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In AI Last updated: September 18, 2023
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Just like many other industries, artificial intelligence (AI) has completely changed the interior design industry for the better. The way we conceptualize, schedule, and implement our design ideas is changing thanks to AI tools for interior design, which make the process more streamlined, accessible, affordable, and personalized.

Now, you can take advantage of AI’s ability to identify patterns, comprehend preferences, and produce design solutions that, in the past, were only achievable with the assistance of experts.

AI-enhanced interior design tools can realistically position furniture in space using augmented reality or AI-powered design generators that generate room layouts based on user preferences.

In this post, we are reviewing some of the best AI interior design platforms available. However, if you are in a rush and want to get directly to the nitty gritty, here’s a quick table listing out the best AI interior design platforms. After that, you can read about the role of AI in enhancing the interior design process in detail on each of these listed platforms! Happy decorating!

ProductNotable Features
Planner 5DPre-built components for diverse designs.
RoomGPTAI room generator for easy makeovers.
AI Room PlannerAI-based interior design with specialized suggestions.
InteriorAISimplified interior design with AI suggestions.
Dreamhouse AIAI-generated property recommendations.
Spacely.AIAI-powered interior design ideas and suggestions.
HomeDesignsAIAI-driven transformation of interiors and exteriors.
FotorAI interior design tool for easy updates.
Room PlannerVisualize, plan, and design interiors.
Remodeled.aiPersonalized design advice with AI.
Interior Designer by ZMO.AICustomizable designs based on tastes.
Foyr NeoProfessional AI tool for interior designers.
REimagineHomeRedesign rooms using AI algorithms.

The Benefits of AI in Interior Design

The interior design process can be automated and streamlined using artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques. Now you don’t mandatorily need interior designers to produce 3D models.

It is possible to develop interactive and virtual design environments and automate certain processes while designing interiors, including choosing colors and lighting, with the help of AI. AI no longer has potential merely for chatbots and search engines but is integral in the creation of smart home applications and AI-powered smart kitchens!

Furthermore, one can even use tools like floor plan creators to visualize rooms in 2D and 3D. With the use of technology paired with AI, it is possible to have interior designs ready with the following:

  • Improved efficiency and speed
  • Increased creativity and visualization

Additionally, experts can quickly develop and locate furniture and dĂ©cor items customized to the styles, materials, palettes, and more of each unique client, thanks to artificial intelligence’s ability to take into account clients’ unique design preferences and requirements.

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Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a 2D or 3D architectural system for planning homes that enables users to design floor plans and layouts with virtual furniture. The application captures Interior design using snapshots and then renders them as HD visuals that display colors, shadows, and lighting angles.

YouTube video

With more than 5,000 pre-built components in its library, Planner 5D always has the right elements needed for each project. You can arrange, edit, and apply custom surfaces, materials, colors, and patterns to furniture, walls, and floors for any design style using the built-in 2D/3D editor.

Moreover, you can explore products and observe items in a virtual world with integrated augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities, which help hasten the decision-making and purchasing process.


Using the cutting-edge AI room generator RoomGPT, you can reimagine your living environment in a novel and fascinating way. You can take control of the makeover of your room without the help of an interior designer, thanks to RoomGPT’s user-friendly interface and sophisticated AI capabilities.


Fast processing and high-quality designs are two of RoomGPT’s most notable qualities. With just a few clicks, you can quickly explore a wide range of design alternatives and upload a photo of your room using the user-friendly interface.

Simply upload a picture of your space, choose your preferred themes, and then click “Render Designs” to see it transform into several looks. You can download your design and change the colors, furnishings, and other details.

AI Room Planner

AI Room Planner successfully combines interior design and artificial intelligence to improve the entire process of redefining your space. The AI-based interior designing app has the capacity to offer specialized design ideas that match individual preferences, from making personalized color palette suggestions to optimizing furniture placements.


The process of using AI Room Planner is as simple as it gets; you just need to upload the photos of your room, and the smart algorithm at its backend automatically identifies and suggests interior changes. As a result, you can save a considerable amount of time and effort instead of experimenting with different design components through trial and error.

As the tool is still in the beta testing phase during the writing of this article, you can expect some abnormalities in its design suggestions.

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If simplicity and ease of use are the two main things you are looking for, InteriorAI is definitely made for you!

With a very clean and sophisticated user interface, the platform enables you to start transforming your ideas into reality in just a few steps. And you can create stunning home décor designs with utmost ease, even if you don’t have advanced technical knowledge.


All you have to do is log in with your email ID, and you are more than ready to go! The app asks you to upload an image of your interiors. There are a few boxes you can use to input basic details like the specific area of your home, different modes, styles, and number of renders, etc.

The basic version allows one render, which is enough to get an idea of the platform. If you are interested in more than one render, you can go for the pro version as well. You will need to log in and subscribe to find out more about the platform.

Dreamhouse AI

The Dreamhouse AI platform is a fascinating addition to the real estate market that shows how property searches could be transformed by artificial intelligence. The AI-generated property recommendations are impressive in that they consider unique tastes, improving the user experience with a simple interface.


The platform’s attractiveness results from how well it can pinpoint common elements like open floor designs. The AI occasionally may fail to recognize subtle preferences, but this does not detract from how well it performs overall.

The platform’s customer support team is usually available to help consumers, although regional coverage currently seems to be fairly limited. Their promptness shows a commitment to user satisfaction.

There have been some isolated instances of inaccurate property information, but these are probably fixable through ongoing development.

