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The following stats are from July 2023.

  • 5.8M+
  • 79%
    AGED 18-44
  • 71%
  • 65%
  • 03:25
  • 18% from USA
    18% from USA
  • 6% from India
    6% from India
  • 9% from France
    9% from France
  • 10% from Germany
    10% from Germany
  • 6% from Spain
    6% from Spain
Showcase your brand or product sitewide.
  • Sidebar
    Currently unavailable
    You can showcase your product site-wide as a banner or text. A sidebar is shown on every Geekflare article.
    Following sizes are accepted:
    • 728×90
    • 970×250
  • Above featured image
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    Get your product or brand noticed by showing a banner or text on every Geekflare article above the article.
    Following sizes are accepted:
    • 728×90
    • 970×250
Showcase your product on Geekflare articles.
  • Product Placement
    We value our readers, and it is our responsibility to include only relevant products and services which solve a purpose. There are various assessment criteria we apply to approve the products to be shown on Geekflare. This helps the brand and readers both.
    You can choose to place your product in an existing article.
  • Brand Publishing
    Publish quality articles related to your brand on Geekflare. Build authority by publishing under your brand name as an author. You can publish up to 10 articles in a year.

    We prefer content from you as you would know your product better. However, if needed, we can get it written too.
Present your brand to millions by sponsoring Geekflare. There are two possibilities.
  • Logo Display
    Show your brand on every Geekflare Article. Your logo will get displayed after the post content in “Thanks to our sponsors” section.
    Following sizes are accepted:
    • 480×120
  • Sponsored Post
    Let’s produce content that helps users and creates a long-lasting brand impression.
    Bulk discount available for more than 5 articles.
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  • Newsletter
    Bring your brand closer to our audience through the power of ByteBrief newsletter advertising.
    Subscribers – 48,000+
    Open rate – 22%
    Click rate – 5%

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