload the file to your OneDrive and track your personal finances.

Ein Tempelate also allows you to customize the data headers, add or delete rows/columns, and format the worksheet style. You can get a template based on how granular data you want, like bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly budget.

Der ganze Tempelates mentioned below will let you download an Excel file to the computer or open the template in the browser for online tracking.

Benefits of Free Excel Templates for Personal Finance and Budget

Die Vorteile der Verfolgung Ihres persönlichen Budgets in einer Excel-Tabelle sind folgende:

Datenprivatsphäre: Excel templates are reliable and safe since you don’t need to enter your personal finances on a third-party website or app. You retain your data to yourself, so no worrying about data theft.

Jederzeit Zugriff: You can keep a copy of the file on your desktop computer and upload the same to OneDrive. Excel will automatically update the online file whenever you make any changes on your desktop computer. Moreover, you can access the workbook on your Android or iOS devices since you can get an Excel mobile app for free.

Let’s now look at the free templates for personal budgeting in Excel:


The above-mentioned free Excel templates should cover all of your personal budgeting needs. Depending on the scenario, like a family budget, food budget, child’s college expenses, you can pick any free Excel template and start saving money.

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