Spacely.AI is an AI-powered interior design application that offers furniture and color scheme ideas to users to help them create the home of their dreams. The tool has two basic functions: remodeling rooms and adding new rooms. The user can upload an image of their room and select a style and room type for restoration.


To help the user visualize and plan their restoration project more effectively, the application recommends furniture and color schemes to complement the selected style. The user can input their preferred interior design concept, along with a furniture list and color scheme, to be used by their contractor when designing a new space.

The application offers personalized suggestions and recommendations that cater to the user’s interests to streamline the interior design process. To make the most accurate recommendations, uses AI technology to collect and analyze information about the user’s preferences and style, as well as current design trends.


With the help of the web-based application HomeDesignsAI, you can transform and redesign every aspect of your house, including the interiors, gardens, patios, and more. The feature that makes HomeDesignsAI stand apart is that it can generate exterior designs in addition to the stellar looking at interior designs.


The software uses artificial intelligence to generate fresh design concepts every few seconds, providing a variety of design styles, settings, room types, and more to assist you in achieving your goals.

HomeDesignsAI streamlines the design process for both personal and professional use, saving time and money by eliminating the need to spend days looking for inspiration or, in the case of professionals, working for weeks producing new concepts for clients who may not like them.


Fotor has an amazing suite of applications that harness the power of AI, and the AI interior designer is no different. With the aid of AI, you can easily update the interior design of your existing home to match your tastes without engaging in drawn-out discussions or incurring exorbitant costs.


With Fotor’s AI interior design tool, you can easily visualize your interior design concepts based on interior layouts and embrace the future of room design. Simply take a photo of your space and its furnishings, upload it to our 3D room planner, and our AI tool will instantly analyze it to create a customized interior room design that aligns with your desired interior design aesthetic!

For your empty room design, Fotor provides you with cutting-edge AI image inpainting software. By providing prompts for what you want in the brushed parts, you can have the AI rendering tool significantly enhance your home design based on your personal taste. Additionally, you can replace undesirable interior decorations with ideas from your own interior design using the AI replacer.

Room Planner

Room Planner is another exciting, feature-packed app you can use to visualize, plan, and create all types of interior designs according to your preferences and requirements. Moreover, you can estimate the dimensions of your space to get a better understanding of suitable furniture.

You can easily furnish and decorate your home or apartment with the app by using pre-designed plans for the living room, bedroom, and bathroom as inspiration.


To design and furnish your home the way you’ve always imagined, you can select interior components from a sizable product catalog and view the final result in 3D virtual reality. The best part is that the simple UI makes it extremely easy to interact with Room Planner’s features.

Compared to conventional design techniques, Remodeled AI has many advantages. It provides personalized design advice, and a vast selection of design themes and styles, saves time and money, and enables users to experiment with various concepts with ease.

YouTube video

To create new designs based on chosen themes and styles, Remodeled AI analyzes uploaded photos of rooms using cutting-edge AI algorithms. It makes intelligent design decisions while respecting the original structure by intelligently identifying the room’s layout and existing elements.

The user-friendly interface that Remodeled AI offers makes the design process simple for homeowners to navigate.

Interior Designer by ZMO.AI

ZMO.AI provides Interior AI Designer, an interior design tool powered by AI that claims to creatively and precisely modify spaces. The tool offers opportunities to customize designs based on individual tastes while allowing users to quickly generate hundreds of interior design concepts for a specific room.


The AI designer promotes itself as a 10x time and money-saving solution because it eliminates the need to hire expensive interior designers or pay for expensive design software.

You can submit a picture of your space, choose the type of space, and then select your preferred design style in Interior AI Designer’s straightforward three-step process. Moreover, you can modify the image reference strength to change the impact of the reference image on the final output.

The application then provides a ready-to-use design plan and instantly transforms the room. Overall, Interior AI Designer is an accessible and user-friendly application that could make interior design easier for homeowners, DIYers, and small business owners alike.

Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo is not just your typical AI interior designer but a professional tool for serious interior designers. To help you spend more time drawing and less time fiddling with light and shadows, Foyr Neo combines straightforward design tools and clever machine learning.

YouTube video

Using Foyr Neo is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Upload a floor plan to start, or draw one from scratch. Then use drag and drop to fill your rooms with items from over 60K 3D models. The AI will then generate gorgeous 4K renderings for you in under 10 minutes; all you have to do is set the shot.

You don’t need to download anything because Foyr Neo is a web-based interior design application that operates at Internet speed without overburdening your hard drive, allowing you to create eye-catching designs, attract more clients, and win more projects.


If you enjoy designing beautiful spaces, you will be delighted to learn about REimagineHome. With the help of this software, you can redesign any room according to your vision. The software can assess architectural aspects, identify different space types, and understand chosen design aesthetics thanks to its powerful AI algorithms.


The speed of is another feature you’ll appreciate. You can quickly view AI-generated designs that are inspiring with just a few clicks. This can save a significant amount of time and effort in the redesign process, allowing you to experiment with different concepts and quickly find the ideal design for your space.

In short, the application is a powerful tool for unlocking creative possibilities in home and outdoor design, thanks to its AI-powered capabilities, personalized design features, speed, and user-friendly interface.


Which Design is it to be?

These platforms are perfect examples of how AI is truly transforming the way you design your interiors!

All of these have some great features and also a few downsides too! But one thing is sure, you won’t be short on options if you want to explore different platforms to boost your interior designing efforts!

Whether you want to visualize a new design, generate different ideas, or even collaborate with others, these platforms will make things interesting and productive, and that too, without worrying about your budget! Let’s embrace the power of AI and reimagine the concept of interior design like never before!

Next, up are ways artificial intelligence can make your kitchen smart.

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