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Etes-vous planning your next diving adventure and want to make the most out of it? Then, consider using a diving app.

Diving apps are designed to enhance your underwater experience since they provide you with useful information and features right at your fingertips. From tracking your dives and identifying marine species to planning your dive routes and connecting with other divers, these apps can take your diving experience to a whole new level.

In this blog post, we’ll share with you the best diving apps worth downloading for your next underwater aventure.

Alors, préparez-vous à plonger dans le monde des applications de plongée et à explorer leurs possibilités !

Pourquoi devriez-vous utiliser des applications de plongée ?

As the popularity of recreational scuba diving increases, people have started looking for ways to optimize their time underwater. Diving apps provide an easy and convenient way for divers to do this.

Voici quelques-uns des nombreux avantages que les plongeurs peuvent tirer de l'utilisation d'applications de plongée :

Optimize dives with up-to-date data on dive conditions

As an avid diver, you are undoubtedly well-versed with the changing ocean conditions and what needs to be done to maximize the safety and success of your dive. Unfortunately, accessing the most up-to-date data on the dive conditions has often been tedious, leaving you ill-equipped for underwater excursions.

Fortunately, technology has advanced, and diving apps now provide an easy-to-use way to access and make the most of real-time data on dive conditions. These apps feature detailed dive logs that allow you to track data points like météo, tides, currents, and more to inform your dive planning process.

En savoir plus sur l'emplacement des sites de plongée

With the help of diving apps, you can easily locate new dive sites and get information about nearby landmarks or areas of interest. The interactive maps let you explore local dive sites and plan your next deep-sea diving adventure. These apps are perfect for learning more about underwater geography from the comfort of your home.

Not only are the maps convenient, but they’re easy to use and up-to-date with all the lateère information.

Recevez des alertes et des avertissements

Il est important de rester en sécurité and well-informed while diving. And luckily, diving apps can help with that! Diving apps offer alerts and warnings about diving conditions and are essential for helping ensure the safety of all divers. Through these apps, divers can get up-to-date information about currents, wind conditions, marine forecasts, visibility, and more.

Enregistrez des plongées et partagez des photos

Diving enthusiasts know how essential it is to document every diving experience. Keeping an accurate record of a dive helps you improve skills, document discoveries, and protect yourself while exploring underwater. Diving apps make it easier to track important details of each dive conveniently.

Ils vous permettent de saisir une gamme de données et de personnaliser les entrées du journal de bord pour les sites de plongée, les notes et les photos qui ont été prises. De plus, vous pouvez sauvegarder et stocker toutes les données de plongée en ligne, facilement accessibles depuis n'importe quel appareil mobile.

Rendre la plongée plus agréable

Diving is an exhilarating and fun experience. As technology evolves, you can access various mobile applications to make your experience more enjoyable and safe. Many of these apps come equipped with a wide range of features and can help you improve your safety and efficiency in the water.

For example, an underwater navigation system is an app that provides an up-to-date and interactive map of your diving environment. Another popular feature is a digital logbook. These digital logs help you track and analyze their dives’ details. You can find tips on dive safety from experienced divers and also read the latest diving news.

Let’s look at more such diving apps for your next underwater aventure.


Divemate est une revolutionary diving app. The app gives you all the tools you need to have an amazing diving experience. It provides detailed profiles for each diver and connects you with nearby dive spots and local dive centers.

Divemate’s interactive map and dive plans also provide dive spot suggestions to fit any budget and schedule. They have safety features such as a dive computer simulator and weather updates. It ensures that all divers remain safe during their dives.

With the Divemate Android app, vous pouvez également suivre et enregistrer vos journaux de plongée et obtenir un aperçu complet et détaillé de votre expérience de plongée.

  • Il fonctionne sur :
  • Android


PADI is a reliable and professional app dedicated to bringing the wonders of scuba diving to your fingertips.

This incredible app allows you to find and reserve scuba spots around the world, review ratings and certifications of dives, locate dive centers, and read real-time updates.

Furthermore, it provides information and courses on proper dive safety and marine conservation. It ultimately helps you to become certified as a diver and unlock exclusive content.

PADI est disponible sur Android et iOS et dispose d'un essai gratuit et complet de 30 jours. Avec un prix abordable de seulement 4.99 $/mois, cette application offre de nombreuses fonctionnalités intéressantes.

  • Il fonctionne sur :
  • iOS
  • Android


Facile is packed with useful features that make exploring a dive site easier. You get the ability to track. And analyze your dive locations, conditions, and performance. You’ll also be able to review data and improve your dive plan quickly. It also has built-in navigation tools, so you’ll always find your way.

Additionally, Seasy’s air and oxygen planning functions also ensure your dive times are safe and optimal. You can access logbooks and capture photos to capture memories and provide proof of your dives for certifications.

De plus, Seasy possède une interface utilisateur élégante facilement accessible sur votre appareil mobile. Le Android et iOS L'application est livrée avec des plans tarifaires compétitifs.

  • Il fonctionne sur :
  • iOS
  • Android

Voler vers la carte

Voler vers la carte is an incredible diving app that makes finding your favorite diving sites and planning your route a breeze. The app has helpful features, such as the map feature that allows you to plan your route before ever getting in the water.

You can also save your favorite spots and access them quickly with a simple tap, saving you precious time in the water.

