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In Development Last updated: November 17, 2022
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Using screenshots is a great way to explain a specific topic with ease because visuals are more digestible than text.

However, if you’ve ever gone on a screenshot spree where you visit the webpages, take the screenshot and edit them to make it look appealing, you know the task isn’t the easiest. It’s kind of a struggle to do it all manually.

In those cases, using screenshot APIs is the best way to go. Instead of wasting 5 minutes on preparing a single screenshot, you can generate a bunch of screenshots in that time and with ease.

Keep in mind that just “taking” a screenshot isn’t enough. These APIs also help you select the desired size and beautify it.

Importance of “beautifying” your screenshots

We all know screenshots don’t need any retouching or filtering, but most of the in-built screenshot tools in our system capture the entire screen, including the toolbar and status bar, which is not required.

You’d want to remove those and beautifully present them because appealing screenshots can:

  • Enhance your brand
  • Draw more attention
  • Gain customers’ trust

However, editing the screenshots manually will consume a ton of time, which is why you need to utilize the solutions mentioned in this article.

Benefits of using API to build your screenshot tool

If you’re looking to build a screenshot tool in a bid to make things easier, then here are some of the many benefits of using API:

Saves time

APIs are meant to do everything quick and better. Using it to build your application means dramatically cutting the time into half, which would take so many hours if you build everything from scratch. Most of the APIs can get up and running under a week.

Reduces labor

Integrating an API to build software is like plug-and-play. Most of the work is already done for you. All you do is put the API into action using their documentation and tutorials, and you’re ready to start using it. No more assembling things from the start.

Less expensive

Most of the APIs are very budget-friendly and also come with freemium plans to loosen the burden further. On the other hand, a full-blown application from scratch might possibly cost you an arm and a leg.

Abstract API

Website Screenshot API by Abstract is an advanced tool if you’re looking for more than just a vanilla image of the source.

abstract screenshot api tools

The intelligent image rending engine captures everything, be it HTML, CSS, web fonts, vector graphics, images, etc. Besides, you can choose the output format (PNG, JPEG, etc.) to avoid any conversions afterward.

Additionally, this allows custom viewport capturing for desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. One can also add custom CSS to the target to view the modified output.

Moreover, Abstract permits delayed captures for perfectly timing the screenshots. Abstract also ensures data security by deploying 256-bit SSL encryption for added peace of mind.

Lastly, you can try Abstract Website Screenshot API without paying anything for 100 free API requests.

Geekflare Screenshot API


Powered by AWS, Geekflare Screenshot API helps you take full-page screenshots of any webpage for mobile, desktop, and tablet from multiple locations.

Besides, all data travels securely through HTTPS with a 256-bit TLS encryption.

In addition, you can check out the performance with the free-forever, no-credit card tier before moving to the more robust paid subscriptions that include rotating proxies and a higher request limit (25 API calls per second).

This screenshot API is a REST API that is compatible with JSON data.

Finally, its rich documentation means effective understanding and application with no surprises.

Check out Geekflare API, which lets you take a full-page screenshot on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices for FREE.


With Screenshotlayer, you can capture highly customizable screenshots. You can set your desired thumbnail and viewport, add your dash of CSS, set a specific delay time, and a lot more. The result comes in PNG, JPEG, or GIF formats.

Screenshotlayer is free for up to 100 requests, after which you can pick their paid plan starting at $19.99/month. lets you create pixel-perfect screenshots using a simple API. The API is running on Google Cloud meaning it can handle a lot of traffic. The API is simple to set up and modify. You can take screenshots of the viewport, the full page or even a specific element on the page.

With the free plan, you can generate up to 100 screenshots per month. Paid plans start at $5 / month.


Trusted by Samsung, AdColony, and Autodesk, Restpack is an amazing API that can capture screenshots with just a single call. It is based on the super simple and fast RestFUL HTTP URL and has code samples for various languages like PHP, Java, Node.js, and Python.

The rendering engine is completed based on the browser and is GDPR compliant. Pricing plans start from just $9.95/month, and you can also take the 7-day free trial.


Their definition of SaaS is “Screenshot as a Service,” which is quite impressive. URLBox can automate the entire task of generating screenshots with their simple and easy-to-integrate API. You can:

  • Take full-page screenshots
  • Responsive screenshots that fit all devices
  • Flawlessly generate screenshots from pages that are media-rich

Their rendering is super quick, which lets you generate various thumbnails in different dimensions in a few seconds. You’re guaranteed to get the same results you see on your browser, nothing less than that. It can handle a crazy amount of HTML, no matter how complex it is.

You can get started with a free trial and take it forward from there.

API Flash

Based on Google Chrome and AWS Lambda, API Flash’s website screenshot API promises a stable and scalable infrastructure. The endpoints are HTTPS for all plans, which is known for its security and privacy protection.

The API is very well documented and can generate a full page, as well as mobile responsive screenshots pretty easily. The free plan allows you to generate up to 100 screenshots, but you can pick one of their paid plans starting at $7/month for more.

Screenshot API

Screenshot API is based on REST API and is highly customizable to a point where you can even turn off Javascript to disallow popups. You can generate a full-page and as well as custom dimension screenshots that are of your desired pixels.

An impressive feature of this API is that you can choose whether you want Google Chrome as the browser or Firebox. The API will then generate screenshots from the selected browser. You can sign up and get your first 1,000 API calls for free.


A very power-packed API that is a lot different than the others mentioned in this list. Browserless is browser automation that is built for developers and businesses. You can turn it on and automate most of the tasks you do on a browser, one of them is screenshots.

You can instantly generate screenshots of a webpage and save them in PNG or JPG formats. You don’t have to touch a single line of code, thanks to their REST APIs that come premade for your convenience.

You can either sign up for their “pay as you go” payment method or pick one of their fixed plans starting at $50/month.


Using a mix of the above screenshot tools and APIs can prove to be very beneficial for your business and day-to-day tasks.

You may also look at the best screenshot tools for Windows.

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