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About Geek Flare

Geek Flare — Web Infrastructure Blog — has been sharing articles on Web Security, Web/Application Servers, Optimisation, Tools & Interesting topics since 2015.

Started by Chandan Kumar, an attempt to help the people by sharing the knowledge & ideas. Initially, my focus was to provide articles related to IBM WebSphere, Apache but couldn’t stop there.

Today, I aim to cover Web Security, Cloud Computing, CDN, Web Optimisation & Artificial Intelligence.

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Geek Flare Reach

I never imagined that Geek Flare’s articles will create so much impact and would reach to millions of people. In just above one year (by July 2016).

Currently, Geek Flare generate over 300,000 page views per month.

Thank you, this is possible only because of you. Do you want to be part of growing Geek Flare?


Glad to see number of reputed website has found Geek Flare’s article useful and mentioned about it. Thank you for the backlink.

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  • Real time cyber attacks map by CYWARE
  • Guide to securing apache by
  • 5 Strategies to leverage broken links by Neil Patel
  • Thoughts on Apache security by RealEyes
  • Nginx security deployment by UpGuard
  • Things to consider when migrating to HTTPS by HeartInternet
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and many more…

In Oct 2017, Feedspot featured Geek Flare in Top 100 Information Security Blog. Thank you Feedspot!

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