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Do you want to increase the efficiency of your sales team? Use sales forecasting software to generate sales projections and set team targets accordingly.

Not only that, the applications assist you in making data-driven business decisions with an accurate estimate of your sales figures. Utilizing the generated data, companies can apply sales techniques quickly without having to spend hours on manual analysis of sales data.

Learn more about sales forecasting tools and their working process in this article. We will also share the list of top applications that businesses can use.

Ventas Forecasting Software and Its Usage

Ventas forecasting software is a tool for predicting and projecting the future sales of a company. It can predict the lead volume, pipeline value, and closing probability of deals. Businesses use this application to accurately set realistic sales goals and make stratedecisiones mágicas.

The use of sales forecasting software is seen for:

  1. Planning demand for future sales volume
  2. Understanding the latetendencias del mercado
  3. Analizar el desempeño individual y del equipo.
  4. Asignación de recursos y presupuesto 
  5. Establecer metas financieras realistas
  6. Tomar decisiones comerciales informadas
  7. Encontrar forecasts para todos los equipos
  8. Sales and operations plannIng.
  9. Lanzamiento de nuevos productos y expansión del mercado.

How Sales Forecasting Software Works

The function of a sales forecastaplicación revolves around using historical sales data and analyzing it with different statistical techniques for future sales projections. The steps of its working process incluyen:

  • Collecting data from various sources, like CRM, ERP systems, point-of-sale systems, and e-commerce platforms. The collected data includes historical sales data, product details, customer information, and other vital variables
  • Eliminating duplicates and inconsistent data for clean data essential for forecastIng.
  • Applying techniques to analyze sales patterns, trends, and correlations with other variables according to the forecasting models and algorithms
  • Generando ventas forecasts and pipeline deal status for projecting future sales figures
  • Analizar escenarios y realizar simulaciones hipotéticas con variables modificadas
  • Providing visual reports with charts, graphs, and dashboards to communicate rendimiento de las ventas
  • Constantemente monitoring and automatically actualización forecasts en tiempo real 

Reasons Companies Use Sales Forecastsoftware de ing

  1. Tome decisiones basadas en datos utilizando proyecciones de ventas precisas
  2. Detectar factores de riesgo en el flujo de ventas y ventas process
  3. Save time in planning location coverage and quota
  4. Obtenga las métricas necesarias para la evaluación de ventas
  5. Let the sales team focus on profitable opportunities for higher conversion rates
  6. Make accurate ROI forecast para el futuro
  7. evaluarate the performance of sales reps or sales teams

Features Sales Forecasting Software Should Have

  • Información sobre las actividades de canalización
  • Histórico y internal sales data import
  • Seguimiento del progreso con respecto a los objetivos
  • Forecasting models for different scenarios
  • Varios forecast y revinformes finales
  • Establecer objetivos de negocio basados ​​en datos
  • Scenario analysis and real-time update
  • Colaboración de datos para todos los equipos y proyectos
  • Software personalizable para todo tipo de negocios
  • Informes visuales para una visión general rápida
  • Integración con third-herramientas de fiesta

Here are the best sales forecasting solutions organizations should try.


Freshsales es un platform where you can get an idea about the potential of deals in your pipeline and project revenue for a given period for assigning sales quotas. Its Sales Forecast dashboard lets you access all the forecast data from a single place.

Características principales:

  • Añadir 5 forecast categories in total with 2 built-in and 3 customizable
  • Analyzes the sales cycle of all deals to get profit and loss probabilities
  • Use historical data and market trends to generate la forecast
  • Identifica a los mejores representantes de ventas en función de las regiones, los equipos o los productos.
  • Generación de informes visuales con un solo clic desde un tablero personalizable

Zoho CRM

Con Zoho CRM, you can build accurate forecasts and get all the necessary information to assign targets for your team. This tool can also let you track the individual performance of each team member and boost their efficiency by identifying bottlenecks.

Características principales:

  • Create múltiples forecasts consolidating all business deals
  • Condicional forecasts for different time zones and locations
  • Compare el rendimiento de los representantes y los equipos
  • greater visibility for setting up targets for the sales teams
  • Forecast breakdown for a holistic view of your business
  • Personalizado forecasts around metrics like deal value and purchased license


Anaplan provides reliable and dynamic forecasts that can optimize the process of decision-making across your organization. It also enables you to analyze sales forecasts according to location, product, or account with granular precision.