Plus, it stores data such as water temperatures and dive site photos, allowing you to review and record your diving history. FlyToMap Android et iOS les versions payantes premium ont des fonctions supplémentaires, telles que le stockage illimité de marqueurs, des cartes détaillées des récifs, l'accès aux sites de plongée recommandés, etc.

La version de base de FlyToMap est gratuite, tandis que la version premium coûte 6.99 $.

  • Il fonctionne sur :
  • iOS
  • Android


Pour commencer, MonSSI comprend un journal de plongée personnel afin que vous puissiez suivre les données de votre site de plongée, y compris les profondeurs, les températures, etc. Il garantit que vous restez en sécurité et conscient de votre consommation d'air. De plus, il peut également fournir des rappels et des recommandations basés sur vos plongées passées pour rendre votre prochaine plongée encore plus enrichissante.

MySSI also offers the ability to review, search and store any diver-relatedmaterial. The Android et iOS les capacités de partage d'images et de vidéos de l'application vous permettront de documenter et de partager vos expériences avec vos amis et votre famille.

MySSI a une structure de tarification simple, basée sur un abonnement, qui convient à tous les plongeurs. Tous les forfaits incluent toutes les fonctionnalités, alors choisissez celui qui vous convient le mieux et lancez-vous.

  • Il fonctionne sur :
  • iOS
  • Android


DAN offers a variety of features designed to make your dive easier and more enjoyable. With this app, you can keep track of important information such as the dive site, your maximum dive depth, dive time, and surface interval. The app also allows you to save multiple dive logs for later référence.

For more safety, DAN includes an emergency guide. In an emergency, the guide will provide instructions to react quickly and survive the incident. Additionally, DAN features an updated diving map that is complete with charts, notes, and visual aids to help you navigate through the dive site safely.

Tarification pour la plongée DAN Android et iOS l'application coûte 49.95 $. Vous pouvez télécharger l'application et obtenir un accès instantané à toutes les fonctionnalités avec un achat unique.

  • Il fonctionne sur :
  • iOS
  • Android

Sous la surface

Que vous soyez un vétéran chevronné des mers ou un plongeur débutant, Sous la surface can help you make the most out of your underwater journey. It gives you access to a wealth of marine maps and charts with real-time weather and tidal information.

You can plot and save your desired dive path and create and edit dive plans to optimize your underwater journey. You also can set up alerts to stay informed and informed on upcoming changes and disruptions, such as water current and pressure fluctuations, to keep your dives safe.

Le sous-sol comporte également un la réalité augmentée feature that helps divers orientate themselves underwater. The GPS functionality and dive planning mode will ensure you don’t get lost during your dives, helping you stay in your comfort zone when underwater.

L’ENTREPRISE Android et iOS L'application est au prix de seulement 4.99 $ par mois, ce qui en fait un excellent choix pour ceux qui veulent s'assurer que leur expérience de plongée est aussi sûre et agréable que possible.

  • Il fonctionne sur :
  • iOS
  • Android

Traqueur de débris marins

Avec sa gamme de fonctionnalités, Traqueur de débris marins offre l'ultimate diving experience and helps you keep track of your dive activities and sites in one convenient place.

Using the mapping and GPS feature, Marine Debris Tracker allows you to find the best spots to explore and keep track of your diving routes and dives. You can easily store dive logs, photos, and videos to keep track of all your diving sites and analyze and view your dive stats and trends. You can even set goals for yourself, helping to take your dives to the next level.

Marine Debris Tracker est disponible sur le App Store et Google Play, avec un faible coût ponctuel de seulement 9.99 $.

  • Il fonctionne sur :
  • iOS
  • Android

Score iDive

Score iDive iOS app has helpful features to ensure your next excursion is safe, easy, and memorable. Whether an experienced diver or a newbie, you’ll love iDive Score’s cutting-edge dive-logging technology. It’s like a diving assistant that helps you keep track of your dive location, depth, and air usage to provide accurate dive records.

Vous pourrez également comparer les données entre les plongées, afficher les tendances au fil du temps et les télécharger directement sur les réseaux sociaux pour partager votre succès avec vos amis.

The in-app buddy finder feature is super helpful for connecting with like-minded divers and planning a great trip. All this also comes with free detailed ocean and dive spot analysis for areas where you dive the most.

L'application iDive Score est disponible sur iOS à des frais d'abonnement mensuels ou annuels abordables et propose des achats intégrés.

  • Il fonctionne sur :
  • iOS

Carnet de plongée

Carnet de plongée est un grand iOS app that is jam-packed with features that allow you to plan the perfect underwater dive. Get an up-close look at what’s beneath the surface with our high-quality images, then plan your journey with an easy-to-follow map.

Additionally, you can use the tools provided to measure temperature, depth, visibility, and currents accurately.

It’s not just great for planning and mapping – it’s also fantastic for staying safe during your dives. With their tracking feature, you can rest assured that your loved ones can keep track of your every move so that they can respond quickly in an emergency.

Pour le premier mois d'utilisation, c'est gratuit. Ensuite, la tarification est simple, avec un abonnement annuel à 9.99 $.

  • Il fonctionne sur :
  • iOS


The development of diving apps has made diving even more exciting and accessible. You can now plan your next dive, track your progress, and even identify the marine life you encounter underwater, all with just a few taps on your smartphone.

These ten best diving apps are sure to enhance your next underwater adventure. Remember, safety is always a top priority in diving, and these apps can help you dive smarter and safer.

Vous pouvez également explorer certains top applications de randonnée qui vous aident lors de vos randonnées et campements.

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