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Cloudways ofrece alojamiento en la nube administrado para empresas de cualquier tamaño para alojar un sitio web o aplicaciones web complejas.

¿Cómo saber si su aplicación web es consistente en diferentes platformas y dispositivos? Puedes hacer esto usando cross-browsmejores herramientas de prueba.

The cross-browser testing ensures that your website offers a good user experience on various browsers, devices, and operating systems. So the users will be able to see your web app correctly. As a result, you won’t have to lose customers due to a poor page layout.

Users have different browser priorities when they surf online. And different browsers have different scenarios of showcasing the same web page. Therefore, you must test your web page or application across multiple browsers available on the web.

There are different kinds of cross-browser testing tools available for use. They differ depending on their price, ease of use, and testing speed. To help you choose the right testing tool, we have come up with this list of best-known cross-browser testing tools. But before you explore these tools, let’s first understand why you need to carry out cross-browser pruebas.

Why is Cross-Browser Testing Important?

Different versions of operating systems interpret data in different ways. As a result, some browsers may display the content of a website application or website inappropriately. Incorrect or erroneous display of website content results in user disappointment. This user experience is not good for a business. To avoid these problems, testing experts need to perform cross-browser pruebas.

Es una variedad no funcional de prueba de aplicaciones web que garantiza que cada usuario pueda tener la mejor experiencia.

The main testing criteria are whether a website works the same way in all the browsers, OSes, or devices. It implies that there should be no breaks in layout and unreadability in the content. Besides this, testing experts check several other parameters such as HTML validation, CSS, data formats, and page styles.

Benefits of Cross-Browser Testing Tools

There are several benefits offered by cross-browser testing tools, a few of which are:

  • These enable you to test web apps on multiple operating systems such as macOS, Windows y Linux.
  • With these tools, you can test your web applications on multiple browsres.
  • It helps save your time, as you need not reinstall your browsers multiple times.
  • Puede probar su sitio web o aplicación web en diferentes resoluciones de pantalla: dispositivos como PC, portátiles o dispositivos móviles.

Let us know about the Top Cross-Browser Testing Tools.


LambdaTest es una nube platform that enables you to test your website or web app’s cross-browser compatibility. You can perform live testing in a real-time browser environment with this tool. For browser testing, its services are available at a price starting at $5 per month.

LambdaTest también viene en una versión gratuita con la que puede tener seis sesiones de prueba de 10 minutos. Con la ayuda de una cuadrícula en línea con la que viene, puede disfrutar de Selenium prueba de automatización. Es compatible con varios marcos y lenguajes de programación. La única limitación que tiene es que no está disponible en el sistema operativo Linux.


Shells is a powerful and smart platform that enables you to stream your browser from the cloud. You can also access all your computer resources with this cloud-based tool.

Shells está disponible para un período de prueba de siete días. Una vez finalizado el período de prueba, puede elegir entre 4 planes diferentes según sus requisitos de almacenamiento. Sus planes mensuales comienzan desde $495.


BrowserStack supports cross-browser testing on over 3000 browsers and devices. The majority of the QA specialists trust this tool for their testing needs. Using this tool, you can ensure that your web application perfectly renders across all the major devices and browsers. It is amongst the premium sponsors of Selenium.

It is one of the straightforward and simple-to-use tools that run its automated selenium tests on the cloud.

Con la ayuda de BrowserStack, you can set up a complete testing environment that supports active directories, cortafuegosy apoderados. Puede ejecutar instantáneamente la prueba en la nube en un dispositivo real. Lo mejor es que no requiere de ninguna máquina virtual o laboratorio de dispositivos para su funcionamiento.


Testsigma es un cross-b basado en la nuberowser testing tool that you can use to ensure the compatibility of your apps across browsers and devices. It supports testing on over 2000 desktop, Android, and iOS browsers. Along with visual testing, it also enables you to have functional testing of your website or web app.

Since it supports the execution of parallel run tests, you can get the test results quickly. It makes writing automated tests very simple using English. There is no need for high-level programming knowledge to carry out compatibility tests.

Viene en dos versiones. Uno es gratis de por vida y está destinado a aplicaciones básicas. La segunda es la versión pro, que es gratuita durante 30 días y luego cobra una tarifa mensual.


TestingBot is supposed to be one of the fastest cloud-based tools that provide instant access to several real browsers. From your browser, you can control any browser on its cloud and check how your app works on different platforms. You can perform compatibility tests on a combination of over 3800 browsers y dispositivos.

El browsERS TestingBot supports are packed with native debugging tools, responsiveness testing facilities, etc.

Para una prueba gratuita de 28 días, puede registrarse con el TestingBot platform. After the trial period, its charges start from $20/month.

Ghost Inspector

¿Está buscando una herramienta de prueba que no requiera integración con muchas otras herramientas juntas? Después Ghost Inspector is the ideal option for you. It comes in a browser extension format that enables you to record the user journeys on your website.

With this, you can capture their clicks and other interactive activities. Later usted puede synchronize your recordings with Ghost Inspector y ejecutar automated tests using those in the cloud.

Puedes programar el monitoring as per your requirement. It can be a specific day or time or a predefined interval such as after every minute etc.

You can start with a 14-days free trial and later choose a paid plan depending upon your requirements.


TestGrid is a one-stop solution for all the testing needs of QA specialists and developers. It enables you to test your web application or web page on real devices on your premises or in the cloud. To ensure a faster release time, you can test manually or run an Autoateprueba. With this tool, you can execute test cases without any requirement of programming knowledge. You can ensure the error-free launch of your web apps by carrying out automated tests on the reliable selenium grid.

TestGrid also enables you to test your website’s performance and make improvements wherever required. You can run a parallel test on multiple devices simultaneoUsualmente

Laboratorios de salsa

Laboratorios de salsa es un autoated cross-browser pruebas platform based on the cloud. Besides automated testing, it offers instructor-led Appium and Selenium training to help you easily execute the functions of this tool.

It comes with a simple and easy-to-use user interface that lets you configure your test suite conveniently. Using Sauce Labs, without the need for an actual device, you can automate the application on a device based on the cloud.

Puede utilizar las instalaciones de prueba de Sauce Labs durante un período de prueba de 28 días. Una vez que finaliza el período de prueba, sus cargos comienzan en $ 39 / mes.


Mabl enables you to test the speed and performance of your websites and applications. It is a lightweight tool that also comes in the form of a browser extension. Also, it enables you to track the platform performance along with tracking network spikes.

Mabl is one of the best user-friendly tools that allow you to test your applications without writing scripts. With Mabl, you can write scriptless code, which in turn reduces the cost and time of the testing process. The tests you design with Mabl are compatible with all the versions of browsres.

Mabl comes with a free trial option. To know about their packages, you can contact them and request a cotización.


Perfecto enables you to have scalable browser testing quickly. It provides you access to the browser you want instantly. Even on an enterprise scale, it allows you to run a large number of tests with adequate velocidad.

With Perfecto, you can have manual and automated testing of your website or web application. You can even debug from your own IDE on the cloud without recreating the test environments. Its in-built analytics solutions offer detailed reports of the tests.

Una prueba gratuita está disponible con Perfecto. Su precio comienza en $ 83 / mes para pruebas en vivo.

Para Concluir

You see, these are some of the best-known cross-browser testing tools that you can consider. Each one has its own set of features and benefits. Match your web application testing needs with the features of the above-listed tools. This way, you will find the best solution for you.

También te puede interesar la parte superior herramientas de prueba de software.

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