Características principales:

  • Gets sales forecast+st metrics from historical data and third-party sources
  • Utiliza paneles y KPI para analizar tendencias y patrones.
  • Proporciona precisiónate forecasts for all departments and units
  • Sync en tiempo real forecasts with different models and metrics
  • Utiliza una metodología estándar única para la proyección de ventas de toda la empresa


gong offers you complete visibility into pipeline and next-level sales forecasting. Using AI technology, the platform captures every buyer interaction and provides you with deal status based on facts.

Características principales:

  • Filtros de búsqueda robustos para recopilar datos confiables directamente de los clientes
  • Vista basada en la realidad que analiza llamadas telefónicas, correos electrónicos, reuniones y contratos
  • Automáticoally diagnose pipeline issues to address the risk factors
  • Tableros de ofertas flexibles y personalizables con detalles vitales
  • Add real-time info about product, deal, category, and team


Salesmate es una aplicación para revenue estimation and sales performance optimization. Offering you a clear view of the sales pipeline, it helps you avoid possible shortcomings and make informed decisions. 

Características principales:

  • Salesmate CREates forecasts based on reps, teams, periods, and pipeline
  • Identifica el mejor desempeño del equipo y rastrea el desempeño de los demás
  • Develops a strategy to keep the reps motivated to achieve the growth target
  • Uses pipeline deals and historical data to get accurate forecast
  • Leverages predictive insights  to perform statistical analysis  


If you are looking for a winning sales forecast for your business projects, go for LivePlan. Esto platform is ideal for creating forecasts for any business type. Even if your business offers multiple products, it can generate forecasts for all of these and integrate the results into your financial plan.

Características principales:

  • Visual forecasting tools to drag and drop and drawing features
  • Automáticoally links sales forecast a Profit & Loss and other financial forecasts
  • Soporte de integración para QuickBooks or Xero software de contabilidad
  • Fácil intercambio de informes con empleados y partes interesadas
  • View actual performance and forecast side by side to create una hoja de ruta


Workday can utilize sales data to offer you precise sales forecasts for informed decisions and predictable performance of your teams. It provides you with all the necessary data to analyze and create plan de acción.

Características principales:

  • Active dashboard to monitor and visualize sales metrics for stratedecisiones mágicas
  • Sales pipeline visibility for robust sales forecasting without spreadsheets
  • Risk assessment through what-if analysis using multiple planning scenarios
  • Múltiples modelos basados ​​en controladores para la colaboración entre equipos y organizaciones
  • Control sales forecast data by connecting it with funnel metrics and pipeline analytics

Revenue Grid

Usar Revenue Grid, businesses can facilitate basada en datos revenue projections and find out about the chances of the deal closing. It lets you develop a customized sales forecastIng. process for your sales and RevOps teams for better accuracy and more predictable revenue

Características principales:

  • eneroate forecasts for segments like location, product type, etc.
  • Creates reports for forecast categories (pipeline, commit, booked revenue)
  • Real-time AI-based Signals for crucial forecast cambios
  • Análisis retrospectivo para representantes y equipos de ventas particulares
  • Personalizado Revenue Signals for the reps to meet their sales projections


Pipedrive helps you visualize the complete picture of your business so that you can develop strategies for future growth and properly manage the cash flow.

Además de revenue projection, the Pipedrive también lo guía con las ofertas que necesita priorizar para lograr los objetivos.

Características principales:

  • Helps you create sales goals based on historical data
  • Ofrece información completa sobre el rendimiento y las actividades de ventas anteriores
  • Captures all buyer interactions for trusted revenue forecastIng.
  • Realiza un seguimiento de la suscripción y los clientes leales para informar el flujo de efectivo
  • Tablero interactivo y personalizable para la organización de datos 


Aviso spares you from the spreadsheet struggle by using its AI technology to provide automatically updated forecasts. It offers 98% forecasting accuracy through deal tracking and progression analysis. Here, you can execute complex forecast models according to your preferred model.

Características principales:

  • Recopila datos históricos y actuales de omnicanal
  • Gestión del riesgo forecast update across all reports
  • Recopilación y unificación de datos de múltiples CRM y lagos de datos
  • Combines traditional revenue forecasting with consumption forecastIng.
  • Visualizes all possible scenarios as your forecastmodelo
  • Integrarates with any CRM, including Salesforce

Para Concluir

Ventas forecasting software utilizes sales data, statistical algorithms, and the latest analytical techniques to reveal patterns and trends in sales and make near-accurate projections. As a result, businesses can create su cadena de ventasategies and efficiently allocate recursos.

Primero eche un vistazo al sitio web de la página platform listed here to find the most suitable platform for your organization. You might also be interested to read about ventas interiores y herramientas de análisis predictivo.

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