Editorial Policies


Geekflare is an independent online publication platform, free from outside funding or financial backing from any company. This financial independence ensures our editorial integrity, enabling us to provide unbiased, accurate, and reliable content to our readers.

Our operations are self-sustained, with revenue generated primarily through advertisement and sales revenue stream. This model ensures that our editorial team has the complete freedom to explore, review, and present insights based on firsthand experiences and thorough research.


Accuracy is a foundation of our editorial guidelines. Our readers depend on us to provide precise, trustworthy, and helpful information, and we take this responsibility to heart. We are committed to pursuing the truth, understanding the context, and presenting a clear, factual representation of the topics, products, or reviews we cover.


At Geekflare, we strive for accuracy and integrity in our publications. However, we are humans, and mistakes can occur. When we find errors, we are committed to correcting them promptly, transparently, and in a manner that is easy for our readers to understand.

If you find errors, please do not hesitate to let us know. We appreciate it.

Written by humans

We don’t leverage AI or automated tools to write content. We invest time and energy to produce every article as world-class. We are committed to delivering high-quality articles to help businesses and individuals grow in the digital world! Meet Geekflare experts who give their best to write high-quality articles that attract millions of readers like you every month.


We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in our publication. Our reputation as trusted resources is our most valuable asset.


At Geekflare, we are committed to responsible sourcing and citation.

We recognize the importance of responsible sourcing and citation in maintaining the credibility and integrity of our publication. We verify the information we publish by consulting multiple reliable sources and cross-referencing facts to ensure accuracy.

Whenever possible, we seek to use original sources of information, such as the product’s official website, research documents, government data, expert opinions, firsthand experience, and official statements. We attribute all sources of information clearly, providing our readers with the context and origin of the facts, quotes, and data we present.

By carefully sourcing and citing information, we ensure that our readers can trust the accuracy and credibility of our content.

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