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12 Best Beautiful Screenshot Tool and API for Your Business

Using screenshots is a great way to explain a specific topic with ease because visuals are more digestible than text. However, if you’ve ever gone on a screenshot spree where you visit the webpages, take the screenshot and edit them

10 Linux Tools to Know as Sysadmin

Sooner or later, all system administrators face the challenge of administering servers. And, tools come to rescue the sysadmin’s life. As a sysadmin, you just don’t work on core OS (Linux or Windows) but also deals with what is hosted

How to Use find Command on Linux? 40 Examples Included

The find is a powerful command-line tool that enables system administrators to locate and manage files and directories based on a wide range of search criteria. It can find files by their name, their type, or extension, size, permissions, etc.

Python Scripts to Delete the Files Regulary

Cleaning file system regularly manually is not good. Automate them! Deleting files and folders manually is not an exciting task, as one may think. It makes sense to automate them. Here comes Python to make our lives easier. Python is

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