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There are more for you like testing HTTP/2, Secure Headers, DNS record, TLS, DNSSEC, Mixed Content, etc. Explore (25+) tools.

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Accepting Cryptocurrency

Do you want to accept a digital currency for your business sales? It's possible with these services....

Accepting Payments

Handling payment is challenging. As a startup, you want to focus on your product and let these tools...

Build Email List

Email is not the dead and still powerful channel to reach to your audience. Build your email list fa...

Advanced SEO Toolkit

SEO is continuous improvement and you need a regular monitoring for its various metrics. You can do ...

Find Negative SEO

Bad SEO can take down your ranking. Thanks to these tools who helps you find the potential negativ..

Quick SEO Checks

Just finished your site development or made some technical changes but not sure where to start the v...

Latest Articles

Stay safe in era of IoT

How To Stay Safe in the Era Of IoT?

Me: How reliable are you? Google Assistant: I think I’m very reliable 😃 Are these assistants reliable? Do you also love the convenience of connected devices to make your everyday tasks like shopping and bill payment easy? Well, for sure,

gf dev


Happy to introduce to you… Geekflare tools have evolved in the last two years. Thanks for your support and love! Initially, Geekflare tools were focused on mostly performing a site speed test, but today it got more than 30

mobile app security

8 Tips for Better Mobile Application Security

As time passes, there is an exponential increment in the utilization of mobile applications. There are more internet-linked mobile devices now than there are individuals on earth. Mobile apps are generally accessible through online app distributors such as Google Play


Script to Monitor Google Cloud Unused External IP

Get notified when Google Cloud external static IP is not in used so you can release them to save money. I was going through my Google Cloud Platform (GCP) bill and noticed this: It’s not Google fault but me. I

docker networking

Docker Networking 101

Let’s learn Docker Networking…. There are majorly five networks in docker – bridge, host, overlay, none, and macvlan. Bridge network is the default network in docker. An introduction to these networks has been given in my previous article on docker

iphone ipad

9 Best Tools to Recover Data from iPhone and iPad

It happens.. sometimes you need to recover the crucial data from your mobile or tablet devices. A lot of people have started storing essential files on their mobile phones as they can have easy access to data on the go

linux local dns caching

How to Setup a local DNS Caching Server on Linux?

DNS lookups are not normally something that you need to worry about. Sometimes you should! If your home or office’s ISP has slow nameservers or your server is performing lots of lookups, then you need a local caching DNS server.

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